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An Incredible Example Of Chavista Justice At Its Most Efficient Best

April 8, 2011

Chavista Justice moves in mysterious ways. While tens of thousands of prisoners are held in jail for years without the processes against them moving forward, others move speedily and efficiently thru the complicated maze of procedures, regulations, norms and laws, when the Government so desires.

Imagine this case from real life:

On Aug. 19th. of 2010 a person was detained.

The next day, Aug. 20th., all of the following took place:

-The Prosecutors went to a Judge in Caracas requesting something from it, related to the detention the prior day.

-The Judge admitted the request and ordered that a copy of his decision be sent to the Venezuelan Supreme Court

-That same day, the General prosecutor prepared her response to the case and sent it to the Supreme Court.

-That same day, the Venezuelan Supreme Court reviewed the case file, which is composed of thousands of pages.

-That same day, a Justice of the same Supreme Court elaborated a sentence made up of 138 pages.

-That 138 page project was then distributed that same day, fortunately all of the Justices were at the Supreme Court that day and had time to review and study the case and the 138 page decision.

-That same day, the Justices agreed on the proposed sentence, making it final.

-The decision was published that very same day in the webpage of the Venezuelan Supreme Court.

Of course, imagine in between, that thousands of copies had to be made of everything, papers sent from one place to the other, relevant laws checked for consistency, prior cases and sentences reviewed etc.

The case?

Of course, it was the Makled case, who was detained the previous day in Colombia, and in less than 24 hours Venezuela’s “Speedy Gonzalez” Justice made sure that its request for extradition of the drug kingpin was filed ahead of that of the US request. For the simple reason that Makled knows too much. He rose too fast, protected by the military and the Government. He is a crook, but so are all of his Chavista cronies, so they had to make sure he was sent to Venezuela to protect everyone. It was too costly for Makled to go to the US.

Now, just wait for his videos…