Obama may be getting ready to shake Venezuelan’s world (But Iran is a priority, seriously, no BS)

January 20, 2010

(Note, this is not BS, this is a serious post, even if you can not believe it)

Just when you think you have heard it all, like it was the bolibouregois that promoted the cheap dollar or cheap imports, or that Venezuela is going to become an exporter thanks to the devaluation, here comes State TV station Vive and says that the earthquake in Haiti was caused by Obama’s Government, thanks to new technology by the US Navy that was tested for the first time. Of course, this is not an invention of VIVE but merely the propagation of rumors because the US Navy fired a missile in some war games in the Caribbean.

Of course, the nuts are not new, you can read here how the Kobe, Japan earthquake was also induced. This one is nice enough to suggest the Haiti earthquake was a mistake, it was just a test gone awry. But Cahvze and his fully controlled media are by now in love with the idea, today Radio Nacional de Venezuela had a complementary article, which you may read at your own risk.

The source of all this is supposedly a report by the North Russian Fleet, which is not clear whether it blames the earthquake on the test or just notes the coincidence between the two.

The ultimate goal of these tests? Of course, Hugo’ buddy in Iran, who always seems to take the limelight. So, my fellow Venezuelans, Obama may be ready to shake you, but we have an early warning system:  not until Iran is attacked first. So, for now, you can rest at ease. We are not the biggest enemy of the Empire.


Note added: The Russian Navy is denying it ever said that!!

18 Responses to “Obama may be getting ready to shake Venezuelan’s world (But Iran is a priority, seriously, no BS)”

  1. Kepler Says:

    The incredible thing those chavista idiots don’t seem to notice is that we have a lot of earthquakes throughout all the major regions where plates are touching: along the Andes (including the coast range in Venezuela), on the other side of the globe. Experts had warned about something major happening in Haiti a couple of years ago as the tension was obviously building up, they said…perhaps chavistas think the experts just wanted to do some whistle-blowing

    How was it? Un pueblo de ignorantes es víctima de su propia destrucción.

  2. concerned Says:

    Bill, now you have let the cat out of the bag about the stealth aircraft, working under the cover of darkness, dropping millions of those tiny packs of silica jell that you find in electronics packaging upstream of the dams.

  3. Bill Simpson of Slidell USA Says:

    WOW ! I knew we had a vast military-industrial complex up here, but I always thought that it developed in response to the Soviet threat after World War II. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a former general, warned us about the dangers of the, then developing, ‘military-industrial complex’ (He used the phrase ‘military-industrial-Congressional complex’ in the first draft of his speech, but was persuaded to change it to ‘military-industrial complex’ by some of his advisers.) in a speech as he left office in 1960. But I guess we were BOTH wrong, since Haiti also had a huge quake a couple of hundred years ago. Who would have thought that we were testing missiles and causing quakes way back then! I guess that I’m going to have to lay off firing rockets on New Years Eve. I wouldn’t want to level Los Angeles.
    The folks in California and Alaska are going to be really mad when they find out that all that plate tectonics stuff is bogus, and that weapons testing caused all their earthquake damage. They just said on the ‘Coast-to-Coast AM’ radio program, that Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming recorded over 250 small earthquakes, just today. It is easy to hide missile testing out there in the unpopulated Western US wilderness, you know. The bison out there know how to keep their mouths shut, when they aren’t eating. They don’t want to end up like all the cows that the isolated US ranchers say are being picked up and dissected by the black government helicopters (or the UFOs, or the hidden United Nations troops waiting to take over the USA when ordered by Obama’s handlers to establish the ‘New World Order’, take your pick). I wonder if early humans testing spears made Yellowstone blow up 600,000 years ago?
    We have a saying in the USA, “You can’t make this stuff up.” It is usually applied to the actions of our politicians, or very dumb criminals. If you don’t try to find some humor in this type of nonsense, you might eventually jump off Angel Falls without a parachute.
    And you already know that the CIA caused the Venezuelan drought.

  4. Kolya Says:

    One of the ironies is that the original source of this bullshit story was not even Russian. It was first published in English in a quack site that specializes in sensationalistic conspiracy theories (http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1322.htm.) Then an obscure Russian blogger translated the article into Russian and then a few (also obscure) Russian sites picked it up. Even though Russians have a weakness for conspiracy theories, this particular story received a lot of ridicule and it never gained much traction (I guess it was simply too preposterous.)

