An Incredible Example Of Chavista Justice At Its Most Efficient Best

April 8, 2011

Chavista Justice moves in mysterious ways. While tens of thousands of prisoners are held in jail for years without the processes against them moving forward, others move speedily and efficiently thru the complicated maze of procedures, regulations, norms and laws, when the Government so desires.

Imagine this case from real life:

On Aug. 19th. of 2010 a person was detained.

The next day, Aug. 20th., all of the following took place:

-The Prosecutors went to a Judge in Caracas requesting something from it, related to the detention the prior day.

-The Judge admitted the request and ordered that a copy of his decision be sent to the Venezuelan Supreme Court

-That same day, the General prosecutor prepared her response to the case and sent it to the Supreme Court.

-That same day, the Venezuelan Supreme Court reviewed the case file, which is composed of thousands of pages.

-That same day, a Justice of the same Supreme Court elaborated a sentence made up of 138 pages.

-That 138 page project was then distributed that same day, fortunately all of the Justices were at the Supreme Court that day and had time to review and study the case and the 138 page decision.

-That same day, the Justices agreed on the proposed sentence, making it final.

-The decision was published that very same day in the webpage of the Venezuelan Supreme Court.

Of course, imagine in between, that thousands of copies had to be made of everything, papers sent from one place to the other, relevant laws checked for consistency, prior cases and sentences reviewed etc.

The case?

Of course, it was the Makled case, who was detained the previous day in Colombia, and in less than 24 hours Venezuela’s “Speedy Gonzalez” Justice made sure that its request for extradition of the drug kingpin was filed ahead of that of the US request. For the simple reason that Makled knows too much. He rose too fast, protected by the military and the Government. He is a crook, but so are all of his Chavista cronies, so they had to make sure he was sent to Venezuela to protect everyone. It was too costly for Makled to go to the US.

Now, just wait for his videos…

22 Responses to “An Incredible Example Of Chavista Justice At Its Most Efficient Best”

  1. GeorgeS Says:

    There is no innocent until proven guilty in Venezuela. If you are Chavista you are innocent. If Chavez wants it you are guilty, And in any case, even if no Court has said you are guilty, you can be stopped from running for President, ask Leopoldo Lopez.

    In any case, innocent until proven guilty does not mean you can not use logic and intelligence to evaluate things and have your own opinion. It is indeed a sytupid argument.

    Miguel, you forgot Antonini, under this argument, he is innocent of carrying 800,000 dollars in a suitcase. It must be that CADIVI liked him.

  2. moctavio Says:

    Makled and his relationship to Casas de Bolsa?

    What did you drink this morning? His dealings were with banks, one bank even was fined 15 million dollars in the US for dealing with Makled.

    And Venezuela’s GDP in one trillion Bs.

    The US? When did I ever say that?

    Funny how you use the stupid “everyone is innocent…” whenever it is convenient. Hitler was innocent then, so was Stanford who has yet to be tried but 8 billion dollars dissappeared, the cocaine in Makled’s farm must be fake and planted and the fact that three countries are arguing for him must be just that the guy is a Saint. And he became a multimillionaire in six years though hard work.

    Makled, Fernadez Barruecos, Arne Chacon and Google, the fastest growing enterprises by earnings in the world in the last decade.

    Y las brujas vuelan…but there has been no trial to prove it.

  3. Pygmalion Says:

    So far none of these people has been sentenced in a tribunal ergo they are still innocent in the eyes of the law. This is reality and it does not matter what any of us think.

    Be patient and all will be revealed. Makled and his dealing with the Casas de Bolsa, for example. Any inside information on this, Miguel, as you are or were the oracle on this before moving to the US.

    BTW are you talking about a trillion with 18 ceros or 24 ceros? Big difference you know. I’m happy with $300 billion GDP and rising sharply along with the oil price. Thanks to the attack on Libya.

  4. loroferoz Says:

    That’s the fastest speed attainable in politics. When lawful processes, periods and the rest have ceased to Matter and Weigh and a file of the size of Makled’s becomes Massless. Then it seems to All Observers, government, opposition or neutral, to move at

    c, The indecent speed of cover-up…

    Not exclusive to Venezuela. Something like that happened when they wanted to nail Julian Assange’s behind.

