How To Interfere With The Capriles Campaign In Ten Commandments

June 1, 2012

So, the democratic campaign of Hugo Chavez has issued these “Ten Commandments” to orient people on what to do if the “ultra right wing” candidate Capriles dares to visit you.

You can , for example (Commandment #1) coordinate sports, cultural or social activities to compete with Capriles’ visit.

or, you can use Government resources to have a National ID campaign (Commandment #2) that same day, once again, the idea is not have people show up at Capriles’ rally.

Better yet, you can have an “open air” Mercal, selling cheap produce purchased by the Government (Commandment #3), as the text says: “This activity “captures” a large segment of the population”. Of course, people are scraping by in the revolution.

Then there is Commandment #4, which is somewhat cryptic: “Coordinate with the Francisco de Miranda Front (Chavez campaign organization) and with the Socialist Youth, “political agitation activities”. I am not sure what those activities are, but it does not sound like they will hold a mass or anything like that.

Some of the rest are somewhat lame, like placing women in places to tell Capriles they would vote for him if he had not “take over” the Cuban Embassy in 2002 (which is a lie) or if he had not participated in the “coup” against Chavez in 2002. Or to place people in strategic places to chant: ” Capriles Fascista, Oligarca Imperialista”

But the true Jewel in the commandments is the tenth:

“Provoke situations of political agitation with the security personnel and the bodyguards of the “majunche” candidate”

And then, there is the note:

“All of these activities will be backed by fellow countrymen of alternative media, independent reporters  (??)and members of the national public media (read: Government media). As well as intelligence organizations of the State which will be there dressed as civilians”

As you can see, democracy is truly sick in Venezuela, with the Government using resources, whether they are imported food, Government media outlets, intelligence officers to interfere with the oppositions campaign.

It is indeed the revolution without scruples.

And the worst part, we are all paying for all of this.

74 Responses to “How To Interfere With The Capriles Campaign In Ten Commandments”

  1. moctavio Says:

    You know so much, I am soo impressed. PSF^3

  2. Hi NET,
    also check for the beads, or the bracelet of Obatala on the left wrist.
    If you catch their eye, say bendicion.
    If they’re Santero/a they’ll respond Santo.

  3. firepigette Says:

    As for the Alliance of politics and religion:

    When people are all about strategy for getting what they want, tactics change according to circumstance.
    It is hard for many people to uphold a set of principles when faced with loss.

    Even established, and recognized organizations suffer from this weakness and are subject to corruption.

    I have noticed that the Catholic Church often strikes deals with governments in order to expand their operations.Remember Chavez is just the kind of person to start a new religion and take a batch of people away from the Church

    • NET Says:

      Right–“Santeria”–ever see how many dressed-in-white are walking the streets of Venezuela?? So far as new religion, Chavez himself is carrying/kissing the cross, remember, although he bargained his soul long ago. it’s not going to do him any good–

    • A. Shaw Says:

      “I have noticed that the Catholic Church often strikes deals with governments in order to expand their operations,” firepigette says.


      Yes, in the past, churches in Cuba and Nicaragua led by clear-headed experts on divine beings struck deals with the State. The bourgeois-led oppositions in Cuba and Nicaragua detest the State.

      But crack-pot Venezuelan experts on divine beings, in the past, refused to strike deals.

      Now, the Venezuelan Church sends a strong and clear message to the bourgeois-led opposition and to the State. The message may be that the Church is no longer a tail attached to and dangling from the rear of the opposition. The Church is now an independent force that negotiates in its own name and for its own interests without the presence of the opposition. In other words, the opposition no longer speaks for the Church, nor the Church speak for the opposition.

      The chief motive of the Church for its new political position seems to be Capriles’ sorry performance in the campaign.

      Nothing concrete was agreed at the recent Church-State sit-down.

      • How idiotic can you get? You mean to tell me that the Catholic church, who has opposed Esteban for 13 years, will now make peace with him, when he is about to kick the bucket “because of Capriles’ poor performance” you are so full of s……, do you think we are as stupid as you clearly are?

