Chavez, Russia and Mercosur

June 30, 2007

It seems that Miguel trip through the Baltic countries is having an
effect. Chavez is in Russia and we are met with this news that the
Putin dominated Duma voted against receiving Chavez. The communist
party of Russia wanted Chavez to make a speech there. The vote was not
even close
, 232 to 131.

And looking at Russian statistics, Chavez is visiting Russia for the
5th time whereas there is not talk of Putin coming over here. How
come? Chavez praised the “resistance” of Russia to the empire. Putin
seems to be keeping Chavez at bay
while he is packing to go and spend a
weekend at Kennebunkport.

Does Chavez know what Kennebunkport means?

No word yet as to this affecting the much talked about purchase of
totally unnecessary 9 submarines. In the end, it will depend on some
sweet back room deals more than any Vodka laced Caviar toast..

Meanwhile, back at the Mercosur summit where Chavez should be instead
of buying Fabergé eggs, Celso Amorim, Brazil’s foreign minister, said
that full adhesion to Mercosur by Venezuela would depend on a heartfelt
apology by Chavez to the Brazilian senate. Must we conclude that the
Brazilian Senate is miffed enough that Lula does not want to risk a
negative vote? The suspense is high: will Chavez apologize for
treating the Brazilian Senate of Bush’s parrot?

accidental guest blogger who does not grow tomatoes.


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