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17th. Year Anniversary of Hugo Chavez’ bloody military coup against the democratically elected Government of Venezuela

February 5, 2009

I did not want the day to go by before congratulating all of the supporters and lovers of Hugo Chavez on the 16th. anniversary of the bloody, gutless coup staged by Chavez and his buddies on February 4th. 1992. On that day, Chavez led a contingent of soldiers to Caracas under false pretenses to the Miraflores Presidential Palace. Another contingent went to the Presidential home of La Casona in the East of Caracas, where Carlos Andres Perez’ family and wife were and where a bloody fight ensued. It was indeed a bloody and violent day, with an estimated 80 innocent civilians killed (including one girl), as well as 17 police officers.

Despite the large force they brought to Caracas, including using tanks to take over the Presidential Palace, as shown in the picture below:


the coup attempt failed because none other than Hugo Chavez failed to attain his military target, hiding out in the Military Musuem.

This was a bloody military coup attempt, against a democratically elected Government, a fact is always selectively forgotten in the literature and discussions by the cheerleaders of the revolution. Chavez was later pardoned by the silly octogenarian Venezuelans elected in 1993 and he refused to follow the democratic path until 1997, another fact selectively forgotten by PSF’s and the racist supporters of the Bolivarian revolution, who tolerate human rights violations and non-democratic ways that they would be outraged at, if they happened in their own countries.

The truth is that Chavez was never a democrat and his ten years in power (not allowed by the Constitution under which he was first elected) and continued legal contortions and abuse of power to be allowed to continue to run Venezuela forever in autocratic fashion demonstrate it.

So, my friends, continue hiding in the non-rational part of your brains, you indirect support of the deadly and bloody acts and non-democratic ways of Hugo Chavez. One day it all may come to haunt you. In the mean time: Congratulations on your bloody anniversary!

And here is Chavez in military garb celebrating today this non-democratic anniversary, just in case you are not sure what it is I am talking about…