Watching the sameness from afar

June 24, 2012

I know, I know, I have been derelict in my blogging duties since I have been on vacation, but I have turned my computer on once, while using my iPad all the time, even as a camera. Meanwhile, the comments in the previous post got a little bit out of hand for my taste (you have been scolded!) Meanwhile in Chavez la-la land things are much the same:

-The La Carlota military/high officials airport which Chavez promised to turn into a park a decade ago, only to convert it into a cement processing factory a few months ago, will be turned into a Formula 1 race track, proving once gain that this revolution is a humongous potpurri without any consistency. Talk about a grandiose non-revolutionary project.

-Meanwhile a Chavista Deputy to Parlatino warns that a recent Cornell UnIversity study shows that producing natural gas by fracking contributes 150 times more to Global Warning than producing oil. He fails to note that there are two Cornell studies that happen to contradict each other and that this 150 times is just about the level ofCoal use. Interesting, when the biggest user of coal as a fuel happens to be China, Venezuela’s buddy country, and the Venezuelan Government is the only Carbon producer in the country. And I ask the Deputy: Does Venezuela or Pdvsa have an enviromental policy other than a lot of hot air like his?

-And despite following the Constitution and a vote with an overwheling majority, Chavez and buddies do not accept the Lugo impeachment. Funny how they accepted demotions in Ecuador and Bolivia which resulted in their buddies coming to power. As I said consistency of mush among these guys.

-And as Chavez decides to deal with the crime problem, which he did not acknowledge for 14 years, I read that a bunch of investigative police (27 of them!) killed their own buddy by mistake and tried to cover it up. The whole cover up unraveled when one cop refused to cooperate and denounced the case. I am sure the 27 will go free one day. Just like their bosses, only 3.5% of the CIPCC officers have any scruples or morals.

-And speaking of crime, three lower middle class kids are kidnapped and killed, their bodies horribly thrown into the Avila mountain near the Cota Mil highway. Kidnapping is slowly becoming a democratized crime in Venezuela.

– Oh yeah! I almost forgot how we were visited once again by Iranian President Ahmadinejad, received with full honors by his buddy Chavez. Two days later, Chavez gave the highest ranking General in Belarus the Carabobo star. Mugabe must be coming soon to round up the most importa nt visits.

And I leave you with a picture from where I am. Hope it works, have never managed to make it work from the iPad


165 Responses to “Watching the sameness from afar”

  1. CharlesC Says:

    Quotation from Gustavo Coronel:
    ” El Fondo Chino es un acto de traición a la nación venezolana. Es un préstamo para ser manejado a la entera discreción de Chávez y su pandilla, pero a ser pagado por los venezolanos de hoy y del futuro, porque estos bandidos han hipotecado parte de la producción petrolera nacional por los próximos diez o más años a fin de garantizarle el pago de la deuda a los Chinos.”
    And, that my friends, is treason. This is one big example of Chavez betraying the country and the people of Venezuela. Why not impeach and have a trial people?Instead almost nobody says NADA and Chavez even runs for re-election. Ever heard of the word “chutzpah”?

  2. CharlesC Says:

    “Venezuela importó el año pasado por valor de 6.774,4 millones de dólares al Mercosur, mientras que le vendió por 1.986,5 millones de dólares, es decir, con una balanza negativa de 4.787,9 millones de dólares, según cifras de la Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración”

    Question- why would someone want to join an organization that you have a
    negative balace last year of almost 5 billion dollars with?

    Chavez says “This will help Venezuela to grow”-doesn’t look like it to me?
    Caprilles says “Venezuela wants to make “real money” in Mercosur”?
    Tell me, how is this going to happen. Will not be easy, I think…

  3. Bruni Says:

    The ones who are currently watching the sameness from afar are us, loyal readers, who are still watching the same Firenze picture since more than a week ago!!!!

    I am seriously considering requesting the intervention of Gabriela Ramirez to defend our rights! Where is Gabriela when one needs her?

  4. CharlesC Says:

    Quote from Maria Corina Machado today: “De acuerdo a la diputada opositora, el Gobierno del presidente Chávez ha llevado a la “destrucción de la capacidad productiva del país” y en una década “ha expropiado más de 4 millones de hectáreas, las mas productivas”.
    9.9 million acres -roughly equivalent to the size of Switzerland.

  5. firepigette Says:

    must c…..just like Chavez does in Venezuela.

    In this commission supposedly for human rights,human rights are totally ignored and technicalities are used to stifle it.

    The dictatorships and authoritarians regimes far outnumber authentically democratic ones, so they get to define the meaning of human rights.

  6. firepigette Says:

    If you scroll up you can see that somebody seem to be haunted by cats .LOL

    Charles C,

    Yes, Chavismo seems to be hell bent on staying in power no matter what.Is the opposition equally determined ?

  7. CharlesC Says:

    “Five leading theoretical physicists have been invited to the event on Wednesday – sparking speculation that the particle has been discovered”

    And, “coincidentally” the Devil is there!

  8. HalfEmpty Says:

    Is there any dough in this Polling Game? I’m looking for a part time gig.

  9. island canuck Says:


    Here’s a new poll taken between June 5 to 15.

    Capriles 47.7% Chavez 43.9%

    I know nothing about this polling company, Predicmática, other than they were started in Valencia in 1987

  10. deananash Says:

    Miguel, just goes to show how much we miss/need you.

  11. CharlesC Says:

    Firepigette said “We are certainly dead set against Chavez continuing in power, is it not true?”Everyday-more “dubious contracts” -rediculous weapons deals-
    signing away the treasure and future of Venezuela.
    Let’s see-will the Press in Venezuela describe this to the people-why it is needed,etc. Will the AN discuss it and will some Generals speak out and say
    “Thank you, Chavez.Boy, we need those tanks…” NO none of the above.
    But, we want Chavez gone- but he can rob us blind, spend all moneyetc and
    we have to keep it not true?

    from Gustavo Coronel today:

    “He says the Russian newspaper Kommersan that a contract for the supply of 100 Russian tanks T-72B1 to Venezuela could be signed within a few days, according to the Venezuelan vice Minister of Foreign Affairs for Europe fear Porras. “We hope that soon subscribe an agreement on Russian arms supplies to Caracas, in particular tanks T-72B1,” said Venezuelan vice Minister source quoted by the Russian newspaper Kommersant. According to Kommersant, the sale will take place within the framework of the 4 billion dollar Russian loan agreed last October. This will be the second purchase of Venezuela Russian tanks in the past two years. In April 2012 Russia completed the supply of 92 tanks T-72B1, within the framework of a contract signed in 2009.Venezuela is one of the main buyers of Russian weapons. Caracas has acquired tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armoured personnel, helicopters, warplanes and missiles among other weapons systems.”

