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Exposing Hugo Chavez’ Lies: No Gain But Loss In The Minimum Salary

April 26, 2011

While this will make little difference, using BCV statistics, Hugo Chavez’ lies are simply exposed. Below, I show a plot a graph of inflation (Blue Line) normalized to when Hugo Chavez took over in 1999 and I compare it to the minimum salary, also normalized,  at exactly the same time (red line):

In fact, despite the oil windfall, accumulated inflation has been higher than the growth in the minimun salary, which does not even take into account how the inflation numbers are being manipulated. In the boom days of 2008, salaries managed to stay ahead, but right now, there is no “redistribution”, no gain by the average Venezuelan via the minimum salary, despite Chavez outrageous, unethical and lying claims today.

Of course, few people will see this graph, compared to Chavez’ big lie on nationwide TV (previous post). What a farce!

Hugo, you big liar!

How many lies can you catch in this Chavez speech on the minimum salary?

April 26, 2011

Amazing video in which Chavez shows how he has incrased minimum salary without adjusting for inflation. Salary has not kept up with inflation. He even shows it from way before he became President to insure he will look even better.

He says he is distributing things better.

He then proceeds to say that there were more resources before he got to power. Never mind oil from $12 to $100.

Then the usual BS about oligarchy, the gringoes, etc.

Then he talks about how wonderful things are with his pension increases and salary increases and how bad things are abroad.

Just lie, after lie. Count them!