The Peace of Democracy

June 17, 2007

The Peace of Democracy by Yon Goicoechea

Originally published here:

We are standing up, not to defend obscure interests, but for the
principles that should reign in a country that is constitutionally
declared democratic.

We demand to the Power to allow us exist in liberty. We demand to the
Power to recognize the legitimacy and the strength of the student
movement and ask them to abstain from intimidating acts or
manifestations that violate our rights.

We ask the police and the military authorities to abstain from the use
of fire arms and toxic substances to control the protests. We say that
there is no foundation on the criticism of high ranking civil servants
that, using their position, reiterate that our protests are political
and are part of a destabilizing plan from the CIA. We are not puppets of
any empire, except of one: the empire of democratic values.

We believe in Peace, in Concord, in Dialogue. Many years ago, when most
of us had not been born yet, a hairy man raised his voice of protest
with a sentence that, in its time, was the flag of those that are
attacking us now: “All we are saying, is give Peace a chance”. He was
John Lennon, who later died in the hands of a fanatic.

Many years later, a chinese student confronted a tank in Tianamen
square, in China. The tank could do nothing against the strength of the

Fanatism destroys. A goverment that does not respect the values of
democracy, the right of freedom of expresion and the right of protest, a
Goverment that takes the path of imposition of violence, will always
find us standing up, in peace, but standing up. It is irresponsible the
calling of radical groups to confront us. It is unworthy that something
like that would happen in a Republic that is founded on Bolivar’s
values. We do not call for a strike, because we do not believe in
strikes, we believe in work and progress. Our call is for Peace. For
Peace and respect of Democracy.

Member of the Student Center of UCAB.

Translated by Jorge Arena,
Distinguished Ghost.

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