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Baduel speaks to military, Government accuses him of corruption and deceit

March 4, 2008

General Raul Baduel held a press conference today to criticize Chavez’ actions on th last few days and very quickly the Government, which up to know had kept some semblance of open respect for him, unleashed the main bull dog of the Government, Minister Rodriguez Chacin on him, who accused hi mof enriching himself, deceiving Chavez and having ties to the oligarchy and the Colombian Government.

Baduel sent a very clear message in his press conference, rejection Chavez’ involvement in the crisis between Colombian and Ecuador and calling the whole thing a “personalistic adventure by Hugo Chavez who needs to promote or use nationalism to distract Venezuelans from the true internal problems”. He called on the military to remain calm.

He calls Chavez’ order to mobilize the divisions towards the border “like a reality show, improper and with a microphone in front”. Baduel said that Chavez had violated the law in making that decision, which represented treason and a violation of the security of the Nation. He called the decision to kick out Colombian diplomatic personnel “irresponsible and without scruples”

He said that the two people (Colombia and Venezuela) were brothers and a diplomatic solution should be sought. He also criticized the Venezuean Government for replying to the accusations made on the basis of the captured documents, saying the Government should have waited before expressing opinions that should be reasoned and supported.

He called on Colombians and Venezuelans to remain calm and not to fall into Chavez’ perverse game

The Government’s response tonight was made by the hatchet man himself, Minister of Interior and Justice Rodriguez Chacin, who said that Baduel has links to Colombian military and oligarchs and that the former Minister of Defense (until last July) was negotiating how to get his wealth out of Venezuela. he said he had proofs of this, but did not show it, claiming it was all being investigated. Rodriguez Chacin called Baduel a revisionist who deceived them (for 18 years?) who only wanted to cover up the neoliberal system so he could one day have access to power.

So, the gloves are off now, Colombia with Chavez saying and showing documents to prove what up to now diplomacy did not allow them to and the Government and Baduel, former buddies charging and counter charging each other. In both fights, more material is certainly to come out that in the end is likely to make the Chavez administration look worse and show how it ahs been working outside legality and in the support of a terrorist organization.

Colombian Government makes very strong charges against Chavez and the FARC

March 4, 2008

According to Colombian authorities,
this is what the material captured from the camp where Raul Reyes was killed
contained about
Venezuela‘s payment to that terrorist
organization and other charges against the FARC and Hugo Chavez (You can read all of the emails here):

The US$ 300 million payment is mentioned for the first
time in a report by guerrilla leader Ivan Marquez from his visit to
Caracas. This was a very public visit in
which Hugo Chávez received him at the
Miraflores Palace in Caracas on Dec. 23d. Marquez informed that
he had a meeting with Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, who at the time had no official
position but was named in January as Minister of the Interior and Justice by
Chávez. Rodriguez Chacin supposedly told Marquez that from now on they will call
the US$ 300 million contribution with the key word “dossier” and that the boss
(Chavez) would be called Angel and the “maimed one” (El Cojo) will be called
“Ernesto”. El Cojo is supposedly the former Minister of Foreign Relations and
famous guerrilla member Ali Rodriguez.

One and a half months later, on
February 8th. another report says that Chávez got a message from the
FARC’s leader Marulanda, which is reported as: “had a meeting with Angel. He
personally got the letter from comrade Marulanda, which he read aloud. He seemed
very happy. He will write to the comrade”

He adds: “We already have the first
50 million and he has a schedule to complete 200 during the year. The friend
suggested working the package via de black market, to avoid

This is interpreted by the
Colombian authorities as the Chávez Government offering a shipment of oil to
sell abroad “which will leave us a juicy profit. We will receive the dossier
creating a for profit company for investments in
Venezuela. There is likelihood that we will
get Government contracts”, says the report. Supposedly a “friendly” businessman
would help hide the money.

In a separate email, it is mentioned that Chavez asked that Ingrid Betancourt be freed, but he was told that the FARC would lose its most important card if this happened. This is the most damaging charge against the FARC.

Mention is made of a Lt. that Chavez wants freed, but he was told Uribe would jail him if freed. It is not clear who they were referring to.

Separately, the President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe said today that he will accuse Chavez in international courts for supporting terrorism and that he had provided Chavez some months ago with the precise location of Ivan Marquez’ guerrilla camp in the Perija region of Venezuela, but Chavez did nothing, proving his support of the FARC. Could it be that this was what Chavez was afraid of when he told Uribe not to dare do the same thing in Venezuela?

Later in the report, Marquez talks
about a man named Belisario who lives in Bogotá and is friends with “Jhon40”. He
is sending me some samples and proposes to sell each kilo of Uranium for US$ 2.5
million and they hand it over and we see who we sell it to.
Venezuela does not appear to be linked to
this part of the report, but the possible sale of Uranium is certainly
explosive in the context of the FARC. In fact, the Colombian Government is already suggesting the FARC may have been planning to build a dirty bomb.

These are certainly very serious charges against the Venezuelan President and the FARC, which appear to be well documented. In one of the pictures found in the computer, a Venezuelan Deputy of the National Assembly is present with Reyes, which the DEputy attempted to explain away saying he was attending a “Bolivarian” event, he did not explain how it happened to be in the jungle. So far, some of the accusations from the documents have been proven to be true, such as the contacts with the Ecuadorian authorities. We are sure to see more material in the next few days.

War of words escalates between Venezuela and Colombia, no bullets or guns, just hot air for now!

March 4, 2008

Well, charges and countercharges flew tonight from all sides and things are getting to be almost funny, just hot air, no bullets, no guns, that is something we can not afford to have shortages of:

— The Government of Ecuador admitted that its Minister of Security had met with the dead guerrilla member Raul Reyes, which happens to be in the documents which they are calling fake.

— Now the President of Ecuador claims that he was negotiating the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt in Ecuador. Likely story given that he would not steal Chavez’ thunder and that Chavez had asked last weekend for Marulanda to send her to a place where she would eb under good care. In any case, reyez clearly did not think much of her.

—And after the Colombian police charged that Chavez had paid US$ 300 million to the FARC for which they found evidence in a computer at the camp, the Venezuelan Government first says that it is all fabricated but then they come up with their own computer and accuse the Head of the Colombian police of being involved with drug trafficking. (His brother is in jail in Germany for drug trafficking). Of course they have had that computer since they detained drug lord “Jabon”, but today was the first time they ever mentioned this computer. Weird, no?

—And the “small” camp in which Reyes lived with “small” weapons, according to Ecuador’s Ambassador to Venezuela, occupied a full four hectares and had been in place for only three years. The Ecuadorian military was ordered off the area.

—Venezuela expelled Colombia’s Ambassador to our country and Ecuador broke relationships with Colombia. Of course, Chavez does not dare brake commercial relations with Colombia as shortages will simply intensify to intolerable levels.

—And why did Chavez tell Uribe not to “dare do the same thing in Venezuela” that he did in Ecuador. The “same thing” would imply that there are camps here (of course there are, in Barinas and Apure state!) and the Colombian military knows where they are, which I am sure they do, as Chavez has called various leaders of the FARC over time and the Colombians know exactly where.