  12. CharlesC Says:

    Firepigette said “This blog…could open up a world of pertinent ideas on Venezuela through the lens of International eyes.”
    For example- most may know already that PDVSA is taking over the oil rig from Repsol that is located off the coast of Cuba. (Repsol spent @150 million and gave up) Below are two comments from Cubans who know Venezuela and Cuba very well:
    1.Look at the safety record of PDSVA, it’s an abomination. Lake Maracaibo is now sterile due to all the oil spills. Have you seen the pictures of the workers covered in oil working in the rivers without any protective gear from the recent pipeline bursts? Have you read about the cities that no longer have water in Venezuela because of the oil spills? This isn’t a disaster waiting to happen, it is a disaster that will happen if they are allowed to proceed.

    2.My thoughts exactly. And Chavez is such an Idiot, and hates the US so much, that an intentional Disaster is not out of the question.

    Especially now that he is Dying, and he knows it. There needs to be some Organization outside Cuba and Venezuela to ensure proper and safe practices are adhered to.
    (The Scarabeo-9 rig is being operated by Professionals from the Norwegian Statoil company, but a joint Vz/Cuban rig could have any Idiot in charge.)

    I find this illuminating. This is what some Cubans think of Venezuela, Chavez, and PDVSA. More importantly, this is what they know to be true based on
    facts and history.

  13. firepigette Says:

    Charles C,

    We are living in the age, where certain types of leftists play the moral equivalency card.In a world that is only black and white and no nuance, it is easy to say that one side is just as guilty as the other.

    But if we look at this moral equivalency argument, it is in its essence quite evil.It can take those whose aims are above board and equate them to those who want the destruction of an entire race or entire country.

    Churchill rallied his people to fight the Germans in World War 2.The Nazis wanted to annihilate the Jews.Both sides were fighting and killing, but it doesn’t take an emotional genius to see the difference in goals.It would be evil to equate them with the same morality.This brand of ” Impartiality” is not always a virtue.We are certainly dead set against Chavez continuing in power, is it not true? We all take sides and maybe, just maybe, one of those sides has better motives, though nothing is 100 %.

    We have this same situation all over the world( of people searching for moral equivalencies), but what applies to us on this blog is how this concept relates to our discussion on Venezuela.It could open up a world of pertinent ideas on Venezuela through the lens of International eyes.

  14. CharlesC Says:

    ***[Avigdor Liebermann is a bloody racist and as much a threat as yes, your Akhmadinejad-per Mr. Kepler. (End of discussion.)]***
    Now, Lukashenko(Bielorussia)was sanctioned -not alllowed to sell certain missiles to Iran. So, Chavez bought the missiles – and then transferred them to
    The US has a “look the other way policy” toward Chavez -even though it is claimed the Israeli intelligence proved Chavez did this.
    And, just think for a moment- if this is true- then I just ask 2 things- why not any mention of this in Venezuelana press and 2. Lukashenko and Ahmadanijad
    visiting with Chavez (not Venezuelan people) is simply flaunting themselves in front of the US and the UN- see, we got away with it and you can’t -are scared to do anything about it..
    Finally, Mr. Kepler- I haven’t heard of Mr. Liebermann violating any UN sanctions -have you?
    ***Mr. Kepler, you are going to win an award this month for comments like
    the one above.***

  15. island canuck Says:

    Supreme Court issues embargo order on GloboVision’s assets for Bs.25 million which is 3 times the amount of the original fine.

    The new polls are obviously bothering his highness.

  16. jonathan Says:

    I would love for you guys participate in the story thread about Venezuela on Storylane:

    Love this blog!


    • marisolazo Says:

      No thanks. A beta format and Facebook login interface don’t do it for me. Are you a journalist collecting stories?

  17. firepigette Says:

    The Venezuelan Empire strikes again.This time potentially causing a civil war by appealing directly to the military leaders.Do as I say , not as I do ?

    • island canuck Says:

      What an ass hat.
      And yet Chavez repeats over & over about the ‘independence” of Venezuela and the “imperio” trying to influence Venezuelan politics

      • CharlesC Says:

        “Los militares paraguayos no usan pantaletas rosadas bajo el verde oliva.”-
        (thanks Luis Garcia). Hey-Maduro and Chavez- Paraguay is not Honduras.

  18. CharlesC Says:

    Venezuelans would do well to pay attention to young voices.
    Mr. Rodriguez is an example of the best of Venezuela.

  19. Roberto N Says:

    MO, perhaps you could re-direct the out of control commenters to http://www.flamewarsdotnet?

  20. moctavio Says:

    Ok people, I am now tired of insults and the like. i have started erasing any comments which I think can be offensive to the many readers that have been complaining about the out of control comments. I will continue to do this until things quiet down. I am extremely sorry and sad it has ended this way.

  21. Johnny Walking Says:

    OT (allowed per the blog’s owner)

    I found out that I am a Marxist when I came across this excellent quote:

    Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.


  22. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, do you have time to go to Gubbio, in Umbria? It is worth it: wonderful location, lots of Middle Age buildings, nice food, Roman theatre and fewer tourists (but avoid Assissi at this time of the year)

  23. CharlesC Says:

    Venezuela and Hugo meddling in South American affairs:
    How about Central America- Honduras?Why did the AN not investigate
    and question what happened in Honduras-re.Chavez.
    1.A computer was found- from Venezuela- in Honduras with the results ofthe quatro urno vote- even though there was no vote.
    2. Ballots were printed in Venezuela and flown to Honduras-and convisicated the day before they were to be distributed.
    3.Honduras elected Parliament 28 June 2009 voted to dismiss the similarly elected President after the military arrested him on the Supreme Court’s orders (and then voluntarily exiled him to avoid armed informers posted by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, would put his plan into effect to relieve him with arms), said virtually the whole world that it was a coup d ‘ étatand that they would not recognize the interim Government under Roberto Micheletti.
    After that he kept the planned elections (which the deposed President of the intelligence material to judge had intended to set up), and a new president is installed, recognized the world around the new President. No one was killed at the deposing of the President, but a few were killed in recent unrest, which was financed and organised by Chávez.(Number3-quote from Honduras historian writer.)
    Anyway-I am sure many of you can point to endless number of proofs of Chavez meddling with Honduras and as noted- people getting killed because
    of Chavez’s orders and money..
    Need we say more- this is evidence to impeach and have a trial of Chavez.
    We all know this. PSUV knows this. The Venezuelan military knows this.
    It is no secret. So,why are Venezuelans silent about it?

    • CharlesC Says:

      There was/is a clause in Honduran Constitution that the Constitution cannot be changed. (Very strict. because of problems in past-long story)
      Anyway, Zelaya (prodded by Chavez) violated -and did othe things too..
      Zelaya-intended tostay in power even though he could not run for reelection..
      Refer back to #2 above- since this was not allowed- the act of printing ballots to change the Constitution was a violation.
      Chavez-a lawbreaker- naw- I would not believe that, would you?Nor would
      he ever encourage anyone else to break the law either, right?

