June 15, 2007

Happy times are here again…

happy times are here again as your favorite ghost blogger and successful tomato grower is back while Miguel is globetrotting. I must tell you though, that I am deeply hurt to know that other ghosts have been hired behind my back.

Hopefully, you all will write a letter of complaint to Miguel for allowing the access to less distinguished ghosts. We can also plot (this is only between you and me) a takeover of the blog, but for that we will need the help of the CIA and Direct TV. So please send me their telephone number so that we start preparing.

The talk of the town last week was the speech of the students at the National Assembly. I was planning to make a special post about it, but Daniel put together a spectacular post with all the details. Long, but absolutely worth reading to understand what went on. (see http://daniel-venezuela.blogspot.com/2007/06/chavez-takes-personal-role-in-venezuela.html)

I agree with Daniel: Chavez kept almost 6 hours of total news blackout on Thursday to compensate for 10 minutes of the student’s speech.

After that, I am planning to propose Chavez as the spokeperson of Vodka Absolut with the slogan:

Absolut abuse of Power.

The other interesting news is that Alo Presidente is back to make life easier for distinguished ghosts. The latest announcement was quite special: Chavez asked those that register to the PSUV to get rid of the posessions they did not need. He said, for instance, that if you had two refrigerators, you should put one in the Plaza Bolivar…so the President has plans of transforming the Plaza Bolivar in a Home Depot.
(see http://www.eluniversal.com/2007/06/11/pol_art_chavez-exige-compart_316106A.shtml)

He underlined that the members of the new PSUV party should not live in luxury and should show that they are “real socialists”. I could not agree more. I would even suggest to Chavez to pass an internal PSUV law so that no PSUV member has a dollar account outside Venezuela….

In other news, the students kept their creative protests every day. Yesterday there was a special protest for the USB autonomy. Unfortunately, I cannot post pictures, but some good ones can be found here (http://acryforhelp.cjb.net)

Reporting from Cyberspace,
Jorge Arena
Distinguished and Favorite Ghost.


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