A Short Quiz For The Devil’s Readers

June 2, 2012

Ok, without looking it up, what do the following last names have in common?








These are the people who….

have registered their candidacy for the Venezuelan Presidential election!!!

And if you knew that, you really have little to do with you time (like me).

And yes, I have no idea, who Sonia María Chirinos, Toribio Gilberto Sánchez, Alirio Angulo, Alejandro Zamora Moya and José Gabriel Carrasco are. But all five of them want to be President.

Sonia could be any of these. Toribio Gilberto Sanchez, I can’t find. Alirio Angulo could be this guy, but who knows? This one claims to be a prophet, sounds about right for the job.  There was an Alejandro Zamora Moya nominated for the Grammys for his New Age music, but I have no idea if it is the same one. There are three Jose Gabriel Carrasco’s, but none of them identify themselves as having Presidential aspirations.

For a bunch of Presidential candidates, they certainly try to hide who they are, no? I guess they know what it’s coming if they win.

The other two, I sort of know where they are coming from and where I hope they are going.

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  1. HuChaNo! GusaNO CubaNO!
    need I say more?

  2. So, Hugo is fine, he will regist on Monday. However, he may register on Saturday. Oh yeah, he is fine…

  3. A. Shaw Says:

    Capriles files Sunday with the electoral council.

    Monday, Chavez files.

    But how many supporters will accompany Chavez for his filing.

    Half-million? Or 600,000?

    Who knows?

    Maybe the proletariat is not yet ready to show off how big it is. And, this is, after all, only just the filing.

    But, I tell you, the proletariat is big. Real big! If you believe the proletariat ain’t big, then you’re wrong. Real wrong!

    It will be more becoming if only those who have sworn permanent allegiance to the red flag of the proletariat accompany Chavez for the filing. But who knows what Dr. Jorge is thinking.

    • Johnny Walking Says:

      Yeah. You are absolutely right. The proletariat is big, enormous, humongous. Chavez has worked hard during the past 13 years to make it so. And if he wins – a big if – we will all become proletariat, except of course chavistas.

    • NET Says:

      And, of course, Eva Shaw, who arrived only with the clothes on her back, hair in disarray, no jewelry–and look at her now–Pure Proletariat!! If only those “who have sworn permanent allegiance to the Red Flag” show up, then there will only be the Ministers/Asambleistas (mostly ex-Adecos/ Copeyanos) who will show up to keep milking the dying cow for the time being. If you mean by “Proletariat” the poor/ extremely poor, yes, they’re big, much bigger than ever if the Venezuelan minimum wage/income is valued at a realistic exchange rate of Bs. 9-10/$. “Half-Million/600,00?”–I’m not sure there’s enough bus capacity to bring that many in from the hinterland (at Bs. 1,500 per bus driver at least/each passenger with lunch-spending money–all illegally paid for by the State). As for “Dr. Jorge Rodriguez”, he’s simply the crook who helped fix the elections for Chavez when head of the CNE. Chavez himself may show up, but, if you look closely, it may just be another of the new Chinese Giant Chavez Inflatable Dolls (and, as usual, filled with hot air!).

    • Kepler Says:

      Yeah, Shaw, at least 34 million Venezuelan Chavistas will be present there.

  4. firepigette Says:

    Buzzword bingo’s a game bloggers play
    To record pompous things people say:
    With a buzzword list near,
    They mark jargon they hear,
    In their quest to keep boredom at bay.

    – Mad Kane

  5. firepigette Says:

    All I know is:

    Today was another day in the life of everybody.Also in the life of Chavez.

    • syd Says:

      And now, Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey ..

      • Gustavo Says:

        Syd, what does this have to do with post. Please stop posting irrelevant crap.

        • syd Says:

          Gustavo, “Deep Thoughts” is part of an SNL skit, years ago. It is in response to the “deep thoughts” mentioned by the commenter, above.

          As for the video insertion, it is distracting, and I apologize. I was taking an earlier cue from CharlesC. Won’t happen again.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        Please, warn us in advance. I had a laughter-induced epileptic seizure.

        • syd Says:

          No can do without raising the shackles of Gustavo who chides ever so selectively on “irrelevant crap”.

  6. firepigette Says:

    I agree, too much speculation…

  7. Kepler Says:

    Guys, stop speculating about Chávez’s death.

    By the way: the fact Adan’s surname is Chávez doesn’t mean he can be “the candidate” instead of Hugo Chávez…the candidate for the military is Hugo Chávez Frías.