        High quality BULLSHIt is all you give us ypu moron!,,

  4. Firepigette Says:

    Miguel, We all know that Chavez plays dirty tricks but it is Important to be reminded of some specifics from time to time.

  5. CharlesC Says:

    Yeah, sure. Chavez and Castro would love to see photos of “el pueblo”
    crying and mourning for their Supreme Leader -re. N. Korea.
    So, their minions are setting out to make it happen.

  6. RUMOUR now has him
    negotiating with cardinal urosa & the bishops
    for nationwide memorial masses
    to be said in his name.
    huchafri is on his way to huchafrito.

    • Deanna Says:

      If it’s true and the cardinal and bishops acquiesce to HCF’s wishes, then I’ll quit the Catholic Church.

    • Ira Says:

      I don’t believe Hugo has an iota of belief in the after-life, and his recent conversion is just a cheap ploy to be saved by God in case there really IS a God. (As an atheist who faced death 3 times and never once looked to God for help, I can of course forgive atheists in general, but can’t forgive THIS kind of hypocrisy.)

      In other words, I simply don’t believe Chavez has the character or conscience to give a crap about how he’s remembered:

      He just doesn’t want to die.

  7. Camilo Torres Says:

    I think most people commenting this article really does not understand Venezuela. President Chavez was elected in a deep democratic climate. The elections in Venezuela are among the cleanest of the planet, supervised by many international authorities from countries all over the world, and the people in charge of the elections centres are normal citizens chosen at random (y has been one of those). Venezuela is a democracy in wich president, governors, majors, and congress members (diputados de la asamblea) are elected by direct people vote. Chavez won many elections and I think will win this year again because Chavez has a major popular support. Venezuela is a country with high raes of pooverty as most Latin American countries, most of this poor people votes for Chavez. The people votes for Chavez because of the work Chavez does to bring better living conditions in health, educations, food, sport, information, freedom of speech, access to the media to make freedom of speech work, human rights, economic growth, etc. The peoples does nos espect Radonsky to contines with those social policies of Chavez, but on the contrary, one can espect Radonsky to use the money for the benefit of the most rich people, put USA’s interests on top of Venezuelans insterests, stop social development in detriment of poor people, provatize education & health, remove support for sport, etc. Radonsky is not doing well in his campaign, most people think Chavez could be a better presindt than Radonky could be. Articles like the ones on this campaign could be simple dirty campaign, couse it does not cite the origin of the suposed document, but that does not matter in the vote intention in Venezuela wich is the mos happier contry in South America (,,

    • Jerry Says:

      Wow! Have you ever actually been in Venezuela?

      • You mean he does the work but nothing works? Because health is a mess, freedom of speech is curtailed, economic groth has been flat for five years, inflation is the highest in the world, information is a Government controlled one way street (ever hear of RCTV) , venezuela has not donevwell in Government sponsored sport (please dont mention Maldonado as a a sport), universities are being destroyed and the standard of living has gone up little since Chavez took over, despite a factor of ten groth in oil. As for US interests, Cuban interests seem to be ok, and we get little for a lot. And its Capriles, not Radonsky, the same way its Chavez not Frias.

    • island canuck Says:

      Really, it’s impossible that you actually live in Venezuela.

      Your comments are so far from the reality in which we live.

      • Deanna Says:

        Well, he might live in Venezuela because his English is so bad: either that or this guy is just making believe he doesn’t know English well. But, why are we paying attention to the garbage that he’s spewing?

        • Kepler Says:

          I think he is a Venezuelan and I can understand him fully: I was drunk once. I didn’t become as obnoxious but I started to giggle and see all things in such a positive way.
          Tomorrow he will wake up with a hell of a hangover and he will say: “never again”.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Camila will wake up with a hell of a hangover and a sore arse and will
            do it all over again..l.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Yes, that same article you referenced said N.Korea was/is the
      “happiest” -right? And Cuba at the top as well, don’t forget
      Zimbabwe- gosh -just a bunch of happy people worshipping their
      dear leader, Mugabe.