    • island canuck Says:


      You keep asking “..why are Venezuelans silent about it?”.

      What, in god’s name would you have us do?

      Unlike Honduras & Paraguay we have no AN or Supreme Court to do the work for us. Numerous cases have been presented to the SC against Chavez and simply denied & thrown out because he owns the judges.

      The AN is just a rubber stamp body that ignores completely what is happening in the country. The PSUV is a collection of cult worshipers or opportunists that just follow orders to remain in power. Doesn’t matter what happens – power & maintaining Chavez is there only reason to exist.

      The people as a whole are afraid for their jobs, their homes & businesses and the futures of their children. So, with a few exceptions, stay quiet.

      The only way out of this, as I see it, is armed insurrection or a secret ballot.
      The first won’t happen because we are generally unarmed.

      So, what would you suggest?

      • firepigette Says:

        This is a good question Island,one that should have been addressed more seriously a long time ago, I think.Now the situation is far more difficult than at the onset, and of course the answers are probably not the subject of a blog thread.

        But I understand Charles C’s frustration, and when looking back on the unfolding of events, think there are some serious lessons that need to be learned for our future.Lessons that are applicable anywhere as well.My question is why have so many people tolerated the intolerable for so long, and when I heard him say ” why the silence?’…I think of this.
        Obviously when we tolerate the intolerable, we are avoiding a consequence we are afraid of.So my answer to Charles C question would be that…because of fear.

        • CharlesC Says:

          Here’s a quote: “Fear is the main source of superstition,
          and one of the main sources of cruelty. To
          conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.”- Bertrand Russell
          Re. Chavez thinks there’s a yanqui behind every tree
          who wants to steal our oil..

      • CharlesC Says:

        Not an original idea- but the best way to save lives is a “coup d’etat”. Everybody knows that. Cut the head off and the snake dies.
        Problem is the military-Chavez makes sure they are doubly well-fed and brain-washed-and thoroughly infiltrated with spies trained by Cuba and KGB looking for traitors and those plotting against him.(Chavez has created a cult worship military)And, those narcogenerals and generals taking over properties and businesses- stuffing their pockets with money-are not about to turn against their master.
        In other words, the military could care less about “el pueblo” and what is good for Venezuela- they are just pigs! Just like their master!

      • CharlesC Says:

        “Secret ballot” – I hope someone tells even the PSUV-that 7 October is an emergency. “If you vote for Chavez one more time, Venezuela is doomed.”
        And, be prepared for 8 October-because -you know why…

      • island canuck Says:

        “I hope someone tells even the PSUV-”

        Charles have you ever had a discussion with a true believer.

        My mother-in-law is a true cult member. You can’t even suggest that she is not rational in her thoughts. The blood pressure rises & she claims my mind has been poisoned by opposition media. The only news input she has is VTV which she watches countless hours per day.

        For example she thinks Chavez has no idea that Maldonado is being supported to the tune of 65 million a year. Some minister just decided that without Chavez’ support. She has a grandson at USB and says that it is opposition propaganda that their budget hasn’t been increased in years & is less than what Maldonado’s support costs.

        The best parallel I can use is evangelical christians. If you have ever tried to have a rational conversation with one then you would be close to understanding hardcore Chavismo.

        I would guess that this hardcore is around 20%. The rest are just opportunists. Those that were Chavistas in the early 2000’s, & were rational, have long since become opposition. I know 4 just within a few hundred yards that were in the early Chavez marches supporting him and are now strong opposition.

        The opportunists will wait until the last minute to decide which way to jump. If it looks like Capriles will win handily then quite a few will come over.

        The base 20% will NEVER vote for Capriles just as the evangelicals will never become atheists.

        • syd Says:

          Perfect and logical answer, IC, beautifully explained.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Syd, I agree with every word Island Canuck said as well. (May I remind you -review a post you made about what I said -You said- “Your relatives probably will not talk to you because they think you are loco”-something like that-referring to what I said- about relatives are afraid to speak to me because I may say something bad about Chavez)
            I honestly haven’t had much luckwith chavistas-whether here in US or in VZ or relatives or business associates. I don’t want to fight-I hate it because
            time is getting shorter now- what 102 days -it is emergency time. Time to stand up for what is right- not right vs left.

          • syd Says:

            Charles, stop provoking an exchange, using a twisted quote. Like Kepler suggested: End of discussion.

        • Bruni Says:

          Island, you have a lot of patience with your mother in law!

  24. CharlesC Says:

    Venezuela and how the current government associates with Iranian thugs–
    Here is a quote from Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs to the visiting Vice-President of Costa Rica today:
    “Increasingly there are more and more reasons to suspect that Venezuela is helping to Iran with its nuclear program, said Tuesday the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman. Venezuela is providing funds and some kind of assistive technology, suggested Lieberman, and added that it would probably be in exchange for the promise that progress technological seriann used for the benefit of both countries”=
    Isn’t this a “worst-kept” secret of Chavez. In fact, he is so bold to even joke about it all of the time -and yet it really is true.
    I repeat- how can PSUV accept this? Why do Venezuelan people remain silent?

    • Kepler Says:

      Avigdor Lieberman is a racist idiot and his opinion counts only for Fox News viewers. Please, try to find out about that character.

      These are the same people who are feeding pieces of un-information to the likes as wacko Rep Noriega and idiotic Die Welt-Christian evangelical-I-believe-in-the-books-of-Leon-Uris Clemens Wergin.

      Iranian rockets in Paraguana and on the northern part of Margarita!

      Even Caracas Gringo has criticized this view as completely bonkers.

      • CharlesC Says:

        C’mon Mr. Kepler. Mr Lieberman is not a” racist idiot”.Look at the sanctions against Iran and against Bielorussia. Long history is it not?
        There is nothing racist about it- no-actually if there are racists -it is the Iranians, Chavez, and Lukashenko.
        Since you responded-thank you for that- how do you feel about the Chavez
        announcement with Amadinajad -that he gave a port to Iranians 2 TWO years ago ?
        So, the reason Venezuelans do not speak out is- they don’t want to be
        labeled “racists”?
        Finally, are youactually defending Chavez- do you believe:
        a. his intentions are good,
        b. he is lying, full of hate, a racist who dreams of fighting the empire
        and creating a bloodbath?

        • Kepler Says:

          The racism is not about Venezuela. His statements about Arabs as a whole have been pretty much disgusting, for any standard.

          Whatever he sees abroad is a big big complot against the Jewish state (not the Israeli).

