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If one side does not want to debate in a democracy, should the debate be cancelled?

November 12, 2007

Am I missing something?

order to promote a debate on the proposed Constitutional Reform, the
Electoral Board was planning to hold debates between those promoting
the NO vote (the opposition) to the reform and those promoting the YES
vote (Chavez and his cronies). However, those promoting the SI, meaning
Chavez and his people, did not show up to any of the meetings and never
replied as to who would “debate” for their side. The first debate was
scheduled to take place tonight, paid by the Electoral Board.

What does this mean?

–Nobody is in favor of the SI vote?

–They have nobody they trust to debate for them? How about the autocrat himself?

–Are they afraid?

–They don’t like to debate, they just obey the autocrat.

In any case, why is the solution to simply cancel the debates?

Does this make any sense?

NO side clearly has a position and is willing to defend it, if the
other side does not want to send someone; it seems to me the worst
possible thing to promote democracy is precisely to cancel the debate.
After all, the SI vote will use the Government’s resources and power to
promote its position, while the NO has few resources. Why should they
lose the opportunity to have people learn their position? I just don’t
get it.

But this is indeed a strange country
these days anyway; only yesterday I learned through former Minister of
Defense Baduel (curiously that part of the interview is not online)
that Chávez does not even attend Cabinet meetings. Baduel actually said
that Chavez was not present at a single one of the Cabinet meetings he attended during the year he was Minister.

no? At the end of the day we (as in the whole country) are in the hands
of Vice President Jorge Rodriguez whose only managing experience prior
to the Electoral Board was managing the office for student tickets of
the Metropolitan Mayor’s office. I guess that is not much better that
Chavez’, managing the commissary at one of the bases he was at.

And then we wonder where all the billions have gone? Why is everything such a mess?

The whole thing really gets harder and harder to understand every day.

So, back to the original question, why don’t they want to debate?

Is Chavez taking the King´s suggestion seriously?

Opinions welcomed…