  8. VJ Says:

    Hey Rojorojito……
    You better update your Blog and erase all those fancy comments about Vietnam !!! Your beloved Vietnamese friends have commited an act of treason against all the revolutionaries of the world: they have a new military ally!!
    Guess who? The United States of America, El Imperio Mesmo !!

    • Ira Says:

      The North Vietnamese won that war fair and square, despite Americans who claim we didn’t go “all out.” Short of nuking the whole place, they kicked American butt on the battlefield.

      Ironically, the place is basically capitalist now anyway!!!

      • CharlesC Says:

        Ira, I agree with the last sentence.
        THis part -“they kicked American butt on the battlefield”
        You don’t know what you are talking about…you are getting
        arse deep in alligators-again..

        • syd Says:

          Anyone here have a band-aid for the hurting patriot?

        • Ira Says:

          It’s a misconception that the U.S. military was restrained. In fact, when the Viet Cong overran Saigon, tens of thousands of them popped up from tunnels literally just a few hundred yards from the outskirts of the city.

          I’m not saying that the U.S. didn’t kill plenty, but short of killing everyone in the country (and what’s the point of “saving” a country that way), the U.S. military got its ass handed to them. It might FEEL good for Americans to think we didn’t go all out, but if invading Cambodia doesn’t count for going all out, what does?

          Great book–“The Tunnels of Cuchi.” Tells the real story how the Viet Cong won the war.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Few days back I attended a dinner on military base with a fellow in a wheelchair(Memorial Day) -he wears his uniform everyday and is highly decorated for clearing those tunnels and dealing with bomb detection( he got blown up)
            so, just to let you know- I do not appreciate your behavior and spreading lies.Don’t tell me you worship guerilla warfare? And, what does this have to do with the Presidential election in Venezuela?
            Please don’t continue…

          • Kepler Says:

            Thanks for the reference to that book. It seems like a good book. I read one guy who commented and gave one star. As expected:
            “As someone who has spent my life studying the Vietnam War, I can tell you this book isn’t worth the time, money or paper it took to print it. My guess is this book will find its way to the “required reading” lists of our nation’s universities, and other than that, no one except Jane Fonda and John Kerry would enjoy it. This kind of trash is written by someone with an agenda and is nothing more than a poke in the eye to every soldier who fought in Vietnam. If you enjoy reading stories of how clever the VC were and how stupid was the American GI, then this is the book for you”

            Oh, dear! These embittered “agenda spotters”

        • Kepler Says:

          Charles, don’t be so silly.
          What did the US Army did in Vietnam? It was not precisely what they did in WW2 or in Korea.

          In Vietnam they certainly killed more Vietnamese than the Vietnamese killed them. They particularly killed many more civilian Vietnamese than Vietnamese killed civilian US Americans.
          They bombed the whole place.
          They used chemical weapons. And yet they were thrown out and the US hasn’t recovered from that yet.

          I dislike communism and the tyranny they have there, but up to this day Vietnamese are proud – whether they are military or not. The Vietnam war divided US Americans and you can’t deny that. And millions of US Americans feel it was a defeat and so do many other countries. You say those are lies? The US army just left because they got bored?
          Give me a break.
          Capitalism may be coming over to Vietnam, but it is not like the US is winning over there now. It is a more balanced way and the Vietnamese are going to take it on their terms.
          This, what is happening now, is not so much a victory for one or the other country but for commercial interests either side.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Mr. Kepler, thank you for your comments (except for two). Here’s one:
            “And yet they were thrown out and the US hasn’t recovered from that yet.”
            I will just respond with two sentences for you to think about-1.US brought maybe 1 million S. Vietnamese to US, maybe more-I know on US Gulf coast area between Pensacola, Florida and Houston, Texas [where I lived and worked] 250,000 were relocated and given assistance and english classes etc…many more were relocated THROUGHOUT the US. These S.Vietnamese have invested back into Vietnam and now visit regularly, and
            the US government has adopted many favorable trade policies to help the
            Vietnamese -for strategic reasons -re.China??
            2.Vietnam had been a warring country for ? a hundred years(-they fought
            the Chinese after we left- yes- we just left-for various reasons-but let’s not
            go there…)Vietnamese -are not proud of the VIet Cong- they hate them- they did then, and they do now. Best answer I think is-Vietnamese -just wanted a chance to have peace and have worked hard.
            When you compare Vietnam for example with the Philippines-you see the contrast- Vietnam -exports much food-rice for example- and Philippiness cannot even feed it’s own people…import rice.

