Chavismo Pulls Dirty Trick On Podemos And Patria Para Todos (And Ultimately On Capriles)

June 9, 2012

When the myriad of dirty tricks pulled by Chavismo during its tenure is analyzed after the demise of Hugo, none will be judged as being more cynical and undemocratic than the two this week on the legal status of the Podemos and Patria Para Todos political parties. The Supreme Court this week pulled two rabbits out of their dozens of dirty trick hats and managed to insure that neither party will be able to back back Capriles in his Octobre Presidential bid.

In one case, the Electoral Hall of the TSJ ruled that the elections for leaders of Partia Para Todos (PPT) were invalid and new ones had to take place. The Hall named a “temporary” President and mandate 90 days for new elections. By then, it will be too late for PPT to register for the election backing Capriles. (Those that back Capriles won the internal elections). In the second case, the Constitutional Hall of the TSJ ruled that Didalco Bolivar, not too long ago in exile from Chavismo accused of corruption, was the rightful leader of Podemos, despite the fact that Ismael Garcia had used the party to back the opposition in the Assembly elections.Reportedly Didalco exchanged his exile for returning and claiming the party.

Thus, in one swipe, two minor, but significant regional parties will not be able to use their symbols and colors to back Capriles. this may seem like a minor nuance, but it is not. Such symbols are quite important to the rank and file and are used extensively, particularly in the regional bastions where these parties are strong.

The fact that the two decisions were made practically simultaneously just days before these parties were due to register their support for Capriles, shows how dirty and cynical the whole thing is. Didalco Bolivar had left the country in a rush and Chavez had said that PPT was largely irrelevant. But revenge against traitors and fears that these small parties may make a difference in certain states drove the decisions and its exquisite and perverse timing.

28 Responses to “Chavismo Pulls Dirty Trick On Podemos And Patria Para Todos (And Ultimately On Capriles)”

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  3. CharlesC Says:

    Quote describing The Spirit of the Laws by Charles de la Secondat
    Baron de Montesquieu, 1748 ad-

    The distinction between monarchy and despotism hinges on whether or not “intermediate powers” (such as the nobility, the clergy, etc.) exist that can restrain the authority of the ruler: if so, the regime counts as a monarchy; if not, it counts as despotism.

    Driving each classification of political system, according to Montesquieu, must be what he calls a “principle”. This principle acts as a spring or motor to motivate behavior on the part of the citizens in ways that will tend to support that regime and make it function smoothly. For democratic republics (and to a somewhat lesser extent for aristocratic republics), this spring is the love of virtue — the willingness to put the interests of the community ahead of private interests. For monarchies, the spring is the love of honor — the desire to attain greater rank and privilege. Finally, for despotisms, the spring is the fear of the ruler. A political system cannot last long if its appropriate principle is lacking. Montesquieu claims
    __So, you realize where Chavez fits into this system
    Chavez is a despot- who rules by fear.

  4. […] Chavismo Pulls Dirty Trick On Podemos And Patria Para Todos (And Ultimately On Capriles) […]

  5. CharlesC Says:

    from Wikipedia-definition of “moral hazard”

    “In economic theory, a moral hazard is a situation where there is a tendency to take undue risks because the costs are not borne by the party taking the risk. A moral hazard may occur where the behavior of one party may change to the detriment of another after a transaction has taken place.–
    A party makes a decision about how much risk to take, while another party bears the costs if things go badly, and the party insulated from risk behaves differently from how it would if it were fully exposed to the risk.

    Moral hazard arises because an individual or institution does not take the full consequences and responsibilities of its actions, and therefore has a tendency to act less carefully than it otherwise would, leaving another party to hold some responsibility for the consequences of those actions.”
    In case you are wondering- this is what Chavez has done to Venezuelan people.
    Point is, I don’t trust Chavez. That means I think he is a traitor. I think he’s a traitor because he has stolen and exploited the treasures of Venezuela and given them to terrorist friends- ie Castro for example…

  6. CharlesC Says:

    Yes, we all agree Chavez breaks ethical norms. But, so many seem to think that Chavez uses some other ethics-and this is how he explains -if he explains
    why he did something. Based on his new “Castro philosophy” Chavez can do things that are illegal and noone says anything. Even further, the AN jumps in and makes laws to support whatever Chavez wants, and the Supreme Court upholds them always..
    “Policies of appeasement only strengthen the repressive apparatus and the impunity of the aggressors.” -this is a quote from Babalu blog today.

