Picture Contest

June 5, 2005

How were the following pictures ordered in the post below? Reading from left to right and down. By:

1) The meeting I would feel most comfortable at
2) The meeting where I would be able to talk the most
3) The meeting I would most interested in being at
4) Highest democratic score on any scale for those in the picture
5) The meeting where I know personally the people in the picture
6) Fewer people killed by those pictured
7) Fewer people persecuted by those pictured
8) Nicest sandals
9) Nicest smile
10) Highest level of education in the picture
11) Least Corrupt
12) Least Ugly
13) Least fascist
14) Weight of those in picture
15) Wealth of those in picture at highest point in their lifetime
16) Size of Picture

Winner gets a one year subscription to TDE

Bonus question: Why are Venezuelans always on the left, except with Castro?

One Response to “Picture Contest”

  1. […] are all invited to the book burning ceremony afterwards, Mugabe is not coming, with inflation rampant in his country, he can’t get his credit card limit […]

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