Chavez Government attacks another icon for human rights

June 25, 2007

access has been much worse than I expected in these parts of the world
(Sydney, I have been to Russia, Estonia and Germany so far). Thus, surfing
has been very limited and I have mostly looked at emails.

Thanks to
friends, I receive the speech Spanish Judge Baltazar Garzon gave in
Venezuela, which contained general references to miscarriage of Justice and
Human Rights, but had not direct reference to Chavez’ Government. (Except
that he did say in the Q&A that shutti g down RCTV was bad for human

Well, the Government reacted in its best irked style
a-garzon_200706211046.html), calling Garzon a clown and a coward. As
many as three Government officials: the Minister of Foreign Relations, the
Vice-President and the Head of the Supreme Court felt “offended” by
Garzon’s remarks.

Thus, the Government sends another warning shot to
the world about what it thinks about justice and human rights when it
attacks someone who has an unblemished track record on human rights and
fighting them. To us, this is nothing new, the Chavez administration has
demonstarted over and over it cares little about human rights and freedom.
Chavez upcoming visit to Teheran at a time of more crackdowns in that
country and recent attempts at limiting fre speech in Venezuela because of
a silly sports events taking place in the country, simply prove the point
once more.

Add to that the attaks on the students attempting to
brand them as “opposition”, as if opposition were a bad word and you get
the picture. Unfortunately all we have gaiend is that the world now
understands that Chavez does not defend human rights and is no democrat,
the question is what will we be able to do about it in the absence of
honest judges willing to condemn the Government’s actions.

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