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The Arrogance of Chavez’ Foreign Advisers

December 18, 2011

Juan Carlos Monedero spews out his brand of revolutionary BS for Madrid’s ABC newspaper

The paid ideologues and advisers of the revolution, like Juan Carlos Monedero above,  are truly arrogant and superficial. After a decade of living off the failed revolution, this is all they can say about what has happened in Venezuela. Some random choices with my comments:

-Chavez has learned to think for himself.

Really? When did this miracle take place? Last Year? Does it mean he no longer needs you? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, he should have been able to think by himself before he got to power rather than learn on the job, screwing up everthing?

-A large part of the budget has been devoted to opening schools so that people can think on their own.

Funny, the record of building schools by the Chavez Government is simply dismal compared to that of the failed IVth. Republic, where did the money go?

-The advance in social terms is spectacular.

Really? Spectacular? Where? Did you read Luis Pedro España’s book on poverty in Chavez’ first ten years? And why didn’t you answer the question about the money? To compare Mexico with Venezuela just because they produce oil is simply ignorant and evasive. Why not Nigeria? Did you also advise Mexico?

-UNESCO has declared Venezuela as a territory free of illiteracy.

Jeez, you still believe that BS? You are “critical” about the world, but have failed to note that illiteracy was not high to begin with in Venezuela and that there was never any such Unesco certification? Have you ever seen this link? Or is this one more official for you? Unesco gives no such certifications! Or have you ever read Francisco Rodriguez’ work? Or you are just not that “critical”?

-The largest indices of crime are in Central America and Mexico, not in Venezuela.

Again, the question was about Venezuela, the country that pays your vacations, not about Mexico or where are  the largest rates of crime. When Chavez got to power Venezuela was not even in the radar in the top ten of crime in the world, now we compete with those countries you mention. You say ten years is not enough, sorry it took ten years to get us to where we are in crime.

-The Bolivarian Government has preferred to pay with high inflation than with 5 million people without jobs like in Spain with low inflation.

Truly pathetic, we have both, high inflation and half the work force does not have formal jobs. Have you ever thought about the effect of high inflation on the poor? You clearly have no clue.

-(Chavez’ Government) needs more time to solve the historical structural problems , linked to corruption, inefficiency and the rentist culture and clientelism as a way of life.

You must be kidding me? Chavez’ Government has promoted corruption, inefficiencies and has been the champion of enhancing the rentist culture to say nothing of clientelism.

With advisers like this, no wonder Chavez has taken it upon himself to begin to think on his own.