    • Roy Says:

      Jesus! Are you for real? It is as if you are writing about some sort of parallel universe Venezuela. Just curious, but in your universe, does Pi still equal 3.14159… etc.? Does 2 + 2 = 4 or some other value, like maybe “blue”.

    • NET Says:

      Camilo, seriously, are you one of the descendants of Marx??? (the brothers, Groucho, et. al.).

    • HalfEmpty Says:

      Makes sense, not a lot of sense, but sense.

  8. dorisclubhipico Says:

    here we go again …

    Fentanyl is a narcotic (opioid) pain medicine.

    Fentanyl buccal is used to treat “breakthrough” cancer pain that is not controlled by other medicines. Fentanyl buccal is taken together with other non-fentanyl narcotic pain medicine that is used around the clock.

    • syd Says:

      thank you, doris. this may be a more direct route (muy fastidioso es ese abc):

    • Wow! Très Cool.
      Thanks Syd

    • metodex Says:

      what is this? Aporrea? Get the fuck outta here trolls.

    • syd Says:

      This news report seems to contain information that is more ‘verosímil’ than what we’ve read so far on Chávez’ condition. Then again, I don’t have the medical background to verify the pharmacological claims. But I did have 9 years of experience with bifosfonato, and can attest to its bone rebuilding capabilities, as well as its palliative effects on (non-cancerous) bone pain. Bisphosphonates are, indeed, prescribed for bone related cancer, and for alleviating pain, not as effective, I presume, in later stages of bone cancer, as would be a narcotic.

      Insofar as life expectancy is concerned, Dan Rather’s report of “a couple of months’ is again poorly translated into Spanish as ‘two months’. Saying ‘a couple of’ whatever can mean two or more, even six. The term ‘a couple of; is usually understood as ‘a few’. The report contradicts this poorly translated term and makes note of a more liberal interpretation by suggesting that Chávez could be around for 7-O.

      All in all, I found the report interesting, if it is to be believed at all. From it, I gather that Chávez’ metastasis is progressing but not as aggressively as Boca and Marquina have suggested at one time or another

      • syd Says:

        and at the end of this report, I found a little intrigue, as follows…

        “Maduro es uno de los pocos miembros del Gobierno que probablemente no se verá acusado en unas semanas por la DEA, la agencia estadounidense contra la droga, de participar en actividades de narcotráfico. ”

        We’ll see what a couple of weeks will bring …

      • Dr. Faustus Says:

        This was the exact quote from the Dan Rather piece:

        “The information and the quote come from a highly respected source close to Chavez and who is in a position to know his medical condition and history. This source says the prognosis is dire and that Chavez is now not expected to live “more than a couple of months at most.””

        Even if you combine the word ‘dire’ with the now reported usage of fentanyl buccal (ABC), it is still unclear as to how far his cancer has metastisized. Yes, you could be right, it could still be another 6 months before he is completely bedridden. But,…but, these new reports coming out surely make you wonder. Perhaps we’re in for a stunning announcement within a few weeks. Why can’t they just tell the truth?

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        What follows illustrates the problem that I have with all these “insider” reports about micomandante’s health. Also, take into account that ABC is a very right wing and widely discredited newspaper in Spain:

        “Así se especifica en un último informe de inteligencia, al que ha tenido acceso ABC, elaborado a partir de los dictámenes médicos del equipo de facultativos que atiende al dirigente venezolano.”

        No comments on this. I will let the plenty of smart people reading this blog to arrive at their own conclusions about this paragraph.

        This is mojon-ambulante arriving from Cuba on May 11, 2012:

        You can clearly see the obvious limp and the excruciating pain caused by his pelvic bone metastases (and let me assure you, those are extremely painful) when he attempts to go down the stairs, helping himself by grabbing the staircase rail, which immediately prompts his aides to grab him to avoid a fall down. But, wait. Yes, he is wobbling, but not because of the pain. It is because of the Fentanyl patch that he must use so as to not feel pain when he walks. Fentanyl, of course, is 100 times more potent than morphine, so you can imagine the high. It really makes you very happy. You can clearly see that in this 27-MINUTE video.

