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Chavez’ Government Shows its Total Lack of Compassion on the Issue of Sick Prisoners

July 19, 2011

Compassion. If there is a single word I would ask from a Government, it is that, compassion. Sounds simple, but a Government that shows compassion, has it easy after that. Everything follows down from it. From being practical, to human rights, to trying to do what it is best for the people, it only takes one word: COMPASSION.

And Chavez, trapped in the labyrinth of his illness, showed he had none, whether he was talking about political prisoners or not. And neither did the General Prosecutor or the President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court.

For Chavez, this was not about responding perhaps to his buddy’s Chomsky request for compassion with another intromission with the judicial power. No, he could have, for example, pardoned those involved, he was pardoned and he had over two hundred deaths on his back, after the ’92 coup. Thus he knows exactly what it means. But pardoning anyone has never been part of his Presidency, he has shown no compassion, for friends and foe alike, even for his daughter’s Godfather. On the contrary, he has shown a remarkable thirst for revenge.

Bur rather than call for expediency in having those ill be given conditional freedom to get treatment, Chavez could have raised hell because under his rule, under the Government he has presided for over twelve years, prisoners, whether political or not, should be allowed to seek medical treatment. Because, even when this is allowed, a member of the Venezuelan Supreme Court tells us, that there are no resources to provide the transportation. So, prisoners are stuck in revolutionary hell, they are usually not allowed to seek treatment, and if they are, there are no resources to guarantee safe transport for them. Thus, the choice is simple, let them sink in the hell of their prison and the hell of their illnes and the which Venezuela has become.

Because clearly, if there is no compassion from the “leader”, there will be nothing from those below.

Like the General Prosecutor, who “proposes” to create a “commission” to analyze what benefits may or not be given to prisoners (Did she really say “political prisoners”, how political incorrect can she be?). How long will this “commission” take to analyze? How long will they take to decide?

Contrast that with the speed and resources devoted to treating, curing and saving a single patient, their own demi-God and benefactor: Hugo Chavez Frias.

Where was this person been since she became General Prosecutor three years ago? Did she even know this was a problem, or did she simply not care? Is she proud of the disastrous prison system that she presides over, as the person in control of who gets accused or not?

No, she simply lacks compassion…

The same way that the President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court dares to say she is “reviewing” the files of those prisoners who are sick, because the Dictator, or her Dictator, Hugo Chavez asked?

As President of the Court, she should understand what system she presides over and ask for both Justice and compassion for all Venezuelans. But she was too busy, approving for herself and buddies in the Court, some six to seven times the minimum salary in monthly food tickets to bypass Chavez’ law which caps salaries at all levels of Government. These salaried revolutionaries are certainly a piece of work, worried about their rich bellies, but not about the revolution and the moral ideals iclaims to stand for.

And finally we ask, since we talk about compassion and the protection of the people. Where the hell is the “People’s Ombudsman”?¬† This position was created precisely to have an independent body that would watch out for the average Venezuelan. To ask that their rights be respected, including all of those rights contemplated in the Bolivarian Constitution of 2000. This is Chavez’ creation, where is she?

I have no idea, but I know she does not have the most basic belief and instinct she needs in her job: Compassion.

The problem with the Chavista revolution¬† is that while all of its wishes, deeds and resources are being overwhelmingly directed to the preservation of their leaders’ health, the revolution has been shown, once again, to not have the most basic elements of compassion to lead Venezuelans anywhere.

And they still don’t get it…