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If All Excuses Have Been Used, Blame The Opossum

June 15, 2012

Venezuela’s electric power company ran out of excuses again this week and decided to go back to creative ideas and blame an opossum for the latest blackout in Ciudad Guayana. The excuse goes even beyond the opossum by saying that people have been leaving garbage behind, which attracts animals, which then manage to eat a cable, cutting off all power to sections about half the size of a city like Ciudad Guayana.

Of course, nobody explains why there is no clean up to remove the garbage, or measures to prevent people from throwing garbage near the power plant or transformers. But more importantly, how can a system be designed such that a single opossum can short-circuit half a city?

Just asking.

While Government Finances Chavez’ Campaign, Opposition Figures Accounts Are Investigated

June 15, 2012

In the Hugo Chavez Autocracy fairness and honesty are not important when dealing with electoral matters. While La Patilla published a document showing how Ministries financed and mobilized the people to go to Chavez’ rally on Monday, the bank Superintendent asked all financial institutions to provide him with the details of all fund movements in the bank accounts for opposition figures such as Gerardo Blyde, Leopoldo Lopez, Stalin Gonzalez and Delsa Solorzano.

Thus, while Chavez finances his campaign in full violation of the law, in a manner that is punished with jail, the Superintendent of Banks goes fishing to see if any irrelevant amount of money is flowing to Capriles’ campaign via opposition leaders. This limits campaign contributions, as donors are afraid of being harrased for contributing to Capriles’ campaign, while all of the Government’s resources are at the service of Chavez’ efforts in blatant violation of the law.

Such are the unfair and unethical ways of the revolution.