Planta Centro will not be able to help the Venezuelan electric crisis anytime soon

January 24, 2010

In Corpoelec’s report from late December on the electricity crisis, the first aid to the crisis was supposed to come in February when Planta Centro was supposed to come back online and contribute at least 400 MW to the power grid.  However, today’s El Nacional says that it just will not be ready.

According to a Professor from Simon Bolivar University, the upgrade of the plant is way behind schedule. He says that if Planta Centro alone were up and running with its full 2,000 MW there would not be an electricity crisis.

The overhaul of Unit #1 began seven years ago and are not ready yet, while the original fist phase of Planta Centro from scratch took the same seven years when the plant was built originally in 1978 in the bad old days of the fourth Republic, which is looking better and better everyday.

Planta Centro has 5 unit and are all currently down according to a report from the interconnected system. So, don’t expect any help from this even if Minister Ali Rodriguez chose Planta Centro as his first site visit as Minister of Electricity.


6 Responses to “Planta Centro will not be able to help the Venezuelan electric crisis anytime soon”

  1. Your post is smashing. There are some issues here but don’t have the time right now. I’m bookmarking this and leave this comment to check again later and update my primary comment (this one). By the way i found your blog post as i was quering for relevant subjects in Yahoo

  2. Deckard Cain Says:

    Other sources of energy. Fusion power, for example.

    Our life without petroleum won’t become a hell, it will become a heaven. Petroleum is a very dirty source of energy. It is time for us to try to find another source. Fusion power is an idea. It takes just a little bit of water to make A LOT of energy, enought to sustain even the US for years.

    E=mc<sup>2</sup>… the magic equation… 🙄 😀

    Grow up people. Stop using petroleum. Fusion power will be a very cheap source of energy. It will solve all our environmental and economic problems. We will be able to automate everything and we won’t need to work so much anymore. It will be sweeeeeet… 😎
    Nice buddy but tell me how are r u going to run cars from this magic equation
    u will say that we will we will produce electric energy from fusion/fission
    but will u be able speed your electric car at 90 mph or will it be as convinient
    as todays automobiles?

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  4. I am currently reading it on my Blackberry and will scan it once I get home. I love your site and marketing strategy.

  5. Bois Says:

    The electrical crisis was brought on by poor planning and lack of scheduled maintenance. It is critical for equipment running 24/7 to have preventative maintenance in place to keep the equipment running efficiently and to peak performance.

    Absent of any preventative maintenance programs, PDVSA will be the next to fail. El Palito Refinery is operating at 40% of its capacity. The Paraguana complex has only 3 turnarounds for this year and the Cat cracker it is not operating. Everything is starting to break down and crumble.

    What will happen if the cash cow suddenly stops?

  6. jsb Says:

    Wait, so el nino forced Planta Centro to go offline 7 years ago?

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