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A view into the brain of the “intellectuals” of XXIst. Century Socialism in Venezuela

May 19, 2010

(The wheel according to Venezuela, the wheel according to Giordani)

To those wondering from what cubbyhole of the retrograde telematic world Jorge Giordani, the current Minister of Finance came from, this is a paper circa 1994, maybe 1996 of which he was an author accompanied by Minister of Higher Education Hector Navarro and former Minister of Health Jesus Montilla if my memory serves me right.

The paper is entitled something like ” Science and Technology an alternative proposal” and as you will see its interpretation of history speaks for itself.

But all of a sudden the USSR desintegrated and among the diverse causes of having copied the functional science of the West and not put it at the service of the economy and the basic needs of the population.(sic, what does this sentence say?) Eastern Europe abandoned the route to socialism imposed and now its new rulers tried to impose a market economy. The recent industrial and technological advance of Japan-based on the massive copying of advance technology, a competitive and technocratic education and the harsh treatment of the worker, which is the reason why it can not be a model of high quality of life, but has been imitated later by other Asian countries, presenting themselves today as another neoliberal development style. Socialism maintains itself, with great efforts, in China, where it could end with centuries of hunger and misery, in North Korea which, although isolated and solitary, has managed to have a solid economy (!!!), as well as in Latin America itself, in Cuba, with 30 years of an inhuman economic blockade , but whose achievements in health, education, science and culture are a spine that bothers the power of the North”

There you have it, this is the intellectual depth of analysis of the world situation by Giordani et al. in 1994. A post (any post!!!) in Quico’s, Daniel’s or my blog has more “intellectual” content that this pamphlet. Note that the North Korean famine began in 1995 and lasted until 1997, so much for the “solid” economy of that country. As for Chinese “socialism”. I think I don’t have to explain myself.

This is what the “minds” of Chavismo that control the country’s economy today were thinking 15-16 years ago. Clearly their view of the world is as out of phase today, as it was at the time.

Venezuela’s Foreign Exchange Policy according to Rayma

May 19, 2010