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The armed riders of Puente El LLaguno II

November 8, 2007


While we have known that the Chavez Government lacks scruples and has an absolute disregard for the law and the truth, it never ceases to amaze us how cynical they can be in terms of distorting the truth. The savage and brutal attack on the students by a group of Chavista thugs is quickly becoming a sort of Puente del Llaguno II, where the hoodlums that attacked the students returning unarmed from their peaceful march are now supposed to have cornoered and attempted to lynch the “poor” Chavistas who were at the University.

First of all, pro-Chavez and anti-Chavez students coexist peacefully at Central University, so there is no explanation for this sudden impulse to lynch them. They have faced each other in debates and elections and there has only been violence whenever outside groups have gone in and stirred it up. Like yesterday.

Let us first recall, that at around 4 PM, the Vice-Minister of the Interior and Justice sent police groups to all entrances of Central University and appeared on TV saying that he was doing this to stop any extraneous groups from creating violence. Why did he do this and why did he say it? Then the violence began and in most of the videos and pictures (there is one in my mind that is not clear if the guy is  part of the pro-Chavez thugs or not) those armed, organized and attacking the students with weapons and on motorcycles are pro-Chavez groups.

Today one of the readers of the blog posted this link to human rights group Provea which shows pictures which prove very clearly  the impunity with which yesterday’s attack took place and how the Government tacitly had to have allowed these armed groups to go into the University.

The top two pictures show guys on motorcycles, most of them without plates, being directed by an armed person in the background. Even worse, some of the motorcycles without plates happen to be police motorcycles. Below you can see on such motorcycle, no license plate, no required helmet on the passenger and it clearly says Police on it. How could these people get through the police barriers? Why no plates? Who controls the Metropolitan Police? Are any of these people students?

In the bottom you can then see four such motorcycles. The one on the extreme right the guy has a heavy rifle, none of them have helmets and at least one of the motorcycles is a police motorcycles.

These are supposedly the “heroes” who came to aid the people trapped inside and who have even been on the Government’s TV station today explaining what heroes they are.

Thus, we seem to be in the face Of Puente El Llaguno II or perhaps The armed shooters of Puente El LLaguno II. On April 11th. 2002, the peaceful march going under a bridge began being shot at by gunman who were caught on camera. These gunmen, many of them employees of the Chavista City Hall of the Libertador District, were found to be innocent in a speedy trial, while the Metropolitan Police Officers protecting the march below remain in jail to this day without even being brought to trial.

In a few months, these shooters will be in the streets if they are ever jailed, much like the man who killed Maritza Ron on August 15th. 2004,  who curiously attended the burial of Danilo Anderson when he was supposed to be in jail and the Puente El Llaguno shooters who are back at work for the revolution, more loyal than ever.

This is the revolutions without scruples, this is the violent revolution, these are the crimes of Hugo Chavez.


Shooter clearly seen without hood

November 8, 2007

Somebody sent me this picture. The guy below left is the same one on the right as well as being the one in the previous post in the picture that has been seen around the world, shooting at the students behind the door (You can see him in many pictures in Daniel’s blog). Maybe the Minister of the Interior can identify him or maybe he might not if it is not convenient to find him: