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Everyone against Hugo Chavez and his immoral robolution must be part of the conspiracy to get rid of him

September 16, 2008

Last night I sat to write a post, but couldn’t. It was not
writer’s block; it was writer’s incredulity. Imagine the abstract problem of a
Head of State having three of his closest confidants accused of protecting
drug traffic and/or supporting a guerrilla movement. Sure the accusation came
from the “evil empire”, the same sworn enemy of that Head of State, but the
evidence backs the Empire. How else could drug shipments coming out of
Venezuela increase by a factor of 16 since Chavez came to power, if not for
collaboration at the highest levels? How can Ramon Rodriguez Chacin deny his
support and collaboration with the FARC?

In the case of the Head of Venezuelan Military
Intelligence, General Carvajal, the charges are not new. His name appears not
only in Reyes’ documents, but other documents from another FARC leaders, as
well as appearing in some investigative reports made by  Colombia’s weekly Semana.

For the Head of the Intelligence Police , General Rangel,
his name not only appears in Reyes’ documents, but he is quoted in the Miami
Maletagate trial as being the key man in the strategy to cover up the origin of
the US$ 800,000 in cash that Guido Antonini brought into Argentina.

But whether the charges are true
or not is not the point. The point is that Venezuela has reached such a level
of moral and ethical deterioration that such headlines mean absolutely nothing
to the Prosecutor’s office or in a National Assembly whose President
publicly sworn “Never to investigate the Maletagate case”, a case involving illegal
levels of cash leaving the country in a chartered airplane carrying an official
delegation of the country’s oil company and involving millionaire “entrepreneurs”
which can only exist, flourish and prosper under the protection and shadow of the Chavez

And Chavez tried to make
believe today
that the whole Antonini trial was a set up, but Antonini was
carrying the cash in a PDVSA rented plane. And he was a wealthy robolutionary,
a middle class man until Chavez’ arrival to the Presidency and no known
businesses. And while Chavez called for Antonini’s extradition, he did not say
the same about that of Diego Uzcategui and Daniel Uzcategui, the father,
Vice-President of PDVSA who got his son and Antonini on the flight. They also
are being searched for by Argentina’s Justice on the case and they happen to
live in Venezuela. And while Chavez called Antonini a crook, he also called him
a “traitor”, an unforgivable slip of the tongue(later he calls him a fat man,
another slip of the tongue?). And even if Chavez claims Antonini was not at the
Argentinean Presidential Palace, he actually was, proving that there was a very
definitive connection to the whole thing. But Chavez can’t hide all of the
corruption, crookedness and illegalities. They are too many and he can’t keep
up with all of them.

And while today I may be talking
about the wholesale rape of the country by the robolution, tomorrow the same
immorality may be applied to the wholesale murder of innocent Venezuelans in
order to defend the process. Because it
would not be the first time
. During the turbulent times of 2002, 2003 and
2004, Chavismo murdered Venezuelans as needed, but somehow the victims were
always the murderers. And Chavez periodically likes to remind us that his “democratic” revolution is an armed one, in clear indication that he will be
willing to revive the murders of April 11th 2002 if necessary.

And if this were not enough,
just ahead of the upcoming regional elections, which he may lose, Chavez
creates some superfluous military regions around the country and names his toy
puppet Generals to command them. Military regions ostensibly to defend the
Nation, but truly to coordinate whatever may be necessary to support by force
his failing and corrupt Presidency.

Because by now Chavez and his
cohorts are implicating all members of the opposition in the conspiracy against
him, leading me to wonder whether the dream about me holding a bazooka, was
imaginary or not.