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Watching the sameness from afar

June 24, 2012

I know, I know, I have been derelict in my blogging duties since I have been on vacation, but I have turned my computer on once, while using my iPad all the time, even as a camera. Meanwhile, the comments in the previous post got a little bit out of hand for my taste (you have been scolded!) Meanwhile in Chavez la-la land things are much the same:

-The La Carlota military/high officials airport which Chavez promised to turn into a park a decade ago, only to convert it into a cement processing factory a few months ago, will be turned into a Formula 1 race track, proving once gain that this revolution is a humongous potpurri without any consistency. Talk about a grandiose non-revolutionary project.

-Meanwhile a Chavista Deputy to Parlatino warns that a recent Cornell UnIversity study shows that producing natural gas by fracking contributes 150 times more to Global Warning than producing oil. He fails to note that there are two Cornell studies that happen to contradict each other and that this 150 times is just about the level ofCoal use. Interesting, when the biggest user of coal as a fuel happens to be China, Venezuela’s buddy country, and the Venezuelan Government is the only Carbon producer in the country. And I ask the Deputy: Does Venezuela or Pdvsa have an enviromental policy other than a lot of hot air like his?

-And despite following the Constitution and a vote with an overwheling majority, Chavez and buddies do not accept the Lugo impeachment. Funny how they accepted demotions in Ecuador and Bolivia which resulted in their buddies coming to power. As I said consistency of mush among these guys.

-And as Chavez decides to deal with the crime problem, which he did not acknowledge for 14 years, I read that a bunch of investigative police (27 of them!) killed their own buddy by mistake and tried to cover it up. The whole cover up unraveled when one cop refused to cooperate and denounced the case. I am sure the 27 will go free one day. Just like their bosses, only 3.5% of the CIPCC officers have any scruples or morals.

-And speaking of crime, three lower middle class kids are kidnapped and killed, their bodies horribly thrown into the Avila mountain near the Cota Mil highway. Kidnapping is slowly becoming a democratized crime in Venezuela.

– Oh yeah! I almost forgot how we were visited once again by Iranian President Ahmadinejad, received with full honors by his buddy Chavez. Two days later, Chavez gave the highest ranking General in Belarus the Carabobo star. Mugabe must be coming soon to round up the most importa nt visits.

And I leave you with a picture from where I am. Hope it works, have never managed to make it work from the iPad