            • CharlesC Says:

              The other-“Vietnam war divided US americans and you cannot deny that.
              Agreed. Except, so did many other things. US americans are always “dividing’ some support gay marriage and some do not-for example.
              Sorry to say- Vietnam is forgotten. In fact, Iraq is forgotten. ANd, Afghanistan soon will be…US people –in my opinion -generally have the shortest attention span I have ever seen…what were we talking about, again.
              Ha. What was your name, again…
              (Unlike yourself- you remember everything. I like that. Myself- there are some things I wish I could forget-Chavez for example. Have a great day, pal!)

            • VJ Says:

              The U.S. forces defeated and devastated the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong armies during the Tet Offensive of Jan. 1968.
              But the real battle was fought in the U.S. communications media,in the streets of Washington D.C. and the U.S. universities. There Vietnam was able to beat the spirit and soul of the American people.

            • Kepler Says:

              Yeah, sure…From 1968 until 1973 there was only “Vietnamization”, just like now there is the Afghanization.

          • HalfEmpty Says:

            We haven’t commented on Dresden, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and the School of the Americas yet. Let’s get started.

            I hate the United States of America because of Cary Grant.

            • CharlesC Says:

              Cary Grant! Definition of suave!

              What is the name of the “school for guerillas ” Chavez funded in

            • Kepler Says:


              This is not about hatred for anyone. Someone here was talking about Vietnam being a victory for the USA…one has to be completely deluded to think so…or a Chauvinist.

              The lesson should be: think twice before engaging in any war abroad.

          • CharlesC Says:

            From below”the lesson should be “think twice” before engaging in a war abroad’
            How about this one- “think twice” before supporting terrorism abroad ”
            (Do you reject “western civilization” – en toto- just like Chavez?)

            Ok, Mr. Kepler- stop lying – about the US and attacking people unfairly,
            name calling, etc. And, stop lying about african countries and europe,
            what else-stop lying about asia. Haven’t heard any about the North Pole and South Pole yet

            • CharlesC Says:

              Sorry Mr. Kepler, I felt “provoked” and crossed the line.
              As I said yesterday “Have a great day, pal!”

  9. syd Says:

    OT: Last night’s posting in the WSJ (Fading Chávez Rouses Markets) reproduced here: http://www.noticierodigital.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=872387

    • Johnny Walking Says:

      From the same place:

      “Hasta económicamente nos conviene que el dichoso cancer terminal sea cierto! A ese coñoesumadre no lo quiere ni su sombra.”

      I am still laughing at this one.

  10. Ira Says:

    Don’t you have to at least petition a certain number of names before you’re eligible to run? Even if that number is minimal? (10,000, for example.)

    Otherwise, any nut can run and you could end up with 1,000 people on the ballot.

    • Roberto N Says:

      5% of registered voters

      • Ira Says:

        And these unknowns actually accomplished that?

        • syd Says:

          No, the unknowns didn’t present their petitions. They didn’t have to because the CNE concocts rules by quota. First, you sign up. Then later, you present the evidence.

          The government/CNE doesn’t want to make thing too efficient, you see. For how would employees justify their salaries? Besides, how unrevolutionary not to allow everyone and their dog to register?

          • Ira Says:

            Wow–the whole thing is crazy on a lot of levels:

            Depending on the deadline to submit the petitions, how is there time to investigate their validity if there’s suspicion of foul play? Couldn’t the CNE put candidates on the ballot who don’t belong there, just to dilute votes away from Capriles?

            I’m not saying the U.S. system is so spectacular, and I’m not really familiar with it, but I’m pretty sure you have to submit your list of names before you’re considered a candidate at all.

          • syd Says:

            Ira, this sums it up nicely: http://meollocriollo.tumblr.com/

    • Rojorojito Says:

      This is old news, dude. Unfortunately for you I should say it is an old lie. But dream on hard enough and you may kill him in 30 years, you clown.

    • Hi rojo rojito,
      To dream … the impossible dream …
      To fight … the unbeatable foe …
      To bear … with unbearable sorrow …
      To reach … the unreachable star …
      No matter how hopeless, no matter how far …
      To fight for HuChaFri, without question or pause …
      To be willing to march into Hell,
      for that ideal cause ….

