Devil banned in China, hope for the “right” reasons

May 14, 2009


(Picture from Caracas statues yesterday morning)

Through a friend and reader, I learn that my new website can not be reached from China, while the older one remains available. I have confirmed this through this test.

The question is why the new one is and the old one is not, while neither Daniel’s nor Quico’ s sites are banned. It may have nothing to do with politics, but the fact that “devilsexcrement” contains “sex” in its string…

We will never know…but I hope I have been banned for the “right” reasons…

(Note: For those who asked, no I am not at home, still traveling for about another week. )

4 Responses to “Devil banned in China, hope for the “right” reasons”

  1. flameouts Says:

    Yes SIR – that is as good as it get´s….

    Saludos de la

  2. Syd Says:

    perhaps it has something to do with your switch to wordpress vs. blogger?

  3. Avila Says:

    Quico’s has been blocked from time to time–as has all of blogger. My own website has been blocked and I live here. Although it should seem an honour, it probably has less to with what you write about (Your comments on China rarely go beyond what official Chinese government press states publicly), but who you share you IP with. It turns out most of bloggers do not have dedicated addresses, but actually ones that are shared–and it turns out there is a lot of porn out there.

    You can pay extra to get a dedicated IP (Usually 3 bucks a month) or ask your provider to move it to more family friendly cluster (They may do it once, but are reluctant to get involved). As for me, I simply turn on hotspot shield and I am dancing with the devil.

  4. marc in calgary Says:

    I think that “now banned in China” is something you should wear with honor.
    banned in Cuba, banned in Iran…
    You’re on the right path.. Daniel, Alek y Quico can only be jealous! 😉

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