          I am saying the Iranian rockets from Venezuela and the uranium claims come from the hawkish of the most hawkish in Israel. A lot of Israeli people –including some very respectable guys like
          Meir Dagan
          are worried by these guys who want by all means to lead to a war with Iran and are promoting the idea of Venezuela-Iran bombs and uranium…just like those close to Bush (Cheney specially) promoting the uranium-Niger-Saddam-Osama bin Laden connection (when anyone who was not a Marine or such knew how improbable that was, as the Plame affair, among other things, showed to US Americans).

          Your view is very similar to the classical Bush-born-again one of “if you are not with us you are with the terrorist”. There are more than two opinions and positions on Earth, old boy.

          Are you a former Venezuelan who did military service in the US or something? Are you perhaps a former Marine?
          I say it because I keep having this kind of conversation with Latin Americans who decided to go to the US Army and get the US nationality and are often, even if not always, taking some rather special religious/conservative views and try to get as far to the right in the political spectrum as possible, having quite a simplistic view of the world…if we don’t believe your whole credo against someone we both dislike, we are the friends of your foe…

          • CharlesC Says:

            Yes. I told you that before. That is why you repeat it..
            Regardless of where you plot me and my views on your charts and graphs
            the questions remain
            a. Is Chavez “full of good intentions”?
            b.don’t you think it is illegal to give a port away to anyone-not just Iran?
            Whether you like me or not -or approve of my past is not the issue here…

            • CharlesC Says:

              Here is an answer from someone who speaks from their heart:
              “Es una frase discriminatoria, fascista, incita al odio. Es pues desde todo punto de vista falso, las condiciones para ser venezolano las establece la constitución…recuerda al nazismo, cuando Hitler comenzó su caída apeló al nacionalismo. es increíble como apoyan a dictadores como los de Zimbabwe, Bielorrusia, Siria, Cuba, intervienen en otros países, estableciendo bloqueos de petroleo, apoyan a los radicales del mundo como las Farc, y quieren decir que eso los hace autenticos Venezolanos….triste, lamentable…llaman violentos a los otros cuando apoyan a las Farc, hacen homenajes, minutos de silencio…ser Venezolano es amar la democracia…no apoyar la compra indiscriminadas de armas, pura chatarra….es triste ver noticias como que Venezolanos son enjuiciados por narcotraficantes, lavado de dolares, exportar material bélico…eso da dolor…o que se desprecie a los excelentes médicos Venezolanos, por otros médicos inexpertos e improvisados. Que aquí se les deje impune a extranjeros corruptos, que vienen como expertos sin saber del tema. Que se haya destruido el aparato productivo del país para importar alimentos que se pudren porque colocaron gente ineficiente en los puertos. Aun así, aunque esto tenga 14 años, que ese partido se beneficie de eso, y de los reales de los trabajadores públicos, a los que obligan a dar un día de salario.No puedo decir que los chavistas no son venezolanos, aunque lo parezcan”(Mr. Ramos from Universidad de Carabobo)

            • Kepler Says:

              Charles, that’s racism. So what? Does it make Lieverman’s general stance less racist and his statements about rockets less stupid?

              As for the other preposterous question: it is illegal to give ports away, be it Venezuela to Iran or Cuba to the USA or anything. So what? Why do you start asking stupid questions when I am referring to something completely different? As I said: I express my doubts about statements from some wacky groups on a Venezuelan issue and then you start asking questions about how bad someone else is, sort of expecting that my answer to that would prove your point: if I say yes on something bad, you show how bad I am, if I say the expected answer, it is, for you, a proof that whatever other statement you said before is right…
              Independently on Chávez’s bad intentions, no matter how shitty it is that we are losing control of some port, no matter Chávez is a racist, this does not make it more true what Lieverman said and it doesn’t make him a less disgusting guy as a whole.

              You really are not into logic and analytical thinking, man.
              I stop wasting my time with you.
              Go talk to the association of the Marines.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Mr. Kepler- you are biased and are one-sided against someone you probably know little about. Try learning the whole story- Mr. Lieberman
            has been unfairly labeled and you are echo of what your friends are saying,
            but, you will not admit it. It cuts both ways-there are plenty of people who agree with him and plenty who disagree…
            I don’t see how you can call yourself fair, lay off of him.
            I don’t expect any breaks from you -I know I can depend on you tobe
            hard left- but the point is- you said it previosly- stay on topic.
            Topic is- what the hell are Iran and Chavez really REALLY up to-a.
            good intentions, or b. some really insane bs. Tell me- which do you think?

            Gideon Alon, Not racist, stigmatized, Haaretz, 25 April 2009

            • Kepler Says:


              What do I think? I think you can ask your mother. You really act like one of those who followed Bush when he said ‘you are either with the terrorists or
              with me’.

              End of discussion

          • Ira Says:

            “A lot of Israeli people –including some very respectable guys like
            Meir Dagan, are worried by these guys who want by all means to lead to a war with Iran and…”


            In other words, “these guys want by all means to lead to a war with Iran.”

            This is what you wrote, correct? That now, it is the ISRAELIS who pose a threat to world peace in the middle east–although it has been Ahma (his name doesn’t merit full spelling) who has constantly called for Israel’s destruction?

            The veneer of your supposed intelligence has been stripped away months and months ago, but it’s important to remind visitors here just how thin that veneer has been all along.

            Are you also one of those guys who claim that the German Wehrmacht, the average German soldier, wasn’t blatantly guilty of horrific war crimes, and that it was only the SS who did all of the “bad” stuff? Although all evidence clearly indicates that the average German soldier willingly and happily took part in the atrocities?

            Let’s discuss these past crimes, in order to properly judge TODAY’S crimes, which you seem to have a difficult time doing.

            • Kepler Says:

              You really have reading and comprehension problems. Meir Dagan is an Israeli. And there are millions who think like him and they are worried because of these hawkish types.
              Or are you saying now Meir is not a real Israeli? Wao, that is like when Chávez said whoever is not with him is not a Venezuelan. Whoever rejects Liebermann is not an Israeli?

              Avigdor Liebermann is a bloody racist and as much a threat as yes, your Akhmadinejad. You just have to take the time to read through his statements threatening whole groups of people, a whole state, a whole ethnicity.

              You really are pathetic. Do you go every day through Miami or New York telling people your parents were victims of the holocaust and they should treat you better because of that? “Have pity, have pity with me!”
              Really a caricature. Thanks God you are the exception. You should learn from Amira Haas

              By the way: there are Arab Israelis, if you didn’t know. They are as much a part of Israel as Dagan or, yes, wacky Liebermann. Hm…LIebermann…that sounds so German…and in fact, his Hebrew has a clear Yiddish influence and Yiddish is a German dialect. Most female haplogroups across Jewish groups have an European origin, just like Greta and Isabel. What is it then?

              Is Haas an anti-Semite and anti-Jewish for criticizing the policies of the Israeli government? Dagan, who was a hero of the Israeli army?