    Everyone, look at those around Chavez, the AN and the Supreme Court and chavistas everywhere. They are all enablers and law breakers. There is a record these days of all of their activities. We have pictures and audio, etc.
    Here’s an example- today I bought a new car, and last week I bought a new car.
    And you say-Wow! How are you going to pay for them?
    And I say- I am not. You are! and I am going to buy a plane next week and
    guess what you are going to pay for that, too. This is what Chavez says
    and does with a laugh-day after day on a much larger scale…
    and without so much as a whimper..”Oh, stop please…”

    • NET Says:

      This and the post below are all so true. If the Chavistas are “true” to anything, it’s to their own twisted logic (or lack thereof). Nevertheless, debate with them is useful, since, when confronted with the TRUTH, they usually have no response, or at least not a valid rebuttal. The really sad thing in Venezuela is how many should-know-betters are complicit in the rape and destruction of the Country, either for their own pecuniary or mistaken ideological advantage. Also, Chavismo has been saved many times by circumstance, including April 11-13, the skyrocketing price of oil, etc., but it’s getting close for him to pay up on his bargain with the Devil. In another less-democratic time, Chavez would have been thrown out long ago. Ironically, Chavez is a product of democracy, which he has twisted into autocracy, backed by corrupt military/political/some business leaders, and in general by an incredibly ignorant/uneducated electorate.

      • CharlesC Says:

        NET said-“The really sad thing in Venezuela is how many should-know-betters are complicit in the rape and destruction of the Country, either for their own pecuniary or mistaken ideological advantage”

        Yes, there is no way someone can reconcile Chavez breaking the law, violating the trust of the people with Chavez -the demigod espousing his own religion. Those that do are fakes, plain and simple.

  7. Yaya Says:

    OT did you all see this in the online magazine Slate:

  8. Don’t look yet …
    Is that devil’s shit 10nth anniv coming up in August?
    You be holding a Bash?
    and are bonafide excrementers invited?

    • CharlesC Says:

      If you have to ask-that means you did not receive an
      invitation. Maybe they discovered evidence of purchase
      of large amounts of laxative for example. It’s kind of like
      making the Olympic team, you know…

  9. moctavio Says:

    Yes of course, the timing is innocent and the fact that the Electoral Hall has alwas questioned elections where Chavismo loses has mothing to do with it. You are so full of it, as usual, because the election was fairly done and followed the bylaws of the party, execept Chavismo lost, oh shucks, there is always a way. As for Didalco, he just happened to anandon the position when he was accused of corruption and fled the country, of course , chavismo had a monetary and legal solution for it. Byeeeeer

  10. Ramon Says:

    Does anyone know what is in place or what will be in place to stop the biggest dirty trick that’s coming…….election fraud…phantom votes…etc. How will the oppo defend their votes. They (chavismo) has no other choice but to create massive vote fraud. Any thoughts?

  11. moctavio Says:

    You are so full of it, you have no ethics, anything Chavismo does is justifued no matter how dirty, undemocratic or perverse it may be. While I know you will not go away, I sure hope you do.

    • A. Shaw Says:

      You’re the one engaged in “dirty tricks” when you present the PPT and Podemos as current unities rather than as former unities which are now broken into contending factions each of which struggles for acceptance and legitimacy.

      So, for instance, to oppose or support PPT means, according to you, to oppose or support only your faction of PPT because your faction supports Capriles. According to your ethics, the other faction of PPT that opposes Capriles doesn’t exists or doesn’t deserve recognition.