  11. CharlesC Says:

    If I were to gamble- I’d say next week there will be an announcement that Chavez will not run for President-and Cabello will….

    • moctavio Says:

      No, the strategy is to hope he is alive by then and switch candidates after Sept. 28th., the last date to replace the name, but not the candidate.

      • Bloody Mary Dry Says:

        Sorry Devil, I did’t get it: Why to wait until the last moment? unless they want the country burn in hell…. Is that what you mean? How about “after Sept. 28th….. replace the name, but not the candidate”?…. How this works? Thanks.

        • moctavio Says:

          Supposedly to have no time for the oppo or even the voters to react and vote for the PSUV candidate in symparthy for Chavez

          • CharlesC Says:

            I have felt like some sort of “slight of hand” card game tricks were
            going on with Chavez since January-regardless of the snorting and

  12. CharlesC Says:

    Chavez should be impeached by the AN for supporting and abetting terrorism.
    Chavez should be tried and convicted and imprisoned for supporting and abetting terrorism.
    If the AN has any huevos they will do it-but of course chavistas are brainwashed into believing the terrrorists guerillas are “freedom fighters” and
    just how many Venezuelans believe that Castro is a freakin hero? I want to know? No the chavistas really don’t believe it- theyare just fakers- afraid
    to stand up and disagree with Chavez…

  13. Marilu Gruber Says:

    We all come from somewhere! Our only and unique candidate for presidential elections is Henrique Capriles Radonski!

  14. Wanley Says:

    Most countries have laws like that. But to actually have the nationality you or your parents if you are a minor have to claim it.

  15. A. Shaw Says:

    Article 227 of the Venezuelan Constitution says in pertinent part “In order to be elected President of the Republic, it is necessary to be Venezuelan by birth, with no other nationality….”

    Does Article 227 really say “with no other nationality?”

    Does Article 227 apply to the list of seven names above?

    Doesn’t Israeli citizenship law says something like “A child born to an Israeli citizen (including children born outside of Israel as first generation out of Israel) is considered an Israeli citizen.”

    Does the phrase “with no other nationality” in Article 227 of Venezuelan Constitution preclude the possession of Israeli nationality by Venezuelan presidential candidate?

    If so, then this here Israeli citizenship law, is real relevant, at least, to one of the candidates on the above list of seven. And, maybe to more than one.

    Venezuela, you know, has some of the world’s best immigration and citizenship lawyers. Let’s see what they say.

    But another way … which is perfectly proper … to deal with this thing is to ask all of the seven candidates whether they are citizens of any country other than Venezuela and whether another country has issued a passport to any of them.

    • syd Says:

      Desperado tries to pull a birther routine. Just pathetic.

    • It also says if the President is unable to function he should be replaced by the VP.

      • A. Shaw Says:

        “Unable to function?” you say.

        Isn’t he building dwellings for workers and for the poor at a record pace?

        • moctavio Says:

          jaja, yes, he is personally building them at his own personal record pace, because in 13 years he has not come close to building in a single years the “record” year of Caldera, who was a terrible President and had $10 per barrel oil. You are becoming the King of BS very fast.

    • loroferoz Says:

      I can recall that you have to ask and swear any nationality before you actually hold it. And if you refer to Henrique Capriles Radonski, he has Polish and Russian grandparents. His father is from Curaçao. That I know he has not requested any other nationality, nor have his parents. Quit smoking that stuff given you by Hamas. Not every one who can say he has Jewish ancestry is Israeli.

      • A. Shaw Says:

        You may be right.

        But there some Israelies who are Polish and Russian.

        It’s hard to see how young people can “ask and swear” about legalities that their parents bestow on kids since, in some cases, the nationality of kids automatically follows blood, not soil. Unless, the Israeli documents on the parents’ nationality have already fallen into outside hands, it will be hard to find such documents. Israel won’t give them up.

        The National Electoral Council should discretely take “a look-see” into this matter anyway, after all, the Venezuelan Constitution is the supreme law of the land, not the constitution of some other country.

        • Kepler Says:

          Look, wanker: the military regime in Venezuela has never respected the 1999 constitution.
          The National Electoral Council is nothing but the Chávez Electoral Council.

        • Carolina Says:

          I didn’t think the names “Chavez Frias” had Timotocuica’s origins.

        • Ira Says:

          Only in Israel do they follow the blood so closely when it comes to Jews and automatic citizenship, but in VZ and just about everywhere else in the world, it goes by the soil you were born on.

