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Venezuelan Opposition Politician Sentenced to Two Years in Jail For Giving “False Information”

July 13, 2011

Tonight, former Presidential candidate and Governor of Zulia, Oswaldo Alvarez Paz, was sentenced to two years in prison (Not clear how he will serve it!) for giving “false information” in a TV program. Much like Francisco Uson, the former General and Minister of Finance, who was sentenced to five years in prison for suggestion in TV that some soldiers had been killed by a flame thrower, Alvarez Paz is sentenced for saying something the UN says. (And so says the US, which directly involves leading Chavista Generals and even Chavez’ brother)

But if you get in Chavez’ eyesight, there is no chance you will get Justice in Venezuela. Alvarez Paz was stating the obvious, not lying, but in the worst case, he was giving an opinion, something guaranteed by the Venezuelan Constitution.

Come on, if you are talking about giving false information, all of Chavez’ entourage should go to jail. The President of the National Assembly said in early June that if Chavez had cancer, he would be the first to tell the country. Jose Vicente Rangel said the President is in good health and he will return whenever he feels like it. Then last weekend, Jose Vicente said that Chavez does not need chemotherapy. But Chavez himself said last night the tumor he had was the size of a baseball and he will need either chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

So much for Chavista veracity!

But, of course, these are all of the President’s buddies and they will not be accused of anything, even if they have been lying through their teeth all along. Chavez has been sick since March and even today, we are not being told the truth.

Talk about lying! These guys should get life in prison, because they know the real prognosis and it’s worse than we are being told, much worse.

But that is another post.

But all of this is not about Justice. This is about revenge. This is about hate. If Chavez could turn on Uson, a man that served him well, but one day decided he had had enough. Or Raul Baduel, another loyal buddy that Chavez decided to punish, despite Baduel saving Chavez’ presidency in 2002.

Why Alvarez Paz?

Who knows! Chavez’ convoluted mind is like that. Maybe because Alvarez was Governor at the time of the coup and convinced Arias Cardenas to give up (While Chavez failed…) Maybe Alvarez looks too oligarchic. Whatever the case may be, today was Alvarez Paz’ turn.

Just hope tomorrow will not be yours. Chavez’ is an inefficient Dictatorship. Not all enemies are treated equally. Just pray he will not set his sight on you or whatever part of everyday life you lead in Venezuela.

If he does, expect the worst, even if there is no reason for it.