Do you know which way this country is going?

January 7, 2010

El Nacional page C-5:

The Government electric corporation will install a 50 MW turbogenerator to guarantee electricity for the Caribbean Baseball series in February

El Nacional page C-3:

Simón Bolívar University suspends suscriptions to scientific journals in 2010 due to budget cuts.

The development model is clear: Pan y Circo!

7 Responses to “Do you know which way this country is going?”

  1. Roberto Says:

    Well, yes, they could, but then the games would be tape delayed to the rest of the Caribbean in order to be shown in prime time. Not the best, and still would represent a loss of face for Chavez.

    Portable generators and totumas with flashlights would do nicely

  2. jsb Says:

    Can’t they just play baseball in the daytime? 🙂

  3. Roberto Says:


    I was being sarcastic.

    What you’ll find, unfortunately, is that some folks will probably pay out of their own pockets, but they better have tarjeta domiciliada en el exterior…………………………

  4. Alexandra Says:

    Robert, you have to pay suscriptions in order to be able to read the Scientific Journals in internet.

  5. island canuck Says:

    I agree with Alberto.

    Let the series be in the dark & let all the world see what a complete disaster Chavismo has been.

    When we have a summit meeting here they run around cleaning things up & fixing things.
    It’s all a complete sham.
    They installed street light made from emergency lights that you would buy in a hardware store & installed them, posts & all at the curve overlooking Playa Manzanillo. During the African cumbre they worked just fine. 2 days after all the delegates had left they were turned off never to be relit.

    A government of stupidity – nothing more.

  6. Roberto Says:

    Well, as long as the Leones de Caracas make it to the Series, I see no problem with cutting off access to scientific journals. THey can read those on the Internet.

    Oh wait, you need electricity to access the Internet!

    Wouldn’t a candle lit Serie del Caribe be more romantic, anyway?

  7. This is an Epic Fail…

    But this will become worst: they are “short” in time to get this 50 MW ready. It would be great if, in plain “series”, there is a massive shortage that would demonstrate, without a doubt, what is the real situation here in Venezuela.

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