Still Flowering!!!

October 23, 2007

Yes, I still collect orchids, it is just that between a bad floweering September, the Red Sox and work I haven´t had time to post much, but here they are!!!

Cattelay Jenmanii Gran Sabana x Rubra on the left and Cattleya Jenmanii Castro x Rosa on the right

Two Cattleya Percivalianas, on the left is a variety called ¨Gabriela¨, no name on the right

On the left Cattleya Gaskelliana Labio Solido x (Mimi x Aida). On the right Cattleya Warnerii from Brazil

On the left, my faithful Cattleya Violacea, which is blooming three time a year. Not only that, but each time it sends a shoot with as many flowers as the previous time or one more. It’s up to five! On the right spectacular Blc. Ronald Hauserman.

Cirrhopetalum Elizabeth Ann on the left, magnificent, no? On the right a close up of its complicated reproductive structure.

Another Cirrhopetalum, not sure which one. On the right a close up.

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