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The revolution never ceases to amaze…

June 14, 2009

Sometimes, one is amazed at the ability of the revolution to invent new concepts or justify the unjustifiable. This week was no exception and while each of these items may not make a post, all combined provide a glimpse at the empty revolution:

—While President Chavez continues preaching that his Government will be austere even if oil prices go up, reality says otherwise, even acknowledging that in the past his Government wasted too much money. But Chavez says that and we learn that the Venezuelan National Assembly has already approved extra spending of US$ 6 billion over what was approved in the budget for 2008, which included an across the board 6.5% cut with a US% 66 billion budget.

—And how about discrimination in the revolution? According to the President of Caracas’s subway system, the new line 5 of the subway will have two of its stations cut, because “they benefit” the oligarchs”. Now, I could understand this if there was a Country Club station, but one of those cut is the Bello Campo station, which certainly brings the definition of oligarch to a new low level.

Here is a view of Bello Campo from Google maps:


Not only it is at best a lower middle class area, but notice the barrio on the right composed of two barrios, La Cruz and Bello Campo, not precisely oligarchs. It would also be located near the Gustavo Herrera high school a public high school. So, I am not sure Mr. Farias knows much about where the oligarchy lives. Maybe he was just looking for an excuse, like no money. Funny, there is always money for weapons and the like.

(The guy was removed for saying this on June 16th. will the stations be restored?)

—And I guess participatory democracy only works if Chavez agrees with it, because after the neighbors of La Candelaria voted in favor of the Sambil Mall that Chavez wanted to expropriate, the thug himself said last week that the Mall was “not going to be” , because “it was a monster of capitalism”. Chavez acknowledged that HE made that decision, despite the fact that the mall had received all of the required permits from the municipality.

—Which only makes you wonder what will happen if Chavez’ plan to take over land in the Chacao municipality is defeated in today’s vote. The municipality was going to build a Civic Center, but Chavez PSUV party had something else in mind, so the matter was put to vote today. Lines were very long for the vote in favor of using the land of the old Chacao market for a Civic Center which would become part of a new area in Chacao together with the New Chacao Free Market. This market is a new modern building (I don’t particularly like it, but it is a huge improvement over the old). Results are not in, but expect the Center to be approved by a large majority. (early reports are that it passed with 90% of the votes. Correction Monday morning: the Civic Center was approved 20,604 to 140…let’s see what the Government’s excuse is now!)

—And proving once again that he is a Dictator, Chavez warned today newly elected Governor of Tachira State Perez Vivas, that he will end up in Peru like Manuel Rosales. Thus, if you are succesful in an election Chavez will either find something to accuse you of and run you out of the country, or he will take away all of your responsabilities a la Ledezma. Some democracy, no?