          And of course, in the U.S., anyone born on foreign soil can’t be President, even if he moved here when he was a week old. I don’t even think most other countries are as strict as this.

        • loroferoz Says:

          Maybe he is eligible for Israeli citizenship. He still has to apply for nationality as he comes of age if his parents did not do that, in some cases also if his parents did. That we know, he has not. Also, there’s no evidence whatsoever that either of his parents have Israeli citizenship. So he has Venezuelan citizenship.

      • firepigette Says:

        Usually the right to citizenship does not equate to automatic citizenship .You have to apply for citizenship if you are not born in a country.Without the passport, or birth certificate you are not a citizen, only someone with rights to one.

        My husband has British citizenship only because he applied…one of his brothers did not bother to do so, so he only has Venezuelan citizenship.

        Citizenship in Curacao is only passed down by the father but also has to be applied for if one was not born there.They simply do not have the space for so many citizens.

    • Kepler Says:

      Perhaps the Chávez Supreme court should also introduce a new amendment stating someone cannot hold a public office in Venezuela unless his parents up to the 5 or 7th generation were Venezuelan as well.
      Onkel Adolf hatte diese Idee, weisst Du?
      They can make some exceptions like “unless the person’s first name starts with Mar and ends with io and their surname starts with Sil and ends in va…people like that would be called then Ehrenvenezolaner…sorry, I mean Honorary Venezuelans.

    • Ira Says:


      Any Jew in the world has the right to “return” to Israel and APPLY for automatic citizenship, and unless he’s a criminal, there are no quotas or waiting lists like there are for other ethnic groups.

      But where did you get the idea that just because you’re a Jew living in Pittsburgh, you’re an Israeli citizen?

      Wow–that’s a real STRETCH in your thinking!

      • A. Shaw Says:

        “But where did you get the idea that just because you’re a Jew living in Pittsburgh, you’re an Israeli citizen?” Ira asks.


        Please, re-read my cite above about what I believe is the applicable Israeli law and you will see that I never “got the idea” you impute to me. I believe, based on the cite, there’s a parental element — whether parents are born Israeli or naturalized — that relates to the nationality of their children under Israeli law.

        If this is the case, then it is relevant to Article 227 of the Venezuelan Constitution which says a presidential candidate must be “Venezuelan by birth, with no other nationality….”

        I didn’t write the Constitution. (By the way, few constitutions of states require singularity of nationality. Most require only that presidential candidates be a citizens by birth, based on either blood or soil.)

        “Any Jew in the world has the right to ‘return’ to Israel and APPLY for automatic citizenship,” Ira says. I’ve heard something like this was the case. But I didn’t know this Israeli rule — which is different from the one I cite — is so absolute in tone and content.

        I sure hope the National Electoral Council looks into this matter.

        • firepigette Says:


          You always have to apply first in order to obtain, even if the Venezuelan constitution does not state that fact and only refers to Nationality.He would not be an Israeli citizen is he didn’t apply for it.

        • Kepler Says:

          Shaw, you shit on the constitution. The only thing you hope if for the fucking military caste with the Sabanetas caudillos on top to remain in power. That is the only bloody thing you care about.

        • Ira Says:

          There’s nothing to look into. Someone’s heritage has nothing to do with his current nationality. In addition, you’re woefully confusing someone’s religion with his nationality.

          According to your logic, anyone with parents who emigrated to VZ from Spain is subject to “looking into.” Now, if Capriles was born elsewhere than VZ and held citizenship or permanent residency in that locale, that’s a different matter.

          But how in the world would Israeli law have any effect on a Jew (let alone a Jew who converted to Christianity) who never even stepped foot in Israel?

          If there was any merit to your “argument” on any level, the Chavistas would have jumped on it long ago. Instead, they’re forced to rely on the same old “Imperialist Lackey” and “Israeli Baby Killer” insults that work so well with the ignorant masses.

        • NET Says:

          A person with a “right” to a nationality, by parents or whatever, doesn’t make him a national automatically, even if countries like Israel/Canada/etc. MAY consider unilaterally that children of their citizens, no matter where born, are citizens of their parents’ country of citizenship. “I sure hope the National Electoral Council looks into this matter”–Good for you, Venezuelan citizen/patriot/revolutionary emancipator/ Venezuelan-born SHAW???

