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Chacumbele electrocutes himself by Teodoro Petkoff

November 6, 2009


With the electricity crisis Chacumbele is getting a little nutty. When supposedly he wants to get to the bottom of things, he makes absurd decisions,  which can only aggravate the problem.

With the creation of the Ministry of Electricity Chacumbele does not know he has stirred up a hornet’s nest.  Rafael Ramirez, Minister of Petroleum and Energy, got really pissed upon hearing of the matter and, quite beside himself, demanded that the new minister will not be given water. In addition, he mocked Angel Rodriguez (the new Minister) mercilessly.

In the midst of this disaster, the Boards of Edelca and Cadafe have yet to meet with the new Minister and all is on stand by at the headquarters of Cadafe, in El Marqués, where the new ministry will function. Moreover, the military, who thought they had secured the electric area as their hunting ground (in all senses), have been displaced, even if  Chacumbele asked General Hipólito Izquierdo to “stay around”.

Izquierdo has yet to turn over the position to unionist Rodriguez.

In turn, Izquierdo complains about being the victim of “injustice” because both he and Gen. Machado, the former president of Edelca, had warned for years about the catastrophe that was approaching if nothing was done. He says Chacumbele  never paid him any attention. Entre tanto, Su Excelencia, Meanwhile, His Excellency, the reincarnation of Simón Bolívar, each day has a more absurd idea on how to confront the crisis he created.

With forced jokes he wants to minimize the dramatism of the crisis, but what his wisecracks have produced is ill-tempered sulking jokes by a lot of people that voted for him and that have suddenly discovered what an incapable guy the man has turned out to be.