Tal Cual takes a stand

August 16, 2010

Tal Cual took a stand today, publishing the same picture as El Nacional in teodoro Petkoff’s daily Editorial, called La Fotografia, The Picture.

Will the Government go after him too?

I like these challenges, they upset the Government’s playbook…

8 Responses to “Tal Cual takes a stand”

  1. […] print the picture, while opposition website TalCualDigital (run by Chavez opponent Teodoro Petkoff) printed the same photo. Not entirely sure where I stand on this. Of course, I agree with both Petkoff and El Nacional that […]

  2. loroferoz Says:

    It’s a bit like like the Mohammed’s cartoons situations. But better.

    Tal Cual has played the role of the courageous first who republished the offending material. And furthermore, it has called the government to task on the horrendous situation that gave existence to such horrible images.

  3. Maria Gonzalez Says:

    When I saw the picture this morning I was happy…somebody has the guts to stand against this ridiculous laws. However I knew that the government would react sooner or later…well they already did. If I was responsible for a newspaper in Venezuela I would publish the picture in solidarity with El NAcional and Tal Cual.What would happen if all the newspapers not chavista do the same?

  4. Johndoe Says:

    GWEH; good, ( agree about the “justice served”)

    To me Luis Tascon was very close to Nixon´s old saying:

    Nixon’s had an asshole transplant.” … “It is said the asshole’s rejected him!”

    The difference is that the colon for Luis Tascon was not in the “hospital´s LIST….”

  5. GWEH Says:

    Chacin: brain cancer, too much cell time.

    Tascon: colo-rectal cancer, too much steak!

    Their slow and agonizing deaths is justice served.

  6. Kepler Says:

    OT: does anyone know anything about millionaire rancher and FARC sympathizer Rodríguez Chacín?
    I read he is dying of cancer in his hacienda in Barinas.

  7. island canuck Says:

    I like it too.

    The photo is now all over the Internet news & blog sites.

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