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Chávez invites criminal al-Bashir to Venezuela

March 31, 2009

And just to make a point as enfant terrible of international politics, President Hugo Chávez today invited Sudan’s President Omar al -Bachir  to Venezuela as a way of showing his support for the Sudanese President. The International Criminal Court ordered the detention of al-Bashir, over the death of 300,000 people in Dafour. He had created more controversy recently expelling aid workers from his country.

With his statements, Chávez adds al-Bashir to his portfolio of support for criminals, such as Iraqi former President Saddam Hussein,  Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and terrorist Carlos The Jackal. Quite a portfolio for the Venezuelan President who broke realtionships with Israel over the recent conflict there with Hamas.

I guess he thinks he may follow in the path of such champions of human rights violations and wants to make sure there may be some support for him.


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