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Democracy, Chavez-style

May 27, 2010

Venezuelan “democracy” reached a new level tonight. While the Venezuelan Constitution says that candidates should be elected, neither Chavez’ PSUV nor the opposition completely follow the law. Both of them reserve some candidacies to buddies, hand out favor, respect regional caudillos and the like.

In Chavez case, he reserves some candidacies to pay back loyalty, as well as having the final say if you don’t get 50% of the primary vote.

Until tonight. Tonight Chavez announced that Isamel Burgos who had won the primary was removed by him personally, because he thinks Burgos is corrupt and immoral and he can not be :blackmailed”, whatever that means. Burgos won District 3 of Barquisimieto with over 4,000 votes and more than 50% of the vote, so there was no reasonable rule that could have replaced him.

Burgos’ crime? That he may not be 100% loyal and trusted. After all, he has been with Chavez “only” 11 years. That appears not to be sufficient.