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Can the world’s best chocolate survive the revolution?

March 9, 2009

I had not seen this article in Time Magaxine about efforts to revive Venezuela’s best cacao, the criollo bean. It describes the private efforts near the coastal town of Choroni to revive what is considered to be the best cacao in the world.

In the last two decades there has been a strong private effort to develop and project both the country’s cacao and the country’s chocolate. There are some unsung heroes of this effort which has been quite successful, it is truly said when one of them, Jorge Redmond,  is quoted in the article saying:

“Jorge Redmond, president of Chocolates El Rey, a Venezuelan company that has been processing premium cacao since 1929, says El Rey saw almost 865 acres (350 hectares) decimated recently when 40 families invaded. “A 10-year effort was destroyed in days,” he says. “We were able to produce one batch of San Joaquin Private Reserve chocolate before this happened, but we will never taste that chocolate again. It was an incredible chocolate.” His tone is one of heartbreak, lamenting a sweet romance that has often ended in tragedy.”

Not much can be said in the face of the wholesale destruction of such positive efforts by the robolution.