        OT: Toño el Amable, que bichos tan desafinados.

        Man, this guy is really a superhero. With pelvic metastatic cancer and medicated with an opioid analgesic that inconveniently affects your higher brain functions, the man is able to give – STANDING, NO LESS – an articulate speech for about half an hour! I am gonna get me some. And at 11:25, he gives a heartfelt acknowledgement to all those reporters that have been keeping us all very well informed about his health …

        Y despues de lanzarse un discurso de casi media hora, todavía le quedan fuerzas para pasar revista a la tropa… Definitivamente esa medicina cubana es del carajo!

        But, BOCAJARRO said a few days before this video:



        martes 8 de mayo de 2012


EL IMPACIENTE. Todo lo que pasa en La Habana se sabe siempre A TRAVÉS DE LAS VÍAS MÁS EXTRAÑAS (Indeed!)… En cuanto a mis fuentes originales, reiteran que no se le está aplicando ni radio ni quimioterapia, aunque algunos galenos insisten en darle algo más de ésta última pero aún no hay decisión. El énfasis se está poniendo en tratarle el ánimo y AYUDARLO A QUE NO SUFRA DOLOR ÓSEO. En días -u horas- grabará un video para mostrarse “SALUDABLE Y MANDANDO COMO SI ESTUVIESE EN CARACAS”…

        jueves 3 de mayo de 2012


EL PACIENTE. Más que la enfermedad, que se esparce, lo que más lo afecta es sumirse en una depresión acompañada de los dolores provocados por las lesiones orgánicas y especialmente en los HUESOS DE LA CADERA … Primer resultado de las coincidencias médicas fue reconocer que no se le podrá seguir aplicando radioterapia a la pelvis, pues LAS ANTERIORES RADIACIONES FRACTURARON EL BRAZO DEL FÉMUR (Que brutos esos cubanos!)… Un presidente disminuido físicamente no fue mostrado en la TV a la salida del país, debido a que DEBE SER ASISTIDO PARA SUBIR O BAJAR LAS ESCALERAS (We could clearly see it!).

        I cannot say what this turd has or doesn’t have. But, if you categorically state something, the burden of proof is on you, isn’t it?

        I wonder why Navarrete and Marquina are keeping quiet now …

        • syd Says:

          El ambulante por video: .

          As he walks from side to side (como un pato), he could be favoring one leg, or making an allowance for thick diapers and a colostomy bag (not sure about the latter).

          There seems to be no sign of mental impairment — outside the norm for him — and certainly no sign of a debilitated voice.

          Photo opps of the upcoming Lukashenko visit on June 26 may highlight physical changes in Chavez, when compared to Chávez and Lukashenko in October 2010. I’m thinking of the difference in height due to loss in bone mass.

          • Johnny Walking Says:

            I don’t see anything abnormal in his gait. I find it very difficult to believe that this guy has bone metastases; he wouldn’t be able to walk in the first place.

            He doesn’t have osteoporosis, so there shouldn’t be any difference in his height, unless he has vertebral metastases. But then again, he wouldn’t be walking, but in bed receiving his “extremaunción.”

            • syd Says:

              It is possible that my interpretation of Ch’s gait is coloured by the news of his health prognosis. You know, the one that’s been coordinated by global intelligence, given the green light by Hillary, and marketed by visitors to these blogs who treat us to top secrets from the US gov.. (How did we get so lucky?)

              If Ch has been receiving steroids, or hormone therapy (normally for prostate CA), thinning of the bones is pretty much unavoidable.

              Two anecdotes follow. Two men, one in his late 80s, the other in his early 90s develop prostate CA. The first was the dad of my family phyx., who began showing kyphosis after prostate treatment. He began receiving shots of Forteo. (He died about two years later.) The 90+ year old was my neighbour. I didn’t ask too much, but I know he received several shots (androgen replacement therapy?) during his treatment for prostate CA. The loss in height from one year to the other, astounded me; I’d never seen such a rapid change.

