Where in The World is Hugo?

December 23, 2011

The Mercosur Summit ended three days ago. Everyone left. The question is: Where in the world is Hugo Chavez?

There was no “arrival” of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. No announcement. No shots or video of the President arriving. Nobody has seen him since.

So, where is he? And is this anyway to run a country?

He is likely in Cuba getting treatment. He went to Uruguay not only to try to get Venezuela admitted as a full member of Mercosur, but also as a way of going to Cuba via the back door.

We will likely “hear” from him on Christmas Day, but unless he returns before Sunday or he left a video, we are unlikely to see the Venezuelan President until next week after treatment.

Some doctors had predicted this trip, but as most things surrounding Chavez, we may never know.

Such are the ways of the revolution!

43 Responses to “Where in The World is Hugo?”

  1. deananash Says:

    Sadly, too many of you don’t get it. Now, as I tell my students: Pay attention, because I could be wrong, I’m often wrong. So don’t trust me, THINK!

    Castro has been dead for nearly 40 years. I know, because Miami’s Cubans kept telling me his demise was imminent. Too bad they were wrong.

    I’m not saying that he doesn’t have cancer, nor that it isn’t terminal. But if Chavez doesn’t have anything seriously wrong with him, well, this hoax fits perfectly with the Castro style of doing things. Like I said, don’t trust me, read your history books.

    Would Chavez go this far (faking a terminal illness) to retain power? You bet your life.

    That said, I truly wish him Godspeed to his eternal destination.

  2. Kepler Says:

    Guys, does anyone – fat chance – kept Hugo’s message in her/his mobile?
    If so: please, take a snapshot and send it to me. It’s to document Big Little Hugo, will send it to journos, etc

  3. island canuck Says:

    He just showed up on cadena.

    The question is – Is it live or pre-recorded??

  4. Carolina Says:

    Here is a new one: a couple of friends received a spam text message in their cell phones wishing them a merry christmas….from Hugo Chavez. The number it came from was private.

    • liz Says:

      Carolina, I used to get those messages in my cantv email account, some years ago. It turns out, that was a crazy acquaintance of mine…

      • island canuck Says:

        i received one too & it’s being reported that Digitel & Mobilnet users have received the message.

        Too bad there is no reply function.

        It reads …full of joy, justice & social equality. Merry Christmas companeras y companeros. Hugo Chavez

        What a crock you stupid AH! I hope you don’t make it through New Year’s.

    • ErneX Says:

      Search on Twitter, a lot of people have been receiving this.

  5. Charly Says:

    Where is Waldo?

  6. CharlesC Says:

    Maybe visiting N. Korea.
    at last he gets to see Kim.
    Or maybe -for a surprise visit to Mugabe.
    Nothing like Christmas festivities in Zimbabwe..
    So many parties for Chavez,but of course,
    nothing compares to Cuba.

  7. G.W.E.H. Says:

    the Bolivarian regime is going Egypt (and maybe Syria) on you guys

  8. Deanna Says:

    This is exactly what Chavez wants the country to be doing: keep wondering where he is and what he’s doing, and they won’t worry about the real situation facing Venezuelans. Keeps him in the limelight. Smart move!!!

    • G.W.E.H. Says:

      more than keeps him in the limelight, Confusion is a control mechanism. But in this case, he’s in a bind and a jam. His actions are being dictated by the urgency of the situation.

      Miguel, did you finish the book by Dr Post on terminally-ill leaders?

  9. Carolina Says:

    Nah. He is vacationing a little in La Orchila before coming back to start the Christmas give away.

  10. concerned Says:

    He shaved his hair last time. It did not fall out from chemo, so the hair growing back offers no clues to any puzzle.

    I think everyone would agree that he is nuts, but he feels he is above the law and therefore doesn’t have to answer to anyone where he goes or what he does. Why start now?

    • Ira Says:

      Why in the world would he shave his hair unless he was losing it because of chemo?

      Sorry, but your analysis doesn’t cut the mustard:

      He denies having a terminal disease, so it makes no sense for him to shave his head to look like he does, nor disappear without explanation.

      Some things are just what they are, and in Ch
      avez’s case, he’s dying.

