How To Interfere With The Capriles Campaign In Ten Commandments » capriles

3 Responses to “capriles”

  1. Jose Ricardo Thomas Says:

    Yo indicaria a uno que otro militante a que responda al insulto de Pre majunche con Pre difunto. 😉

  2. Ximena saizar Says:

    What else can this sobs do….?….these.animals behave like they are in the jungle..and most of these so call humans belong there in the forest, jungle….it is sickening the lack of respect that these things have with or to Venezuela, short time ago, these orders were made verbally not written…now, they do not care at all…their are printed handed by hand, with the utmost feeling of regret far, far away….it has to come a time, do hope, in a short period, that the cockies change of hand…then we will see what and h ow we will take careof the situation…

  3. sincero Says:

    The handwriting is on the wall. They are running scared and will try every dirty trick short of good government to win. If they do, we will deserve another 6 years of dreadful non achievements and increasing powerlessness of the people to do their own thing.

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