              Is anyone here an anti-Venezuelan for criticizing the policies of the Venezuelan government?

              End of discussion with you as well.


        • Ira Says:

          How can Lieberman be a racist, when Arabs are semites, just like (most) Israelis?

          Do you mean to say he doesn’t particularly like Arabs? Well, that’s a different thing entirely, correct?

          It’s kind of like people claiming that their antipathy towards Israel has nothing to do with them being Jewish. That it’s only a political thing.

          Or is it acceptable for Arabs and others to criticize Israelis for their policies without being labeled racist, but Israelis aren’t allowed to do the same about their Arab neighbors?

          Doesn’t sound like you thought this out to carefully.

  25. People who are not part of that discussion are getting annoyed. i have received about a dizen emails asking me to do something because it is no longer fun to read or participate in the comments and suggesting I impose some order. I still hopeeople will leave that controversy behind and discuss Venezuela, I still have a few more days of vacation and really can’t do(or even think) much about this, Please give me a hand, the blog should be a fun place to debate, not to fight, ridicule and insult and I just came back frim a wonderful dinner in a great restaurant in a tiny town in Toscana calledCerbaia.

  26. Boys and Girls
    if you don’t stop sniping at each other,
    I’m not going to play! sniff.. sniff…

  27. firepigette Says:

    Johnny Walking,

    People can get their information using wikipedia or other sources, or they can get their information through experience.We can present facts, and we can present opinions.You are not the one to decide.

    I prefer experience when I have that possibility.In my case many of my family members live in Belarus.I know the place personally.

    There have been many comparisons made between Belarus and Venezuela on these blogs and I was not the one who brought up the subject.

    It has been more than clear to me that you do not like what I write.I don’t like what you write either.This is bound to happen in any group of people.

    However as long as you or I are not the blog monitors, I think it is better that Miguel be the one to decide if our comments are proper or not.

    If you insist on insulting the people whose comments you do no approve of you are only usurping the position of the blog owner.

    If both of us do this every time we don’t like each other comments, the blog will be ruined, so I suggest you take a deep breath, calm down and stop reading my comments if you can’t handle what I have to say.

  28. Johnny Walking Says:

    There are a couple of individuals posting comments in this blog for which the phrase “deductive reasoning” really constitutes a challenge. They seem to have failed to develop it, something that usually occurs during the years of high school education. Deductive reasoning is produced using hard facts, which one can only get privy of by … reading. Of course, when someone does not care much about well established facts but insists on producing an “opinion,” then the result is some outlandish claim about the happiness of the people of a certain country living in a dictatorship or asserting that in “In Latin America if you give a president time to defend himself, you risk civil war.” And, of course, there is the issue of sticking to the topic at hand. Then there are those who debase the blogger’s post by making tasteless remarks or veering completely off-topic in a most irrelevant way. Or when asking rhetorical questions that can be answered by a 5-year old due to the obviousness of the answer. All of this is quite annoying and can lead anyone to lose his/her patience resulting in some not so civilized behavior against these people. The cure for all of this is to ignore them completely and not to reply to any of their comments.

    • NicaCat56 Says:

      You need to look in the mirror and realize that you’re speaking about yourself.

    • Ira Says:

      Hey, I just wanted to know if I’m growing my herb seeds correctly! 🙂

    • extorres Says:

      lol Like not wanting to accept a medical dictionary definition? Look in the mirror, indeed!

      • Johnny Walking Says:

        • extorres Says:

          “deductive reasoning” really constitutes too much of a challenge for you, Johnny Walking?

          • Johnny Walking Says:

            First came the inconsequential, then the psychotic blabbered. They need and have been completely ignored. Finally, the complete moron just added himself to the list. That didn’t take long. Bye bye, “conducto sanguineo.”

            • extorres Says:

              Then came the guy using the same tricks chavistas use.

              A) it wasn’t “conducto” as you keep repeating, showing your lack of reading skills, or worse.
              B) you still haven’t addressed the argument, showing the lack of “deductive reasoning” you were touting.
              C) you seem to be projecting the psychotic and moronic elements on others.
              D) Again, look in the mirror, indeed.

              If you care to address a real argument: it was ducto sanguineo, a phrase that holds medical dictionary water, though you wish others to take your word for it that the use of such a phrase is sufficient to disqualify other MDs for using it.

            • Johnny Walking Says:

              Conducto and ducto are synonyms, you moron. Lol! And, please, don’t look in the mirror, it may destroy you. You would see a complete idiot! End of this.

            • extorres Says:

              So you mean “conducto” as in: “Órgano del cuerpo que tiene forma de tubo: las venas y arterias son conductos por los que circula la sangre; el conducto lacrimal.”

              Are you accepting that “conducto sanguineo” exists? And that a doctor is not wrong in referring to tubes that carry blood in the human body as such?

      • syd Says:

        ET: let me know when you’ve obtained your medical degree…on top of all your *multiple* other credentials.

        • extorres Says:

          syd, Firstly, let me point out that you are the one starting with me, not the other way around. Secondly, that your response does not address the arguments, but tries to diminish my comment by diminishing me. Thirdly, that your attempt to diminish me, can easily be applied to you, so you might want to use the mirror that Johnny Walking simply refuses to use.

          Lastly, how about telling me why take one medical doctor’s word against another’s when the other one has the support of a medical dictionary?

          • syd Says:

            ET: I don’t have the luxury of time you enjoy to engage in futile debates on topics in which you obviously have no qualification. Nor am I here to point out the absurdity of pretense. Insofar as your question, let me repeat Kepler’s suggestion: ask your mother. End of discussion.

            • extorres Says:

              You demonstrate over and over that you do have the time to engage in futile debates. You could have just as easily have attempted to disqualify my argument rather than my person, but you invariably choose the lower road. You also seem to miss the irony in attempting to disqualify others by ways that could just as easily disqualify you.

              My mother wouldn’t know why you would support the doctor that is not supported by the medical dictionary. She would tell me to ask you. Why do you?

          • TheCat Says:

            Extorres, I’m so glad you came into the picture, as it were! Let me just warn you that you’re dealing with two characters, to put it as PC as possible, who believe that they know all, see all, and above all, are experts in any/everything that is Venezuelan, not to mention also being major sycophants. Just read this blog post, and the previous one, too Although Miguel has attempted very nicely to address these individuals, his efforts seem to have gone over their heads (maybe because they are so large? I don’t know how anyone could NOT understand what MO has written!) Anyway, pay them no mind; I don’t think that many others do.

