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Mision conuco, higher education version

March 25, 2008

I found the article below in today’s El Nacional which was also sent to me by a friend, probably concerned about its implications. But what never ceases to amaze me is how two relatively intelligent and educated people like the Minister of Higher Education and the Minister of Science and Technology can defend programs like those described below. These are people who spent their life financed by the Government to do research in esoteric topics of scientific validity, but who now seem to think they wasted their whole life because they did not work in conucos.  (Never heard them complain when they received funding to finance their fairly mediocre research projects and scientific careers). Moreover, all technical studies show how the conuco is an unsustainable as a self supporting structure, but since their big leader, the almighty Chavez defends it, then it must be good. Maybe they have forgotten how to read (or think!)

What’s next? Making them obligatory? It would be better for the same students and/or Venezuela to have them spend their time programming in Basic or Fortran, at least theyw ill learn how to think!!!

Let history judge their stupidity

Education and Society
University Stsudnets will plant black beans, corn and mandioca
With the arrival of the rainy season, the beginning of the program All hands to sow will also arrive, a program which is being backed by the Ministries of Higher Education, Agriculture and Science and technology.
The project stipulates that students, Professors, employees and workers organize themselves in brigades to plant mandioca, corn and black beans in 100 hectareas that have been provided to 17 institutions.
The teams must have between five and seven members who, voluntarily, will sow sseds in May and will harvest the crops in September, backed by producers from agrarian developments. “We will plant not only the established items, but we will sow the conscience in all involved students about the need that their education point towards the development of the country”, explained Minister Luis Acuña
Hector Navarro, Minister of Science and Technology, added that it means “adding efforts to substantially increase productive capacity, but not starting from the great units of production, but from the small and medium size producers”
The program implies the practical substitution of agrochemical practices by an agroecological and sustainable focus and will receive consulting from Cuban advisers.