              Anyway, time will tell. Or maybe you’re right. And what is marketed is not reality. Frustrating.

            • Johnny Walking Says:

              If he has been treated chronically with steroids, then, yes, he is at risk for osteoporosis. However, a change in height means that he has to have vertebral compression fractures. At that point, we are talking about the most severe stage of osteoporosis. Doubtful that he is there. Time will tell.

          • Ira Says:

            I definitely see pain in his face the entire time, regardless of the gait–which I do so as measured and deliberate for each step.

            You could see the pain in his face while he was just STANDING there while the anthem played.


            The guy with all the medals at the end pronouncing himself a Chavista looks like the guy who bags groceries at my local Publix.

    • NET Says:

      Chavez is simply more toxic than usual–at least 100x more toxic!!!

  9. NicaCat56 Says:

    Ummm…Jessica Wabbit, you pesky wabbit, you: just fuck off, already.

  10. Jessica Wabbit Says:

    and then there is this fun news of the day…..oh well it is s america after all… its the 70s all over again with a weakling in the white house and the argentines screwing up as usual….all thats missing is disco music…. kepler take your meds


  11. Kepler Says:


    Who are thugs but the military bastards who first murdered people in 1989 and then carried out two bloody coups in 1992 because the murders of 1989 were apparently only committed by the guys on the top political pack back then?
    Who are thugs if not people like Roger Cordero or Rodríguez Chacin, who murdered civilians in the eighties and then claimed to be something new beyond the 4th Republic?
    Who are thugs if not the guys responsible for the murder rate in Venezuela going up over 300% since 1998?
    Fuck off, man. The reactionary here is you, who likes ass-licking the military caste in Venezuela.

  12. A. Shaw Says:

    Judging from content and form, Caplies himself seems to have composed these commandments. Capriles must feel desperate if this early in the campaign, he resorts to such infantile crudities to pre-explain an escalation in violence by Capriles’ thugs who are “provoked” by Chavez supporters and to pre-explain comparatively limited turnouts for Capriles’ campaign events due to organized distractions from Chavez’ campaign.

    No doubt, Capriles’ pathetic showings in both reactionary and revolutionary opinion polls will be pre-explained by the performance Santeria or Lukumi rites in Cuba.

    Perhaps, the Santeria faithful in Cuba should suspend observances of their religion until Oct. 8. to assuage Capriles’ paranoia about his prospects in Venezuela.

    • ErneX Says:


    • syd Says:

      You must be getting desperate, A.S., to be squirrelling around the responsibility for the 10 chavista Commandments. Or are you here to impress us with your paltry knowledge of alternative religions in Cuba?

  13. CharlesC Says:

    from Ulf Erlingsson’s blog:

    “There is now no longer any doubt. Velasquez revelations, along with those of Eladio Thompson shows that the Venezuelan regime under Chavez Frías is working in close cooperation with the FARC, both with regard to cocaine trafficking, arms smuggling, terrorist activities, and political and propagandistiskt support.In the interview cited Velasquez also that the FARC regularly hold meetings in Cuba, with the regime, and that China provide them with weapons…..

    right now, is 40 thousand young venezolaner in training in those camps in Cuba. Of course, the intention is to destroy any idea of honest and patriotic soldiers would turn their weapons against the crime syndicate that illegally occupies the Presidential Palace.”

    I guess you haven’t heard- some are floating an amnesty plan in Colombia for the FARC (Uribe opposes giving amnesty to the leaders…)Anyway, it is a payoff in my opinion..but, Chavez wants to grant citizenship to FARC in Venezuela anyway. -Since they count as his “best friends” anyway…
    In a sense, Chavez has created his own “homegrown FARC”, too…

    Finally, look at the tactics Chavez used few years ago in Honduras-
    wake up. They will do the same in Venezuela.