  29. Kepler Says:

    Miguel, thanks.
    Some more silly questions.
    1) if the Chávez regime wanted to get some money this year other than via Chinese or Russian channels, what interest rates would it be paying, al ojo por ciento?
    2) If Chávez were still ruling in 2017 and oil prices were basically at current levels…that would be atonement time, right? The government would massively devalue in 2016, would it not? (it will probably do that as well after the governors’ elections, I suppose)

    • moctavio Says:

      They have to pay 12% long term, say 2036. They would have o preparefunds to pay for 2017. Part of the funds could be rolled over. I think the massive devaluation will come next year in any case, there are close to 20 Bs. For each dollar in reserves and the Government sells dollars for 4.3. Devaluing helps in paying debt, but you still nedd hard currency. I really think oil prices will go back up. Last year alone 18 million cars were sold in China, they need gasoline for them , no matter how soft the European or American economies may get.

      • Bloody Mary Dry Says:

        Wooouuu: 18.000.000 cars mean (assuming 1 gallon per day per car) around 900,000 additional barrel per day each year (assuming 18mm/year, although this number doesn’t look sustainable)…. That’s a lot of oil, and this is just for Chinese cars, and that’s why I believe China counts in the countrie’s equation in one way or in the other. So opposition must befriend with China, not the opposite.

  30. CharlesC Says:

    Referring to:”Venezuela and how the current government associates with Bielorrussian thugs”
    Glad to see them speak the truth.
    As I mentioned before-“Why does the PSUV support this”?

    Who besides Chavez is the “point-man” with Bielorrusia? I suppose the military
    and Cuban intelligence who are operating in Venezuela.

  31. moctavio Says:

    Venezuela has been junk or along time, rated B+, worse than allbyt Grece. They say ut is stable, the oil money and theexternal funds provide a cyshion. Venezuela has no big maturties in 2013, abit more in 2014, lessin 2015 and 2016, lots in 2017, none this year.

  32. Kepler Says:

    I keep hearing about Moody saying this and that about the mess Europe and Spain, Greece, Italy, etc are in. What are they actually saying regarding Venezuela and how does it compare to Greece now, do you know?

  33. firepigette Says:


    I was referring to that if you read what I said as well.I do not think that Venezuela will be learning much from Belarus about the voting situation.They have totally different systems with totally different problems.

    The problems in Belarus are more related to limited opportunities, rather than to misery.

    Many people in Belarus immigrate for those reasons….I think in Venezuela the crime play a big part as well.

    Some Bielorrussians can get a changan(sp?) to go to Germany fairly easily but many prefer not to.

  34. firepigette Says:

    I am not sure it is easy to make too much comparison between Belarus and Venezuela.

    Lukachenko is way more popular in Belarus than is Chavez in Venezuela.Chavez needs to manipulate the vote ever so much in order to win.

    The Bielorussian people have traditionally been relatively happy with the state of things.They have enough to eat, a place to live, free health care and education, and a clam environment in which to live their lives.A bit like Western Europe but less free.Not so with Venezuela.Venezuelans are voting for Chavez knowing that the majority are living in misery.

    It is prohibited from talking bad about Lukachenko in public, and most Bielorussians accept this.Not so in Venezuela at all.So you see what is needed is not the same.

    I realize we can always make a comparison between anything, and that is fine as long as we remember to be aware of the immense differences when applicable.

    • Kepler Says:

      Nobody is making comparisons between Belarus and Venezuela here.
      We are talking about what Belorussians are doing in Venezuela. Please, read again what was written before typing in.

      I am perfectly aware of the situation in Belarus. Yeah, and I know about your family there.

    • syd Says:

      Kepler jumped in before I did to comment on what reads as condescension, if not misinformation.

      Belarusians emigrate for economic, military, political, and religious reasons. Some estimates put the number of Belarusians living abroad at between 3 to 3.5 million. Between that and the low fertility rate, the Belarrusian government has been actively recruiting for immigrants “of color”, especially from India.

      Googling the subject matter before opining might be a really good idea.

      • firepigette Says:

        “Kepler jumped in before I did to comment on what reads as condescension”

        Syd starts the insults instead of information again.Apparently she cannot stop

        • Kepler Says:

          Can you stick to the topic of the post?
          It’s about what is happening in Venezuela, with the help of Belarussians, Chinese, Iranians or others.

          Venezuela and Hugo’s waste of money
          Venezuela and Hugo’s disastrous economic policies
          Venezuela and Hugo meddling in South American affairs
          Venezuela and Hugo’s appalling record on crime
          Venezuela and how the current government associates with Iranian thugs
          Venezuela and how the current government associates with Belorussian thugs

          I think those are the issues…and Florence’s weather.

          • firepigette Says:


            tell that to Syd who said the following:

            “I wonder if the tractor training school in Minsk has a division for smartmatic tinkering.”

            I was referring to that.

        • syd Says:

          You want information, FP? I provided a few nuggets to counter your mystical fabrications. As for my interpretation of condescension, this should not be news to you; others elsewhere have stated the same. Tip: If you’re not completely familiar with the topic, which is evident, try googling it — doesn’t take long to read a little and verify the outlandish comments. In the alternative, consider asking questions, or wondering about x, rather than issue sweeping statements on a culture in order to give the impression of being knowledgeable. Thank you.

  35. CharlesC Says:

    And, the mafia Belorussian(who is in prison now in Belorussia) whom Chavez gave 10 million dollars to build housing in Venezuela. None has been built-nor will be..

  36. Kepler Says:


    And Luka is coming. About his pal who got a medal, I think the Wikipedia article is worth reading:

    The Belarus press mentions Sheiman’s frequent visits:
    He was there 27 Sep to 3 October. Since last year there are some Venezuelans in Minsk learning tractor technology (?????? how to repair what goes bust every day?…so it’s not only Venezuelan thugs learning at the KGB – yes, that’s still the name in Belarus- facilities) and this year the Belarussians want to set up a factor in Barinas…of all places again…there is talk about iron from Venezuela for agricultural machines from Belarus, same story.

    This guy Sheiman is really creepy…

    • syd Says:

      Welcome back, Kep. Missed your solid reasoning. If Shaiman was banned (2006-2008) from entering the US and the EU for allegedly participating in the manipulation of the results of the presidential election, I wonder if the tractor training school in Minsk has a division for smartmatic tinkering.

      • Kepler Says:

        I don’t think the Slavs are into the voting system. They are doing other stuff…like training Venezuelans at the Academy of War in what is simply intelligence work, the full monty, so to speak: 4 to 5 year training on such things as SIGINT (no hope vis-a-vis outsiders but an issue for naive Venezuelans) and plain sabotage (something in which Chavistas always had good training, never mind they cannot solve a simple regla de tres).
        There is nothing secret about all this, one just has to browse their sites a wee bit and draw some very basic conclusions if not explicit.

        As for the electoral system: I think Chavismo has other plans, from B to Z99.

