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Stern Government Warning: Don’t eat your ballot on Sunday or else!

February 11, 2009

And in a bizarro piece of news, General Gonzalez Gonzalez, the same one that held a press conference to deny the undeniable and who is in charge of the voting logistics on Sunday, warned Venezuelan citizens that anyone eating his/her ballots on Sunday’s referendum would be jailed.

Said the General: “They have eaten them. This is an electoral crime”

Clearly the General has the best interests of Venezuelan citizens in mind. Who knows, the ink from the machines may be poison or when they extract it, your vote’s secrecy may be lost.

These guys really have their priorities straight.

Chavez personally bans Lech Walesa from coming to Venezuela

February 11, 2009

Last year, Polish Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa was invited to Venezuela to talk to the opposition and there was an uproar when it was reported that the Venezuelan Government had told him not to come. However, the Government said that it had nothing against Walesa, but they had told the Polish leader that they could not guarantee his personal security. The argument was strange, given that Chavez travels under heavy guard and his buddies Evo Morales, Rafael Correal and Daniel Ortega come regularly to Caracas and are given high level protection.

Then this week Walesa gave an interview saying that he was coming to Caracas in response to an invitation from the Venezuelan opposition students and to meet with ONG’s. Walesa said that he would help give students powerful arguments against Hugo Chavez.

Well, lo and behold this time around Chavez had no qualms about saying Walesa was simply not welcome in Caracas. Chavez asked his Foreign Minister to stop Walesa from entering the country.

The Venezuelan President said that he had to defend the dignity (???) of the country and Walesa could say anythng he wanted outside Venezuela but not here. Once again, like in the case of La Piedrita and so many others it is Chavez that gives orders as if this was his private fiefdom and there were no laws and regulations. It also becomes clear what a liar Chavez and his Foreign Minsiter are in that last year they simply used the argument about Walesa’s security to stop him from coming to Venezuela in an elegant way.