    • CharlesC Says:

      The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, said today that if there are facts and not just words from the FARC there will be peace in this country, facing an armed conflict for almost 50 years.Santos made this statement at the time that indicated that his Government is checking the authenticity of a statement allegedly of this guerrilla movement, which speaks for the first time of disarmament”

      The FARC just want a paid vacation-come into town and party for a while-tired of living in the forest. After they run out of money -they will turn back to crime again…
      I can see it now- Mission Welfare for Gangmembers and FARC in Venezuela
      very soon.
      They want to become a recognized “political party” -guess who they will
      vote for?

      • metodex Says:

        I’ve always been opposed to governments that would give a beach house to terrorist and criminals so they can live like kings the rest of their lives

  14. dorisclubhipico Says:

    Live with it.
    HuChaFri is a very competitive person,
    he has his deteriorating future well PLANNED out.
    The pathetic OPPO?
    all it does
    is react like a headless chick.

    • NET Says:

      Mephistopheles has HCF’s future well-planned out. The groundswell of popular disgust with current poor Venezuelan living conditions is easily as great/or greater than what swept Chavez originally into the Presidency.

    • HalfEmpty Says:

      My understanding is that he is communing with Bobby Fischer and preparing to take on the Big Guy.

  15. deananash Says:

    The problem isn’t Chavez, he’s just the symptom. Miguel old friend, I know you know this, my worry is that too many people don’t. Chavez took a bad situation (ignorance) and made it much worse by adding hate.

    It will take years and strategic planning to undo what he’s done, to say nothing of progressing. Honestly, I think the shorter journey is to let the whole thing sink to its inevitable conclusion and then start over.

    Kinda like China. After communism starved 20+ million Chinese, well, the Chinese have been cured of their communism, that’s for sure.

    Either way, the damage has cost the country and people DECADES…

  16. m_astera Says:

    The complete absence of ethics has always been a central and distinguishing feature of the communist movement, throughout its history and worldwide. Terrorism (attacking innocent civilians) as a political tool is another distinguishing feature. The people who wrote the guidelines above have no more morals than a weasel does. What is amazing is that they openly exhibit it without a qualm.

  17. chiguire Says:

    And Eva Gollinger has the audacity (bolas) to criticize Dan Rather for calling Chavez a Dictator. Only Dictators use State Machinery to trample on the legitimate rights of the electorate.

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      Yes, and how about people like Sean Penn and other Hollywood types who regularily saunter down to Caracas and sing the praises of the Bolivarian revolution? Where is their sense of shame at all of this? If the socialistic ideals behind the Bolivarian revolution are so irrefutable, why is it even necessary to publish a ten commandments (see above)? There should be overwhelming support from all the people! It should be obvious to every citizen that socialism, i.e. Chavez’s version of socialism, is the best path to economic freedom and happiness. It has to be. It’s an undeniable fact to people like Gollinger. But,…but, after 13 long years of having complete control of the economic levers of government, 13 freaking long years, the Chavistas have collapsed the economy of Venezuela. Everything is in shambles. Everything is kaput. Yet, people like Eva Gollinger (and Sean Penn) could care less about the freedom of choice of the common people of Venezuela. They could care less about the dishonest methods and rigging of the elections. Ten commandments? Who cares! They k-n-o-w, just know, what is best for Venezuela. One party, one man knows what is good for Venezuela. Everything else is a lie. It’s where the Russian term ‘Potemkin Village” originates. “We’ve created paradise on earth!” Look at all the houses we’re building! Gollinger probably knows how many new houses were created in May alone. New houses for the people, …everywhere! Er, just don’t look behind the doors. You might be surprised.

      • NET Says:

        Eva Gollinger is simply a paid servant of the Regime, so inept as to almost be considered a double agent, and, if not, whose U. S. citizenship should be revoked, if for nothing else than for voting in a foreign presidential election. Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, et. al. are in it for the money sponsorships of pet films/projects, as well as for closed-eyed far-out Leftism which they would never tolerate in their own country of residence (in Venezuela they would be Oppo).