        • NET Says:

          I can see Eva Shaw at the next meeting of the Kommisars of the PSUV Politburo:” Kamaradas, have I got news for you!!!” “What, what, Kamarada,” they all ask in chorus.”More useless internet public CIA information?? A one-page plain-language synopsis/explanation of “Chavez De-Coded” that even He can understand–What??!!!” “No, Dummkopfs (oops), It’s Capriles–He’s the same as I–an Israeli citizen!!!”

  16. CharlesC Says:

    Anybody watch The godfather lately?

    Remember when Don Corleone tells Mike whoever talks peace at his funeral is the traitor?

    Who`s talking peace with FARC?

    • CharlesC Says:

      How about give a shout out to General Rangel. “How about get the
      F out of your tent and go find some FARC and give them some
      “mas plomo” as President Santos told his Colombian military to do.”
      3000 Venezuelan troops and can’f find a FARC? I know I heard a who!

      • dorisclubhipico Says:

        It’s luxury trailer bus, not tents.
        We need to stick with the times.

        • CharlesC Says:

          Here’s a good question from
          Luis Ramon Alvarez-
          “Yo todavia nó entiendo para qué nuestro comandante presiausente ha invertido una gran cantidad de dinero en compra de equipos militares y nó es capaz de resguardar nuestras fronteras eficientemente, no se debe aceptar ninguna intromición en territorio nacional de ninguna fuerza extranjera, eso se llama violación de la soberanía que tanto cacarea nuestro comandante en jefe de las FANB”

      • CharlesC Says:

        “In an interview with RCN Radio, priest and Venezuelan journalist, Father Jose Palmar, said FARC leader Rodrigo Londoño, alias “Timochenko,” and two other members of the FARC secretariat frequently spend the night at the estate of Adam Chavez, brother of President Hugo Chavez and governor of the Venezuelan state of Barinas.

        “Part of the FARC Secretariat live in Venezuela,” said Palmar who is a priest in the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo and often crosses the border. “That I can assure you,” he added.

        Palmar is an open critic of the Chavez government and swears that the 19th, 41st and 59th fronts of the FARC operate with impunity in the Venezuelan state of Zulia. It is from here, he claims, that they organize raids in Colombia, such as the attack by the 59th Front Monday which killed 12 Colombian soldiers in the department of La Guajira”
        -quote from Fausta today
        from :

        • CharlesC Says:

          “On Saturday I was in the area of ​​Valle Verde and there I found the 59th Front and we could witness visually the emergency mobilization of the FARC in the area. We saw the Venezuelan National Guard protect the FARC,” said Palmar.”
          from the article referenced above.

  17. dorisclubhipico Says:

    you reminded me of my
    freshman English prof.
    In those days, my sliderule
    ruled supreme, and english 101
    was just a hassle.
    But times change,and
    Chaucer along with Shakespeare
    are good to go back to and reread.

  18. firepigette Says:

    and the old version goes like this:

    WHAN that Aprille with his shoures soote
    The droghte of Marche hath perced to the roote,
    And bathed every veyne in swich licour,
    Of which vertu engendred is the flour;

  19. dorisclubhipico Says:

    Once Capriles formally inscribes,
    survives the certain attempts against his life,
    and is accepted formally by the CNE,
    then he will be my president.
    I’ll stop sniping at him,
    and embrace him for my future.
    Woe to those who will oppose my candidate! 🙂

  20. Rojorojito Says:

    Hey devil, wasn’t chavez going to die soon? Well, i guess soon is a relative term.

    • Hey jerk, do you ever read the posts or you come here to say stuoid things?

    • concerned Says:

      He already dead, just like Fidel. They are in the process of attaching wires and pins in his arms so they can make Oliver Stone, Michael Moore directed short videos like the old playdough Gumby clips. If he is not, he will be soon, at least politically. Venezuelans are tired of the lies and corruption, and most of all depression associated with this cuban modeled communism.

      • megaescualidus Says:


        As much as I really wish for HCF to be out (i.e. dead), I’d suggest don’t count him out just yet. I’m really convinced he’s ill, but he may still be in good enough shape for October. If that turns out to be the case Capriles’s chances (against “la super trampa que los rojo-rojitos van a montar”) may be slim to none.

    • loroferoz Says:

      If he campaigns or tries to continue governing he will surely do that, you know? Die! Sooner or later. For he is quite ill.

      I don’t love the man, but have nothing against him personally. If Venezuela can get its sanity back otherwise, I would like to see him step down and recover rather than die.

