Chavez’s Non-Endorsement of Diosdado Cabello

January 17, 2012

During Chavez’ last State of the Union address, I heard him say that he was not in favor of Diosdado Cabello becoming Head of the National Assembly, that he favored Soto Rojas for a second year in the Assembly’s Presidency, but that “discussions” led to Diosdado being named.

Say what?

Is that a Freudian slip, a parapraxis, a manifestation that Hugo is no longer Hugo?

Isn’t he the all powerful, all-mighty, who decides even whether there will be a devaluation? (Yes, there wasn’t one, but it was recommended)

So, Hugo, can you tell us who supported Diosdado? Was it the same people that supported Rangel Silva? Clearly you and the Cubans lost, but can you tell us something more? What is going in Chavismo when the anti-Cuban, pro-business, pro-shady deals faction wins?


6 Responses to “Chavez’s Non-Endorsement of Diosdado Cabello”

  1. CharlesC Says:

    Chavez makes it clear (sometimes)what Chavez wants, but,
    I am extremely tired and bored to hear what Chavez wants and
    when he wants and how he wants it.
    What I want is completely different and what I don’t want is
    anymore Chavez.No Cabello. No Rangel, No Castro. No nada
    from these cavemen.

  2. CharlesC Says:

    Cabello is nothing more than “Chavez’s waterboy”.
    Another caveman on a caveman team.

  3. Juan Cristóbal Nagel Says:

    Good catch!

  4. Alexander Says:

    Well this is a old conspiracy theory, Diosdado happens to be one of the most loyal Chavez camarade. We all remember 11 April 2011, when the April coup d etate Cabello was VicePresident, he kept loyal ut to the last second when lot of chavistas have ” saltaron la talanquera” . Diosdado represents today a big icon from revolution, accordingly with many chronicler from the bolivarian revolution Diosdado is a rich man, owner of this and that, If keeps low profile, chroniclers write that Chavez punished, something similar when Stalin sent some of his aids to Siberia, and when he reappear is due to Chavez wishes. Chavez enjoys entertaining opposition, commentators foreign and locals, this one is tight related to the most favorite one conspiracy theory: Chavez CA.

  5. captainccs Says:

    “parapraxis” — I love it when they send me off to a dictionary. A slip of the tongue… if he would only slip on a concha de mango and…

    sapitosetty may have a point, a well calculated slip of the tongue. It was as similar slip that got the PDVSA crew to go on strike and get itself fired. Chavez is a Wily Coyote. Beware!

  6. sapitosetty Says:

    I know you’re just making fun, but recall that Chavez is mostly a politician. He’s in it to win it. Right now, he is in the “moderate democratic accepting tolerant” Chavez mode. Expect Judge Afiuni to be out before the election, big celebrations of expanded social security, maybe even more home-turf debates with members of the opposition. So his line in the speech about “discussions” may have just been a line in a speech.

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