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More evidence and proof of rights violations by PDVSA authorities

September 19, 2007

While it is only Chavista fanatics and fools that still have the audacity to deny the wholesale violation of people’s rights by the Chavez administration in the face of overwhelming evidence including Chavez saying on his variety show Alo President that the Tascon/Chavez fascist list should be buried, more and more compelling evidence surfaces as days go by. Of course, in the absence of the rule of law and independent powers, this evidence is useless, but hopefully, one day the day of reckoning will come and Chavez, Tascon, Ramirez and cohorts will have to face a Judge and account for this massive violations of human rights and the Venezuelan Constitution while in power.

The latest compelling evidence was published by Tal Cual yesterday in a new (and extremely dumb!) letter signed by the Board of PDVSA, entitled “General Policies for hiring personnel or contracting suppliers”. In it the Board “prohibits the use of any selection criteria …which violates the principle of equality participation and transparency privileged in Venezuelan law to disqualify people or companies…”

This is followed by a sentence saying that the letter replaces any previous ones (aja!) and that only the “Verification Criteria” can be used. This “criteria” on the right are clearly in violations of people’s rights. While PDVSA can argue that it should not hire anyone that participated in the 2002/2003 strike, up to today not one case has been processed y Venezuelan Courts to prove that anyone did illegally participate in the strike or caused any damage to PDVSA. Thus, PDVSA would use an arbitrary criteria in establishing this for hiring.

But what is clearly discriminatory and in violation of Venezuela’s legislation is to reject suppliers, either because they are owned or have personnel which is in PDVSA’s database of people that participated in the strike.

This letter clearly demonstrate that discrimination for political reasons continues in PDVSA under Chavez and it admits that other procedures, such as the Tascon/Chavez fascist list have been used in the past to discriminate against those that disagree with the Government.

In fact, such discrimination is widespread, as anyone who worked at PDVSA and was illegally fired in 2003 is in a black list used by most Government institutions and can’t possibly find a job with the Government. This has particularly hit hard people with high academic qualifications, who have had to emigrate as all research institutions in the country and most academic ones are run by the State.