El Nacional goes into censorship mode

August 18, 2010

Using tactics not seen since the dictatorship of Marco Perez Jimenez in the 50’s, today’s El Nacional shows the word “Censored” in each of the pages where it had to remove material because of yesterday’s order by the Judge banning pictures of violent events in order to protect children.

17 Responses to “El Nacional goes into censorship mode”

  1. Gordo Says:

    Why not ban violence from the streets altogether? (This censorship reminds me of the three monkeys: see no evil, hear…..)

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  4. moctavio Says:

    As noted in the post above, Chavez showed very similar images in his Sunday program which is watched by many more children that read El Nacional and he had no qualms about doing it, go stick your hypocrisy and fanatism you know where.

    Right Wing, there is a joke for you. Right wing in Venezuela, the only right wing politician I know is in jail, unfairly so.

  5. To claim that conservatives are “afraid to admit they watch Fox News” in the US is a blatant lie. Fox News is the most watched news channel and poisons the minds of millions, including some of the highest level conservatives in government.

    Claiming that this action is censorship is ludicrous. First of all, the law that forbids such images is a pre-Chavez law (est 1998)! Second, the media outlets know the law and have the options to a) chose to comply with it, b) work within the democratic system to get the law changed by legal means, or c) break the law and face the consequences. They chose c).

    Finally, it is rather telling that the images were so disturbing that, during a story condemning the government for censorship on this issue, CNN itself refused to show the image!

    The right-wing is so blinded by its own lies it has absolutely no objectivity. I find it particularly ironical double-speak to cry foul about censoring the reporting of violence while at the same time stating “the time for real justice will come” implying that a right-wing revolution will bring the left to account with “real justice.” After the 20th century experiences of fascism we know all too well what that means, don’t we Eduardo?

  6. Eduardo Says:

    They should add, below “CENSURADO”, the name of the judge, and the date of the resolution.

    Time for real justice will come.

  7. GWEH Says:

    Mega, Oliver recibio $20M USD as down payment.

  8. Nit the Picker Says:

    “For the next four weeks, no newspaper, magazine or weekly of the country can publish images that are violent, bloody, GROTESQUE, whether about crime or not”

    If I worked at El National, instead of a simple “Censurado” sign, I would post, under any news concerning the government, an empty space with the sign: “This space would have contained picture of Chavez, but it was censored due to the grotesque nature of the person.”

  9. megaescualidus Says:


    Oliver Stone would only comment if paid to comment. That’s how it works with him.

  10. Gordo Says:

    I bet its ok for cable tv to display blood and shotting and killing on movies and regular tv programs!

  11. gd Says:

    I would love to get a comment on this from Oliver Stone…

  12. megaescualidus Says:

    Those who still doubt the Venezuelan Government is a dictatorship may now want to reconsider.

  13. Roy Says:

    When any government starts this sorts of blatant censorship, brutal repression is just around the corner.

    Hold on, it is going to be a bumpy ride!

    And, I agree with Island Canuck. The folks at El Nacional deserve a lot of respect for taking a stand and putting themselves at high personal risk.

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  15. firepigette Says:

    Sorry I am reposting as I posted on the worng thread:

    One common factor authoritarians use to excuse themselves to the public, is calling on false ethics whether it be equal opportunities( fairness doctrine in the media) or the protection of the innocent.Many who are prone to a false sense of guilt( stemming from a sneaky desire to look good in the eyes of others), will kowtow to these authoritarian calls.

    Here in the US many hate Fox News and all the wildly popular radio talk show hosts, as well as anyone who listens to these “unapproved” sources of news.That in itself is okay.We are entitled to our feelings.But there is so much propaganda on this issue with the intention of silencing opposition, that even conservatives are afraid to admit watching Fox News in many circles.

    MSNBC’s Ed Schultz has been calling for the “Fairness Doctrine,” because he wants government to level the playing field

    Sounds like Mr. Schultz would be VERY comfortable living in Venezuela…

    Remember that we need the guaranty of equal opportunity ,AND FREEDOM TO EXPRESS, but nobody but an authoritarian can guarantee an equal result!

  16. island canuck Says:

    Jau – It won’t take a week.

    The other major papers should all do the same in support.

    The owners of El Nacional are in for the same treatment as the owners of Globo. I give them great credit for their balls.

  17. JAU Says:

    I bet BsF 10 (a fortune) that a judge will censor the word censored within a week

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