    • syd Says:

      Putting aside Eva’s vested interest in maintaining her book, “The Chávez Code” (qué original), on the Granma Bestseller List, I must say that I find Dan Rather’s use of the description “dictator” to be suspect. In other words (o sea), Rather would be fired (again) from CBC Nightly News if he went on air with that assertion. On cable, from where he now operates, he has a freer hand to tint the news as he sees it, or as it is fed to him — quite likely with a fee.

      • Chiguire Says:

        Where do you live (o sea) where do you operate from? Are you really suggesting that El Comandante is not a Dictator? O sea, eres un chupa media o simplemente un huevon, por una limosa?

        • Gus Says:

          es una huevona

        • Kepler Says:

          Guys, you are insolent and rather stupid. She is not suggesting anything. She is referring to a way presenters in most news channels, even in Fox News and Berlusconi’s channels, abide to, to some extent or the other.
          By the way: Fox News was not referring to “dictator” in the very few cases it talked about Egypt pre-riots or Kazakhstan.

          It is like this: only the extremes in the political spectrum call “dictator” to the ones who are at clinch with their respective governments. The others talk about “authoritarian regime” or whatever…until it becomes too much and the dictator gases people like in Iraq or shoots at a lot of people at the same time like in Egypt. Only then do all switch to dictator.
          Fox News was faster with Chávez but not with Nazarbayev and will be
          very careful about Saudi Arabia’s dictator kings.

          Foreign Policy, a “respected” publication co-founded by Condor-expert Henry Kissinger, had some time ago a publication about “the worst of the worst”. There they put Hu Jintao on the top, also the heads of state of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, Chávez, of course, but somehow they forgot
          Nazarbayev or the said king of Saudi Arabia. Why? Because those countries are cooperating economically perfectly well with the USA?
          By the way: they also forgot to put in Yemen’s president.
          And why would Putin be better than Chávez? Well, Putin is 20 times less incompetent than Chávez when it comes to economics, but human rights
          in Russia are not better than in Venezuela.

          Things are not so simple, kids.
          All these guys are indeed dictators.
          But news, all of them, follow certain procedures for when to call someone “dictators”.
          And it is not like the ones that are closer to your political flavour are the most honest. They are more “honest” only when that suits the economic and political interests of those who pay to them.

          • syd Says:

            Thank you, Kepler. Honestly, sometimes these blogs seem like they are filled with pimply faced adolescents whose education has not evolved. Por eso estamos como estamos.

          • Roy Says:


            I do not defend Saudi Arabia’s government. I find it hypocritical and repressive, and I would not care to live there.

            However, Saudi Arabia does not claim, and never did claim, to be anything other than what it is, a Monarchy. There are currently 44 countries recognized by the U.N. whose form of government is a monarchy, including all of the countries of the British Commonwealth. Most of these are constitutional monarchies, and the monarchs hold varying degrees of real authority. Even the method of selecting or confirming the monarch varies extensively. Until the late nineteenth century, it was the most common form of government in the world. So, calling the King of Saudi Arabia a “dictator” is silly. In some ways, it may be similar, but a dictator is fundamentally something other than a king.

            On the other hand, Venezuela claims to be a constitutional democratic republic. In fact, we know it isn’t any longer.

            • Kepler Says:

              I do not want to insist on the Saudi case, but then you also have the ones I mentioned previously like Yemen and Kazakhstan, which are supposed to be republics.
              The king claims to represent his people when we know the level of repression. The fact a country is called a “monarchy” does not mean human rights have to be adapted. They are non negotiable.

              Dictatorships in the XX-XXI centuries sense are not what they were 24 centuries ago. They are all supposed to be “democracies”. They are not by definition circumscribed by “regimes that are on paper republics”. If you do not want to call a repressive kingdom a dictatorship, be it, but the king and his family can basically do as they please in a manner we haven’t seen for centuries and it is not precisely with the agreement of the population.
              US/German defence exporters should know very well about that.

