Baduel speaks to military, Government accuses him of corruption and deceit

March 4, 2008

General Raul Baduel held a press conference today to criticize Chavez’ actions on th last few days and very quickly the Government, which up to know had kept some semblance of open respect for him, unleashed the main bull dog of the Government, Minister Rodriguez Chacin on him, who accused hi mof enriching himself, deceiving Chavez and having ties to the oligarchy and the Colombian Government.

Baduel sent a very clear message in his press conference, rejection Chavez’ involvement in the crisis between Colombian and Ecuador and calling the whole thing a “personalistic adventure by Hugo Chavez who needs to promote or use nationalism to distract Venezuelans from the true internal problems”. He called on the military to remain calm.

He calls Chavez’ order to mobilize the divisions towards the border “like a reality show, improper and with a microphone in front”. Baduel said that Chavez had violated the law in making that decision, which represented treason and a violation of the security of the Nation. He called the decision to kick out Colombian diplomatic personnel “irresponsible and without scruples”

He said that the two people (Colombia and Venezuela) were brothers and a diplomatic solution should be sought. He also criticized the Venezuean Government for replying to the accusations made on the basis of the captured documents, saying the Government should have waited before expressing opinions that should be reasoned and supported.

He called on Colombians and Venezuelans to remain calm and not to fall into Chavez’ perverse game

The Government’s response tonight was made by the hatchet man himself, Minister of Interior and Justice Rodriguez Chacin, who said that Baduel has links to Colombian military and oligarchs and that the former Minister of Defense (until last July) was negotiating how to get his wealth out of Venezuela. he said he had proofs of this, but did not show it, claiming it was all being investigated. Rodriguez Chacin called Baduel a revisionist who deceived them (for 18 years?) who only wanted to cover up the neoliberal system so he could one day have access to power.

So, the gloves are off now, Colombia with Chavez saying and showing documents to prove what up to now diplomacy did not allow them to and the Government and Baduel, former buddies charging and counter charging each other. In both fights, more material is certainly to come out that in the end is likely to make the Chavez administration look worse and show how it ahs been working outside legality and in the support of a terrorist organization.

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