  5. Lazarus Says:

    Agreed, it has not been reported/stated by the Regime. IMO that is not the point.

    So many blogs/comments about the level of education, and extent of knowledge, maybe the “sophistication” of the average Venezuelan Pueblo… just allowing this to lay out in the open is wrong. Any other responsible government would have a lower level goverment hack denounce the allegation.

    This ties back to the Regime’s overtly false statement’s that “the Gringos are coming” or are out to get the Regime to raise alarm and divert attention. I.e. the pueblo militias training on the beach of La Guiara to repulse the invaders a couple years ago.

    It is ridiculous to even contemplate on a rational level… but as someone once said.. if people believe, it is true.

  6. Paul Says:

    Thankfully, we perfected our earthquake making machine in Calfornia with minimal losses. Has Thugo gone from chewing coca leaves to snorting?

  7. moctavio Says:

    Kepler: I do not mention Chavez in the post, I mention the two Government media sources, exactly as it happened, it is ABC that mentioned Chavez. But it is part of the whole Government out of control thing how bizarre stuff like that gets printed and expanded upon and makes our country the laughing stock of the world.

    And t is not just picked up by some Venezuelan media, they said it was the Northern Russian Fleet, who is now denying it and the Radion Nacional even manages to expand on it. In any other country, these people should be fired the next day for being stupid, maybe Chavez will give these ones the medal of honor.

  8. Roberto Says:

    So the gringos managed to improve on the Chinese version of the earthquake generator!

    You know, the Chinese can do it by getting all their citizens to jump off of their chairs at the same time. However, that system was passed up by the US because there aren’t 1.5 bilion gringos, nor is it very accurate.

    Good ole Yankee know how proved superior!

  9. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, as Quico said: to be fair, so far it has not been Hugo who said that, but Vive and Radio Nacional.

    Russian news say the Northern Fleet declared it was not true
    they had said that and that the ones stating that were some guys from a weird Russian site (Political Russian club, never heard of them)


    Interfax wrote here some on what the Spanish newspaper said:


    They interviewed a scientist called A. Savyalov, from the Institut of Physical Sciences who said things like that may be theoretically possible one day, but in practice they are hardly possible now due to technical difficulties and he went on to explain the difficulties even in trying to foresee some patterns in normal earthquakes, that nowhere can people generate that energy just at a certain region, etc.

    We are talking here about some wackos in Russia, as everywhere, stating yet a conspiracy theory and the news somehow being picked by some Venezuelan media and then Abc transforming that into “Hugo said”.

    Well, perhaps he will say it now, solo por joder…we know how he is…but as far as I have seen, it has not been him yet.

  10. Fetch mai map Johnson, damn
    Ok… um….. whoopsie.

    Recharge and 500 south, shake and bake.

  11. Eric Lavoie Says:

    My god the US of A is coming to get us, i felt a tremor … oh wait false alarm, i was just passing gas 🙂

  12. moctavio Says:

    That must have been either a small error or a small test 🙂

  13. Lazarus Says:

    And the 5.4 magnitude earthquake in Cumana on Friday afternoon… the first strike of the Gringo invasion?

  14. Floyd Looney Says:

    “Lord eVader, the invasion of Haiti has been a complete succes. The only people who know the truth are the Venezuelan government leaders.”

    *loud breathing noises*

    “Excellent. We will deal with Venezuela after we finish off the Iranians’ and their allies the water fairies”

    “Yes master”

    “Prepare to raise taxes and nationalize another bank, my minions”

    *loud breathing noises*

  15. bjohns15 Says:

    What the…

    “Lo que si representa Haití es una posición geográfica clave en el Caribe, en el contexto de una Latinoamérica que está librando los procesos de recuperación de soberanía más importantes desde la Guerra de Independencia.”

    This can be properly defined as an allegation with negative evidence. Stuff like this actually advances any “imperialism” done by the United States because if the latter actually does something, no one will believe the accusers.

  16. Andres F Says:

    That’s why people should not pity him, as he is a clown.

  17. AnonIII Says:

    The best part is that the US is willing to risk the lives of its troops, now in Haiti, by conducting another test this morning. What idiots!

    “Haitians flee in fear as big aftershock hits”

  18. concerned Says:

    Chavez may want to think twice about picking a fight with a country that has the power to control plate tectonics. What a bunch of clowns. You are supposed to pity and support the mentally challenged but there are limits.

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