  5. Carla Says:

    Let’s see, 400 Kilos of cocaine are found at Makled’s farm, who happens to be the owner of an airline concessionare of the ports in Pto. Cabello and the main distributor of acetone, a key component in cocaine manufacturing. Venezuela, the US and Colombia consider him to be one of the biggest drug traffickers in the world. In fact both Venezuela and the US want him extradited and provide the evidence and Colombia, can’t help but approve it.

    Yeah, innocent until proven what?

  6. Additionally, yo are the one that said here the Casa de Bolsa and the buildesr were all guilty of fraud, why the double standard.

    Oh! I know, you are a Chavista trying to sound civilized.

    Yo cant fool us.

  7. Pygmallion: Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, ja<ja

    So is Fernandez Barruecos

    and Arne Chacon

    BTW Venezuela's GGP is one trillion Bolivars

  8. A_Antonio Says:

    Pig, we are civilized, but not damage, Makled confess all ready in Colombia and declere it to the newspapers. So if He is considering himself guilty, Who are we to thinking other way? Except if we are all blind and deaf.

  9. Pygmalion Says:

    If we are all civilized people on this blog perhps we should consider that Makled is innocent until proven guilty.

    Posada Carriles was proven to be innocent the other day in the USA so nothing is impossible.

  10. maria gonzalez Says:

    It is not sad that such a criminal as Makled is getting so much attention? What is wrong with this picture? I just hope that he does not get by with only a minimal jail sentence because he is willing to talk about all the other criminals that help him along the way.

    …but sadly I do not think that my wishes will become reality 😦

    Que cuerda de desgraciados!

  11. island canuck Says:

    They may know but what is much more important is that names are named & evidence made public.
    If he arrives in Venezuela that will all disappear.

  12. TechJetSet Says:

    should have said, “would not have been” extradited. TOO MUCH COFFEE!

  13. TechJetSet Says:

    Believe me, all of the information Makled has, has already been extracted. Otherwise he would be extradited. CIA or DEA has all the information they need. No country would hand anything, or anyone, over to the “Republic”, without having used up what they needed.

  14. deananash Says:

    George, I’ll take the bet. He’s going to America. They want the ammunition against Chavez. Whatever it costs to get him will be worth it for America, and of course, for Chavez. America has deeper pockets.

  15. George Says:


  16. Glenn Says:

    You can bet that Makled has been wheeling and dealing with the US Prosecutors and CIA and whoever else is worried about Venezuela. I expect reams of documents and hours of videos to come out when the time is right, no matter where he ends up. A wikileak would be nice in about 6 months.

  17. Tambopaxi Says:

    Sorry, too hasty, erratum on second-to-last line; it should read “….I wouldn’t be surprised….”

  18. Tambopaxi Says:

    My bet is that USG reps have been intensively interviewing Makled with GOC permission, if not assistance. They’ll wring this guy for everything he knows. In exchange, I’d guess that Makled’s extracted some sort of deal to protect himself against Chavez y cia, should he end up in Venezuela. Absent some sort of protection mechanism, I would be surprised if Mr. Makled were to have a sudden – and fatal – accident upon his arrival back in Chavezlandia…

  19. m_astera Says:

    Reminds me of the Patriot Act in the USA. All 342 pages of it were written and ready to go in advance of 9/11, and it was voted and approved, unread, five minutes after it was introduced.

  20. Bloody Mary Says:

    You must be kidding:
    Luisa Estella Inmorales is more “jodida” than Jack Bauer. Sorry for the bas joke, but this facts cannot be taken seriously for those who know the Venezuelan Juditial System….

  21. island canuck Says:

    I’ve always believed that Colombia would never send Makled to Chavez. He knows too much & can damage his highness in an election year. It’s better he’s in the USA singing like a canary.

    If Makled does reach Venezuela it will be interesting to see how fast he disappears & his case put on the back burner forever (or until the high lord is gone. The TRUTH will never be made public. No heads will fall. What we need is continuing smoke & mirrors.

  22. Roberto N Says:

    This might shed some light on what could happen:

    Are we seeing a “Bogota Two Step” here.

    Perhaps this is the way Santos gets to excuse himself if Makeld ends up in Manhattan?

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