      Your faction is the minority of the membership faction that contains most of the former leadership of the parties, but the faction which opposes Capriles is the majority of the membership faction which repudiated their former leadership. Your dirty trick is not just to recognize exclusively the minorities in these parties. Rather your dirty trick is to present the minorities as if they constitute the totality of their parties. Obviously, you judge this kind of thing as ethical. This is indeed fair play, but it isn’t ethical.

      To others than you, others who … unlike you … have not been kind during my visit here, I say … only to them … farewell to the bottom-feeders and, please, watch your weight.

      I’ve enjoyed my stay.

      Your hopes are fulfilled. I’m gone.

      • Getashrink Says:

        Stop being so cynical. The internal election of PPT was won by those who support Capriles, and BECAUSE OF THAT it was declared invalid. Podemos was handed over to a guy who should be in jail. How can you have the balls to come here and argue in favor of that?

      • NET Says:

        I actually enjoyed A. Shaw’s stay (although I suspect he may be back under another new pseudonym, as he probably has done before), because it gave me another insight into Chavismo thinking, and a version a little more literate than the usual ones. In any event, I will try to watch my weight, and come up from the bottom now and then for fresh air, before diving back down to the bottom to debate the Chavistas.

        • moctavio Says:

          Sorry, I can’t put up with such unethical fanatics, who can justify anything for their perverse interests.

  12. A. Shaw Says:

    The constitutions of both parties weren’t much help to the Court, because neither constitution deals with the question of a possible break-up of the party or with the distribution of party assets — including party name, treasury, and HQ — after break-up. The court therefore was compelled to deal with both break-ups from scratch or, in other words, with only paltry precedence.

    This was a difficult and thankless task for the Court.

    • Roberto N Says:

      Indeed, difficult and thankless when you have to be a fascist while pretending to espouse socialism. Poor Court! Brings a tear to my one good eye!

    • m_astera Says:

      If there is a difference between socialism and fascism it isn’t apparent to me. The primary goal and principle of both is centralized government control and ownership of everyone and everything “for the good of the people”.

    • loroferoz Says:

      Which it performed in the fairest way possible, awarding everything to the government’s darlings in the party. Please go somewhere else with the BS. Thanks.

  13. If
    HuChaNO looks like an enemy,
    then you are right.
    Now, if in a parallel world,
    HuChaNO looks like an enemy,
    then you are also right.
    Forget Adversaries –
    they don’t belong in
    HuChaNO’s world.
    Henrique Capriles Radonski’s ability to recognize
    enemies and respond appropriately,
    will be the road to a
    new rejuvenated Venezuela.

  14. This kind of dirty tricks makes Chavism loose votes, the people who are members of both parties are politically active or even activists and far from backing off the road to progress it gives them more strength to take Capriles to Miraflores. Anyway most Venezuelans nowadays even though belonging to a political party, have a mind of their own. I was principal member in my county in one of the voting centers during the primary elections where we chose Capriles. Once the “mesas de votación” ere closed a vast number of people remained waiting for the results (good sign) and I remember a very humble man, well in his seventies saying: I have always been, I am and I will always be Adeco (The Party AD was backing Pablo Pérez) but I voted for this boy Capriles because I liked him. He was not the only one to vote according not to a party or a party leader but according to his own criteria. This dirty trick will give us more votes, our “pueblo no es pendejo”.
    Chuo Ortoll

  15. Flick Says:

    What will be the possible electoral-wise consequences of all this? Will there be a relevant number of swing voters that will now vote for chavez in october? I hope Falcon’s new Avanzada Progresista will be able to splinter PPT, maybe even leave the PPT ranks practically desert. Bottom line is Falcón and García need to make a big deal out of this.

  16. Deanna Says:

    And what about the other dirty trick that the CNE pulled by saying that 20,000 voters in Miami have to now go 1,000 miles to New Orleans to vote for whomever they want!!! I’m very suspicious that the results of the election is already a foregone conclusion — Chavez will win even no matter what the real numbers are. Otherwise, why hasn’t Chavez and his people even made any efforts at campaigning? Or is it that the news media I see only mention Capriles’ house-to-house campaign?

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