What’s your favorite Chavez picture?

January 31, 2005

Today, Val Prieto’s Babalu blog got written up in the Miami Herald and is getting tons of visitors, some of which have not been too friendly. Later val posted this picture, which I understand is from Porto Alegre where Chavez has been for the last few days. I blow it up on the right the image on the shirt to leave no doubt that it is that icon of the revolution and hero of the “trasnochados” Che Guevara, who at least was quite gutsy and principled. Now, the image below evokes so many thoughts in my mind that I better just shut up given the new Muzzle Law and ask you, the public, whether this is the top picture, or any of the ones below. If Chavez was trying to prove he is against the FARC, terrorism or guerrilla movements, this picture is not very delicate or diplomatic to say the least. So, which is your favorite and what would be your caption?:

Top: Number 1

Numbers two, three and four

Numbers five, six and seven

Number eight, nine, ten

Number eleven and twelve


New contributions to the contest welcome

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