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Clueless Management Style

November 10, 2009


I had heard this story, but did not know the particulars to write about it, but Petkoff in Tal Cual tells all the details in today’s paper:

On October 30th. Hugo Chávez named General José Rafael Guerra Baudett, who is retired, as President of Aluminum company Alucasa, part fo the CVG empire, a company in which the State owns 75% of the shares.

General Guerra was honest and responsible and told Chávez that he knew nothing about Aluminum nor had any experiene in running a company like that. Chávze told him that if he could command 11,000 men in tHe border, how could he be scared of “having” 600 workers in Alucasa.  The General took the job.

There you have it, Chávez’ clueless management style in a nutshell.

And people wonder why things don’t work in Veenzuela…