Death penalty for media owners (as in the US)!

May 14, 2009

And the Minister of Information and Communications in that style of respect for human rights and democracy and ignorance about the world that characterizes this Government said it just like that today that in any other country like the US (Iran?) if media owners behaved like those of Venezuela, they would receive the death penalty.

Just to prove his ignorance again, he said that freedom of expression is not an absolute and Globovision is a political party. Funny, why isn’t VTV judged by the same measure?

There is no doubt that Globovision will be shutdown in the near future and who know, why not make the death penalty legal? Anything is possible in this stupid revolution.

8 Responses to “Death penalty for media owners (as in the US)!”

  1. Roberto Says:

    I don’t know Ken, it seems to me that he will continue to mortgage future oil deliveries, as he has done with China, at fire sale prices in a desperate attempt to continue financing his glorious revolution.

    PDVSA is offering bonds at 16%.

    THere are many tools left for him to exploit, regardless of the damage done to our patrimony.

    That being said, I do fervently wish that he finds the doors closed to these gifts so that the wheels do come off soon.

  2. Ken Price Says:

    What you are seeing, as we say in Mexico, “Son las patadas del ahogado”, or the “kicks of a drowning individual”. The lack of available capital means the wheels are coming off the Chavez train, and he has no fall-back position. Once his supporet base no longer receives their pay, little as they might be, they’ll turn against him. I remember the pictures of Mussolini, strung up by his heels in a Milan gasoline station, along with his mistress. I would not be surprised to see something similar with Chavez as the “guest of honor”.

  3. Roberto Says:

    That is one of the things that keeps me awake at night. Becasue I do forsee, that sometime, somehow, this affront to humanity named Hugo Chavez will be gone.

    What is left in his wake, supporters, especially foreign ones. If the shit hits the fan, some of these will likely melt into the hills to continue de- stabilizing soceity for years to come.

    Due to the fact that so many fake Venezuelan cedulas have been issued, they’re going to be hard to find.

    This on top of the ones who will remain in the open (the fanatics Mr. Canuck mentions in the previous post).

  4. Andres F Says:

    Making the death penalty legal, would not be surprising. After all, it would give him a powerful tool.

  5. Mike H. Says:

    I would not be surprised in the least if the death penalty will come to Venezuela some time soon as part of the government’s search for bigger weapons of intimidation.

  6. island canuck Says:

    They will try & close Globovision &, unfortunately, the Venezuelan people will let it happen.

    Who knows it may even be better. They will continue on cable & satellite & won’t have to abide by all the cadenas. I would assume that the next thing will be to force DirecTV & the cable companies to drop the signal of those channels they don’t like.

    Union Radio will be next.

    As I watched this guy making these statements yesterday I couldn’t help but think that we will never bring these people to a rational way of thinking. Like religious fanatics you can’t get through the steel shell of ideology.

    What will happen when inevitably Chavez is no longer in power?

    There are 10’s of thousands of these people who will never peacefully accept a change.

  7. revbob22 Says:

    Yeah, it’s deja vu all over again.

  8. Thomas Mohr Says:


    he actually said was that in the US the owners of media would receive the death penalty if they would have participated in a coup d’etat. Well, Chavez has not only participated in one, he *started* one. Measured by his own minister, he should have been executed. Such is the hypocrisy of this regime.

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