        Do you know many Leyvi Catherine’s?
        Well, I didn’t know a single one but there is one with an CI 19777305 and another one with CI 19777306. They both vote at the same centre in Táchira and they were both born on the same day, 29 March 1991. I reckon they look very much the same.
        There are about 40000 more with similar patterns – one of the strange patterns-…and Caldera, our deputy for Primero Justicio, has repeatedly said there is nothing to be worried about because “hagan la trampa que hagan los chavistas, no podrán contra nosotros”.

        I can send you whole lists of such numbers.
        Aparentemente algunos quieren ganarles a los chavistas a fuerza de mirarlos feo.

      • syd Says:

        Hi Kep, I was being facetious with my wondering if the tractor training school had a div. for smartmatic tinkering. And yes, it was a silly thought, especially with Luka in perpetual power. Then again, Shaiman was thought to have manipulated electoral results (where?), an accusation that surely did not arise from thin air.

        As for the list of duplicates + of C.I.’s, why not send it to (Leopoldo López or Aveledo? @) Comando Tricolor Nacional with your well-referenced comments, and a cc to the editor of Opiniones at El Universal??

        Suspect Caldera is simply politicking … para no alarmar. Echale bola, pues.

  37. Rojorojito Says:

    I’ve been away for quite some time. When did Chaves die? What??? He is still alive??? Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  38. CharlesC Says:

    –” later, Chavez gave the highest ranking General in Belarus the Carabobo star. ”

    “Este domingo, el presidente Chávez anunció la llegada de su homólogo europeo y dijo que era un “honor recibir a ese buen amigo de Venezuela, hermano y compañero Presidente de Bielorrusia”

    They are not NOT my friend and brother. Are they yours, Mr. Walking?
    (I cannot count the times you insulted me on this blog-yet- not a word
    about Lukashenko -is he your pal?) Whose your favorite- Mugabe?
    Ok, let’s move along now! I seriously- very seriously want to know your
    opinion. -Mr. Walking – do you appreciate Chavez giving the Carabobo star
    to that freakin’General from Belarus. Personally I feel insulted.

  39. CharlesC Says:

    “we were visited once again by Iranian President Ahmadinejad, received with full honors by his buddy Chavez”- and then Chavez and Ahmawhackjob had a press conference where Chavez announced that -2 years ago- 2 FREAKIN years ago -Chavez gave a freakin port to Iran! (Just last week Chavez was in news about some ports are now 49% owned by Cuba [he just gave them to Cuba] and Cubans are coming over to work at them.)
    People- why don’t anyone say anything?- Why doesn’t the AN impeach this idiot for Treason? Why does the PSUV support this? I am beyond the rant
    stage. Is there anyone on this website who accepts this behavior?
    Is there anyone who hs the cojones to say IMPEACH CHAVEZ.
    Do you want your port given away. HELL NO!!!! Wake up!!
    How on earth can a “President defend himself for this type of behavior.
    Mr Walking- are you interested in “due process”?
    Matter of fact- why don’t you start by giving your reaction to what
    Chavez said=Yep, I gave them the port-2 years ago. It’s your. Do what you want.( and they are going to install missiles-but let’s move along for now)
    Finally- every day there is lots of news and very little commentary of substance by the “so called smart,experts” on this blog. Mr. Walking -how do you like the
    giving away of half of how many ports to Cuba, bringing Cubans to work the ports. How about that, I can’t hear you?

    • CharlesC Says:

      “De nuevo en este caso, el Congreso paraguayo pareciera estar destituyendo a Chávez.
      Pareciera, por lo tanto, que Chávez protesta el juicio en contra de Lugo porque se parece demasiado al juicio que se le pudiera seguir a él en Venezuela, si existiese gente decorosa y con testículos bien puestos en nuestras instituciones.”from Gustavo Coronel today.

      • CharlesC Says:

        I truly love Mr. Coronel!
        “Este inmenso Club de Cobardes es una verdadera verguenza para la región.
        Chávez: eres un cínico que ve la paja en el ojo ajeno pero no el bosque en el tuyo. Te conozco, mascarita”
        In baseball, they say” he got some wood behind that one”!!!!

  40. moctavio Says:

    I was hoping with the new post the problems with the old thread would be forgotten and we could start fresh, but this is clearly not happening. This is really the first time since my blog began that there has been conflict between more than two people. I have always tried to be open, flexible, but it is reaching the point that readers are complaining openly. I hate censorship, I have banned two people from this blog for consistently making comments off topic and failing to talk about the posts. One or two comments off topc are all right, but when the comments becomes a battleground it is a problem for theblogger and the other readers. So, please let’s be civil and stay on focus even if it is about gardening. And please, please, do not insult each other. Chavez already does that daily.

    • firepigette Says:


      I love your comment.There is no reason for us to be insulting.We can disagree without qualifying our statements with denigrating putdowns.

      If I say ” I don’t agree with your analysis for “X” reason….it is different ballgame from saying ” you need to take your meds”.

      There is no debate possible when insults are involved.

      I hope we all find the peace necessary to contribute to the blog in a civilized manner.

      All the best

    • syd Says:

      Bravo on your stand against the multiple OTs, Miguel. I support it.

      With all due respect, your blog was becoming a cesspool of unrelated youtube presentations, inane comments, dumb jokes, critiques by parachutists, and criticism of anyone contributing any substance, related to the post or thread. This disrespect gave rise to further uncontrolled behaviour from several, myself included. The culprits know who they are, and who’s trying to smell like a rose as though they were not part of the development.

      • NicaCat56 Says:

        Wow. You still don’t get it, do you?

      • CharlesC Says:

        “uncontrolled behaviour from several, myself included. The culprits know who they are, and who’s trying to smell like a rose”Syd- can we get this
        straight- are you part of the “they” or a part of the “we”?

      • CharlesC Says:

        so the blog-“was turning into a cesspool,,,and the culprits doing it were trying to smell like a rose” and you came and saved the day with
        your whip and bunches of lavender.
        Syd-you have been watching too much “Dudley DoRight of the RCMP”-ha!!

    • Ira Says:

      On Friday, I planted a ton of basil, oregano and parsley seeds in my germinating tray indoors and they all started sprouting already, except for the parsley!

      I have a grow light on them about 8 hours a day, but what’s the deal with doing this for germinating seeds? Can that be a bad thing?

      • Ira Says:

        I wanted to germinate some other seeds that a friend of mine could give me, but my wife and the law won’t allow me.

      • Ira Says:

        I hope nobody gets into a pro or con fight regarding the light!

      • m_astera Says:


        If the seeds germinate you are doing the right thing, light or no light. Some few seeds will only germinate in light, on top of the soil. Parsley seed is notoriously difficult to germinate; an old European saying was that “only witches can grow parsley”. It may need abrasion, as in lightly rubbing the seeds with fine sandpaper, or a few weeks in the freezer.

