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Where in The World is Hugo?

December 23, 2011

The Mercosur Summit ended three days ago. Everyone left. The question is: Where in the world is Hugo Chavez?

There was no “arrival” of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. No announcement. No shots or video of the President arriving. Nobody has seen him since.

So, where is he? And is this anyway to run a country?

He is likely in Cuba getting treatment. He went to Uruguay not only to try to get Venezuela admitted as a full member of Mercosur, but also as a way of going to Cuba via the back door.

We will likely “hear” from him on Christmas Day, but unless he returns before Sunday or he left a video, we are unlikely to see the Venezuelan President until next week after treatment.

Some doctors had predicted this trip, but as most things surrounding Chavez, we may never know.

Such are the ways of the revolution!