Tonight’s baseball game of the final series a hotbed for protests

January 24, 2010

Tonight’s third game of the Magallanes Caracas series became a hot bed for protests, from Chavez Tas Ponchao (Chavez you’ve struck out!) to these people with red muzzles with the RCTV T-shirts. Funny how Venevision barely showed the protest while sports TV station Meridiano showed all the posters and people protesting. Marcel Granier of RCTV today publicly accused Gustavo Cisneros, owner of Venevision, to be in cahoots with Chavez.

Hope the series goes the seven games. Additionally the Caribbean Series will take place in Margarita Island and I hope the protests extends there

19 Responses to “Tonight’s baseball game of the final series a hotbed for protests”

  1. Michel Says:

    “Chavez is the only one who can bring all of his thugs in line. Them without him will only mean complete anarchy.”
    Chaos, anarchy is a type of government.

  2. Megaescualidus Says:

    “There is a Machiavellian move towards Chavismo sin Chavez”

    Chavez is the only one who can bring all of his thugs in line. Them without him will only mean complete anarchy.

    On the other hand and as been said a few times Chavez and his cronies won’t go without a bloody fight. I’m sure some groups have plans for “after Chavez” since them, unlike the opposition, always have a plan, but I don’t think we’ll see “chavismo sin Chavez” in the near future. After all, they have a lot of money and a lot to loose (and more than one may have every once in a while flashbacks of the “witch hunt” that followed the two or three days right after the 11 de abril).

  3. paula h Says:

    noticias 24 link no funciona…
    there are students being killed in Merida…

  4. GWEH Says:

    correction: “…end of the first phase…”

  5. GWEH Says:

    RE: Carrizales and Mata Figueroa:

    This may be the end of the first face of the revolution. There is a Machiavellian move towards Chavismo sin Chavez… Carrizales was his lap dog. Diosdado is trying to call the miliatry shots and at the same time trying to temp one of many conspiracies in the works. Cubans and others meddling too.

  6. GWEH Says:

    Miguel’s blog is monitored daily by the State Department among others and Jackson has many friends in common who provide him with the details. It’s been like this for a long time now. Guys like Jackson have been the target of Chavez-sponsored defamation campaigns in the past. Those campaigns will not work anymore.

    To Eva Golinger: kiss my ass where the sun don’t shine sweetie.

  7. Juancho Says:

    That’s great that Diehl sourced things back here. So you are making a difference, Miguel, and that’s what good journalism is about. Salud, chamo.

    That much said, Diehl still overstated his case. The problem is that while Chavez might get chased out of office once the whole Hugo socialist experiment face plants, but all the incompetant Chavistas are in power now- in industry, oil, communicaations, power, et al – and what do you think the process will be to route them out? It shant be “linda,” as they say.

    Feo, yo pen. Lastima!


  8. Gringo Says:

    The WaPo article that Venezolana brought to our attention has a link back to Devil’s- a video of the three strikes. It is to WaPo’s credit that it uses such reliable information source.

  9. jsb Says:

    Isn’t the student wearing the “T” Julio César Rivas, recently jailed for his opposition protests?

  10. Megaescualidus Says:


    I commend you for your blogging. I’ve been reading your blog for three, perhaps three years. I first advertised it to my wife, who now is an avid reader of you. And, I’ve advertised it to everybody else I can (in Venezuela and abroad) almost at any opportunity I find.

    Once again, thank you for your blogging. I think it is very informative, well researched, and up-to-date with the latest news in Venezuela.

  11. Omar Says:

    And then WAPO finally enters into the devil’s influx….Congrats Miguel for your mention by the WAPO’s Diehl subeditor today…

  12. Kepler Says:

    OK, bravo and all, but why does this bloke with the T on his shirt always have to wear the red handkerchief around his neck?

    Just kidding, just kidding.

  13. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rafael Rojas C, Juan F. Arias and Miguel Octavio, Isaac Garcia. Isaac Garcia said: RT @moctavio: Tonight’s baseball game of the final series a hotbed for protests #freemediave #Venezuela […]

  14. Ricardo Says:

    Miguel, Meridiano showed the protests because they didn’t have a choice. When the “1-2-3 you’re out” chants were in full swing Beto Perdomo had the nerve to say that it was the ‘fanaticada’ asking for a 1-2-3 inning. After this, his coleague came in with one of those gov’t advertisings. Just disgusting. They are a bunch of cowards. Should have just kept their mouths shut.

  15. Humberto Says:

    Love it! Not that I care much about the ball game since my team is not playing. But when the streamed Internet video came in, all I could hear was the anti-Chavez yelling!!!

  16. dillis Says:

    Listening to Granier being interviewed on Globo tonight, you can see why Chavez is scared of someone with his intellect.

    I am pretty sure the people of Margarita will be continuing the protests.

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