        • syd Says:

          Calm down Chigüire. I don’t jump that easily on every bandwagon that comes to town. I prefer to analyze and weigh the messages. That’s my thing, as is yours satire. Got it? Now sod off and allow me the FREEDOM to come to my own conclusions. Yo no pienso en equipo.

        • Johnny Walking Says:

          it is amazing to witness how many functional illiterates does this blog attract. No, she is not suggesting anything of the sort, scumbag. This also goes for your sidekick down below.

  18. Ronaldo Says:

    Moreover, if people are gathering at sporting, cultural, or social events, or cheap produce mercals, then Capriles has a ready-made crowd to visit at the exact same time he will be there. How handy.

  19. Ronaldo Says:

    Capriles campaign needs to start a “Chavez does not want people to hear what Capriles is saying because Capriles will be an honest and better leader” movement.

    If people are prevented from seeing, hearing, or doing something, they actually become more inquisitve and want to know what is going on. With proper planning, this could actually help Capriles.

  20. Kepler Says:

    I am not surprised at all.
    Miguel, I will put here my translation (into Spanish, have not time to do it into English) of a KGB document a Russian dissident managed to get out of Russia years ago (Mr Bukovsky). It is a very old doc, from 1980, but the people who did that are the ones in power.
    Sabotage is the key word indeed, the jewel.
    One of the relatives of the guy referred to in the text below is a PSUV honcho in Falcón (Farías)

    For the last decade they have got similar training from both Cuba and Belarus…and they use, among others, Chinese hardware for the eavesdropping activities.

    Secreto máximo
    Acta Especial

    DECRETO del Secretariado del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de la Unión Soviética Sobre la petición del secretario general del Partido Comunista de Venezuela T. J. Faría

    1. Aprobar la petición del secretario general del Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV) T. J. Faría y ejecutar apoyo en la organización del curso de entrenamiento especial para el activista del PCV T.J Lenin Moreno.

    2. Aceptación y apoyo de T.J. Lenin Moreno para pasar al Departamento Internacional y Administración de Asuntos del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de la Unión Soviética, y organización del curso de entrenamiento especial por el Comité para la Seguridad del Estado de la URSS.
    Duración del curso – hasta 3 meses. Gastos por la manutención de T.J. Lenin Moreno van a cuenta del presupuesto del partido.

    Resultados de la votación: (firmas ilegibles)

    Sobre la petición del Secretario general del Partido Comunista de Venezuela, T. J. Faría

    El Secretario general del Partido Comunista de Venezuela (PCV) T. J. Faría se dirigió al Comité Central del Partido Comunista de la URSS con la petición (OP N° 2954 del 10.X.1980) para la organización del curso de entrenamiento especial en el área de trabajo general y conspiración para el activista del PCV T. J. Lenin Moreno.

    La petición de T. J. Faría se produce por la necesidad de fortalecimiento del grupo especial de la dirección del PCV con el personal de entrenamiento. Se consideró la posibilidad de satisfacer la petición del secretario general del PCV T. J. Faría.

    La petición fue aprobada con el visto bueno del presidente del KGB de la URSS, T. Tsinevym. El proyecto de resolución del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de la Unión Soviética se aprueba.

    Departamento Internacional del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de la URSS (K. Brutents)

    30 de octubre de 1980

    Traducción del español

    Comité Central del Partido Comunista de la Unión Soviética

    ¡Queridos camaradas!

    Mi sobrino Lenin José Moreno Faría x), que cuenta con mi confianza, llegará en octubre de 1980 a Moscú. En calidad de profesor de la universidad se encuentra en año sabático. Va a estar en Moscú por una estadía de su especialidad, pero en realidad querríamos que siga un curso de entrenamiento en el área de Inteligencia para que en el futuro pueda ayudar a la Secretaría General del Partido Comunista de Venezuela. De antemano les agradezco por la ayuda en esta cuestión

    JESÚS FARÍA Secretario General del Partido Comunista de Venezuela

    x) en el país es conocido oficialmente como José Lenin Moreno

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