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In short…news from the robolution

September 20, 2007

Not much time to post, but a few short tidbits about revolutionary happenings of revelance and interest:

—-As I predicted in the comments section of the time zone post, the Government has postponed its implementation as the improvisation was simply too much. The announcement will be made by Chavez himself, who has already announced it twice, but will give it the old college try again sometime soon. Nothing had been done about the legal and international aspects of things, despite claims that nothing needed to be done as this was a sovereign decision. I guess it has now been confirmed that the clowns themselves are running this circus and you will have to wait to “obtain the positive effects in your metabolism from the organic, functional, intellectaul, systemic and productive point of views”. Please don’t laugh, this is very serious revolutionary stuff.

—-And speaking of sovereignty and independence, now that the US Federal Reserve has acted, the Ministry of Finance has announced the “new” and “improved” Bono del Sur III. When the older version, which was canceled was announced I criticized it and said it was not worth it, the relaunched version removes some of the drawbacks of the earlier one, whether it is worth buying it or not will have to await until Monday when the price is set. For now, I can tell you the issue size was reduced to US$ 1.2 billion, half of it will be in an Argentinean Boden 15 bond and the other half of a so called TICC due in 2015. Thus, you will get half of what you are assigned in US$, compared to one third in the old version. Stay tuned!

—-And the same man that said the CIA was spying on us via the Direct TV set top boxes, Minister of the Interior Carreño, today suggests another innovative theory: Violence in Venezuela’s jails is due to a destabilization plan by those that oppose the Government. This plan must have been in effect since Chavez took over. I guess they have jailed too many of them…What’s next? The tripling of the number of homicides since Chavez took over is the result of random killings by the opposition? Minister Carreño should realize he has been incompetent in his position and resign, as simple as that!

—-And in another revolutionary triumph, the Minister of Feeding announced in a press conference today the arrival of 14,000 Tons of sugar and 1,650 Tons of black beans to alleviate shortages. Of course, these products were imported at the official rate of exchange and will be sold at controlled prices, insuring that no farmer in Venezuela can compete in prices. This will lead to more shortages in the medium turn, but try to explain this complex issue to people who still are not clear whether you move your clock backwards or forwrads in order to get more daylight. The Minister, dressed in military garb to show his authority and power, also clarified that the milk shortage is a worldwide problem and not restricted to Venezuela. (Would love to hear from readers abrad who are experiencing milk shoratges in their own countries)

—-And in another act of sovereignty, the Mayor of Bolivian city La Guardia, returned the check (for US$ 32,784) given to him by the Venezuelan Government because…it was less than what he was promised. Jeez, we all have our pride and our price!!! And it is above US$ 32,784 in La Guardia, Bolivia.