  11. CarlosElio Says:

    Let’s try to look at this, as Kepler looked at Tycho’s data: “with understanding” The president of a country skips class and goes incognito for a few days. Nobody is supposed to note this shenanigan. We go about life normal, paying taxes to a government who knows nothing about where the decider that counts is hiding. That’s totally absurd. So the question is What set of values would lead someone of such notoriety to behave like a little kid? My educated guess is that the guy is seriously impaired in his judgments. Things are a little jumbled up where his cognition is supposed to reside. The guy is in the middle of a war. Enemies are everywhere. He needs absolute allegiance but cannot trust any one because the enemy is very smart and can plant spies anywhere. Any piece of information can be used by the enemy, so they must do things in secret. And that silly children’s play has thrown the nation in the turmoil created when children play games in the name of the authority and we must put up with that tasteless joke.

    • CharlesC Says:

      He’s a “secret Santa”-just got the info from Wikileaks.
      Christmas News: Breaking News: WikiLeaks Reveals Secret Santas.

    • Ira Says:

      The reason that this is such a good analysis is that Chavez hasn’t behaved like he always behaves, indicating the severity of his illness.

      Granted, he supposedly called Obama a “clown” a few days ago in response to Obama’s accusations in an interview that called out his (Chavez’s) nefarious allies, but was Chavez’s retort recorded, or just “reported?”

      All I’m saying is that the old Hugo we all know would always be seen on TV, acting the REAL clown himself, accusing everyone of everything. And that’s simply now we’re seeing these days.

      It looks more and more like we will see NOTHING of Chavez in the upcoming election…his ignorant sycophants will still vote for the dead man walking…and the Chavistas will steal the election anyway:

      Because of course, if Jimmy Carter is there to monitor the elections, how could they be corrupt? (I’m about to vomit from this sarcasm of mine!)

      I feel good about this all, though. I really think the nightmare is coming to end:

      DIng, dong–the wicked witch will soon be dead.

  12. Kepler Says:

    Chavez’s hair is growing. He looks bloated, but his hair is definitely growing. Would he let it grow if he knew a new radiation row were coming? I don’t
    really know.

    • gweh Says:

      it’s low dosage chemo to prolong (and not cure *by miracle*). He made the right call IMO

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      It may already be too late for further radiation treatments. If you recall the point made by Mr. Noriega a few months back, Chavez’s cancer may already have metastasized and thus the condition is hopeless. We have no way of knowing what the real truth is outside of the rumor mill. But, logically, if there were still a chance of survival, another Cuban-based chemotherapy treatment would certainly be in order. So, if Chavez does show-up in front of the camera’s in a few weeks with hair still growing, the prognosis could be terminal. This is so very bizarre.

  13. CharlesC Says:

    Actually, seriously-the fact that the Leader of a country is “missing”
    is very unusual, not to mention, illegal.
    This is really crazy. Impossible as well.
    Somebody knows.El pueblo may start to mourn…?

  14. If I allow to quote myself

    “it will slow down some as Chavez will use the holidays to get more secretive therapy,”

    Let’s face it Miguel, the guy is becoming predictable 🙂

    Did you see that he allowed a journalist in his plane for an interview and thus we have the first official pictures of his luxury plane since he bought it in 2003?

  15. ramon Says:

    I wonder if it would be chemo though. The reason I say that is that if he was having another round….why would he let his hair grow out these last month? Wouldn’t it just fall out again? If so that would be a thing to watch for or a dead giveaway of more treatment?

  16. Dr. Faustus Says:

    This easily reminds one of the Soviet Union during the the early 80’s. First it was Yuri Andropov and his failing liver. Pravda and Izvestia simply ignored the questions about the health of the Russian First Secretary of the Communist Party. Then came Chernenko. His bloated face and doddering demeanor was less easy to hide. For him it was merely a matter of months. But,…nobody knew for sure.

    Within two to three weeks Chavez will be forced to make a public appearance. Changes in his physical appearance might not be discernable at first, but will over time. Anything related to chemotherapy is nasty stuff. The truth will eventually come out. If it is Venezuela’s version of the “Big Lie,” it will be fascinating to note how the media and public react to it.

  17. Wanley Says:

    To continue treatment, if he was completely cured before, now he will be extra cured. 🙂
    And to be scolded and consoled for the “papelon” in Mercour.

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