      But YOU! chavistas, really don’t care about anyone, at any rate not about the narcissist you profess to love. Just to hang onto power, no one among yourselves has the guts to speak up, and are willing to let the guy die a horrible death for a few months more of power. If he hasn’t already, he’s committing a slow suicide and you are ecstatic to egg him on.

    • Isa Says:

      The sooner he croaks, the sooner that Venezuela stops sending diesel to Syria, which only helps Bashar Assad repress his people. Oh, I forgot, you are probably an Assad supporter!

    • Carolina Says:

      Relative term, true, specially if one lives in Caracas where every day you get a free ticket to enter a russian roulette.

  21. CharlesC Says:

    May I suggest “Venezuela and the Zombie Vote”
    by Ulf Erlingsson.

    “the opposition is playing footsie with the dictatorship as it comes to election fraud. Either that, or they are too naïve to understand that they are being fooled.”

    • Roger Says:

      Yea those are also the voters that the pollsters call! MUD should have a rally at a Graveyard just to make a point.

    • firepigette Says:

      “where Chávez lost among the living, but won only thanks to the zombie vote”

      So true, so true…my own personal investigations led me to this years ago.Either there is some serious skullduggery going on in the opposition or they are fatally naive.

  22. Johnny Walking Says:


    Solicitan al CNE que no acepte postulación del presidente Chávez

    ND.- Bernabé Castillo acudió este viernes al CNE para entregar una carta en la que solicita que no se permita la postulación del presidente Hugo Chávez debido a su estado de salud. Igualmente, insta a Henrique Capriles Radonski a que renuncie a su candidatura presidencial y lo respalde a él.

    En horas de la mañana de este viernes acudió ante el Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) el señor Bernabé Castillo para entregar una carta en la que solicita que no se permita la postulación del presidente Hugo Chávez, por considerar que por su estado de salud no está en capacidad.
    Asimismo, le solicita a Henrique Capriles Radonski que renuncie a su candidatura presidencial y lo respalde a él, en vista de que los números no le dan para enfrentar “esta estafa electoral” si el CNE acepta la postulación del Jefe de Estado.

    Castillo solicitó información ante el CNE para poder inscribirse como candidato a la presidencia por iniciativa popular. Para ello es necesario presentar 5% de firmas del Registro Electoral. En 2006, ya había intentado postularse, pero no trajo las firmas correspondientes.

    One has a little difficulty deciding if this guy is ballsy, or quite simple “un bolsa.”

    Oh, well. Venezuelan folklore.

  23. Johnny Walking Says:


    ARTÍCULO 42.- Para postularse por iniciativa propia, las electoras y electores deberán presentar conjuntamente con los requisitos exigidos para optar al cargo de elección popular al cual aspiran, el respaldo de por lo menos el cinco por ciento (5%) de las electoras y electores inscritos en el Registro Electoral del estado, Distrito Metropolitano, Distrito, Municipio, Parroquia o cualquiera otra división territorial, según corresponda al ámbito territorial del cargo.

    Since this is the election for president, they have to obtain the backing of 5% of the people registered to vote. It would be interesting to find out how Angulo, Carrasco, Chirinos, Sanchez, and Zamora managed to do just that, especially when it seems nobody knows them.

    País de comiquitas.

    • syd Says:


      Lucena recordó que la etapa de inscripción, vía internet que inició el día de hoy y que se prolonga hasta el 11 de junio, es la primera fase de varias etapas para la postulación de los candidatos presidenciales.

      “Recordemos que esa inscripción en el Sistema Automatizado pasa con una segunda parte, que es la presentación ante la Junta Nacional Electoral, que son los actos que estamos coordinando”, agregó.

      Éste es apenas un primer paso, ya que quienes hoy inscribieron los nombres de los candidatos deben imprimir la planilla que genera el SAP y presentarla con los 14 requisitos exigidos.

      If the CNE weren’t still *coordinating* after the fact (todo a última hora), they would have ensured that the requirements were met in the first instance, so as to deter any registration by nut-cases who have no possibility of presenting proof that they are backed by 900,000, or 5% of 18 million voters.

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        This is the problem with this country. We are always inventing the “agua tibia.” A mere registration of a candidate has to have “several phases.” What and idiocy.

  24. CharlesC Says:

    This is a cute article that somebody needed to write.
    Enjoyed it.Esp. Last sentence”The other two, I sort of know where they are coming from and where I hope they are going.” Cheers!

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