        • Ira Says:

          Thanks–I couldn’t figure out why the parsley still isn’t germinating. I’m also a little worried that my basil and oregano are too “stalky.” Like, the stems are about 1/2″ long with the the two leaves on top.

        • syd Says:

          M_astera: ojo, te está tomando el pelo.

        • m_astera Says:

          No, no estoy tomando el pelo. Abrasion is needed to get some seeds to germinate. Many others need to experience “winter” by being frozen or refrigerated for a while. Some conifer seeds won’t germinate until they have experienced a fire. I’ve never grown parsley from seed so I’m only guessing on what is needed to break dormancy.

          If Ira’s herb seedlings are looking “leggy” they probably need more light.

          • syd Says:

            m_astera, me refería a que ira te/nos estaba tomando el pelo, prueba de cual no te ha contestado. Sin embargo, yo agradezco tu explicación. No entendía por qué el paquete de semillas (de Inglaterra) decía que había que poner las mismas (envueltas) en el congelador. gracias.

  41. Deanna Says:

    At least the weather is better in Florence than in Brussels, where I was for a month (May to June). Love Italy!!!

  42. firepigette Says:

    Lichtenstein is tiny but so pretty and cheerful.I have never been to Switzerland but would love to go because I have close friends living there now- hope you post some pictures of it.

  43. David Says:

    Enjoy Florence and Italy victory in the Euro soccer. Are you going to the Alps next?

  44. hgdam Says:

    Enjoy Florence, diablillo. Hope it is not over run with Germans. I was there in 1990 during my honeymoon. Great town, but when there are more Germans than Italians in that city, oh well….

  45. Dr. Faustus Says:

    Lovely photo, but… The silly TV antennas (?) look out-of-place to the right of the medieval parapet. When you have time in the morning go knock on their door and tell the people there to get with it, buy cable or something.

    This caught my eye…

    “Meanwhile a Chavista Deputy to Parlatino warns that a recent Cornell UnIversity study shows that producing natural gas by fracking contributes 150 times more to Global Warning than producing oil.”

    Oil producing countries are getting extremely nervous about the ongoing ‘fracking phenomenon’ here in the states. It’s apparent that the Chavistas have caught on to this as well. The new abundance of natural gas is staggering, beyond belief. More important is the technology known as “cracking ethane,” which takes natural gas and ‘cracks’ it into ethylene and polyethylene, the foundations of the plastics industry. In the future more and more plastic will be manufactured using gas instead of oil. I highly recommend reading this brief article to get an idea as to how this phenomenon can wreak havoc with future oil prices. Good stuff.

    • syd Says:

      Faust, I appreciate your coherence and link. I had trouble putting a lot of credibility into alfin’s writeup, one reason being, the writer did not supply his qualifications to subtantiate his technical knowledge on the petrochemical and economic points of view. In sum, I kept asking myself, “where’s the beef?”

      I only know a few surface issues related to fracking, and I’m familiar with the (green) pressures against developing this industry, in the US. Otherwise, I gather that Shell is just now scouting (considering) sites in PA, OH, and WV. Nothing yet written in stone. Meaning, that it could take another 5 years for this industry just to begin to chug along — if the green light is at all supplied.

      We’ll see if lower demands for oil affects the pricing — this coming winter, the traditional period for seeing a rise in oil prices.

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      You should be aware that Shell Oil did in fact decided on the location for their new 4 billion + ethylene plant. It will be located just north of Pittsburgh. Shell is also building one in Qatar, sitting on top of one of the largest gas deposits in the world. If you study AlFin’s pie chart you’ll note the reason for the panic among oil producing nations, including Venezuela. The more you replace gas with oil, as per those Shell plants noted above, the greater likelyhood that the demand for oil will decrease. It’s very important stuff to know.

      • syd Says:

        OK, Shell has decided on the location of the ethyline plant north of Pittsburgh (the TimesOnline link in alfin was dated Jan.). But does Shell have approval for the go-ahead? Or is it just a Memorandum of Agreement? Keep in mind, there needs to be pre-feasibility, feasibility plans before any concrete step is taken. Methinks it might be a long way to Tipperary.

  46. Bruni Says:

    PS. Enjoy the Forza Italia celebrations tonight!

  47. Bruni Says:

    Firenze, Piazza della Signoria.

    Don’t complain about our comments. If you leave us alone and don’t do your job…

    • syd Says:

      agree with Bruni on the complaints issue.

      For me, the fireballing was critical in revealing what Johnny Walking wondered about, and I am beginning to believe: that there’s a link between two psychotics who periodically parachute into these blogs, never to follow the post, nor the threads, but only to stir the pot. And by psychotic, I don’t mean maybe.

      These two seem to have a Nicaragua connection from their principal pseudonyms, Nica-Cat (born in 1956) and Boli-Nica. Might they be ex-sandalistas? The first is originally from the southern cone (her ‘sos vos’ a dead give-away), who years ago, lived in California, teaching Spanish. Maybe she still does. The second, Jay White, has tried to ‘amedrentarme’ by calling three times, twice collect. Definitely an american-sounding voice. He’s being tracked.

      The revelation might not have happened with your presence, Miguel. Not to say that I don’t want you back at the post … but you know what I mean. So thanks to the cat being away (and I don’t mean the psychotic one), the mice got busy.

      • NicaCat56 Says:

        You know, syd, now you’ve done it. You are a bully, and a mean one, at that. Your “information” is wrong, your pseudo analysis is wrong, AND your pandering is wrong. The only one who’s psychotic here is you. Pendeja.

        • syd Says:

          @NicaCat: The treatment protocol seems to be working for you, your writing’s more coherent than it’s been lately. Now, how about actually behaving like a normal person, following the post, contributing something of substance, or at the very least, following the threads. That would be a first for you and your delusional pal who’ve been snooping on these blogs, in an information collection mode, both of you acting like true jackasses, when you’re not thinking you’re part of some grand scheme. P.S. Your labels mean nothing, coming from a proven ‘descompuesta’.

        • syd Says:

          OT/Spanish language: interesting description on “el voseo” in LatAm, Nicaragua’s use being similar to that of the southern cone:

          Otherwise, the tracking is tightening on the information-collecting ‘paracaidistas’, one of whom engages in an indictable offense, when he’s not pretending he’s got information through the U.S. State Dept.

      • Bruni Says:

        he-he, I actually think Miguel was complaining because we ended up discussing lavender plants!

        BTW my is getting much better thanks to the wonderful advise I got while Miguel is away 🙂

        • syd Says:

          Hooray! Btw, my neighbour up the street is Italian-born. Every late March or April she brings out of her garage two very large containers, each about 4 ft. in diameter, holding a lot of rich dark earth and a fig tree, trimmed every year. The containers are on large flat trolleys. Around Nov., she brings them into her (marginally insulated) garage for the winter and usually covers the canopies loosely for a little added protection from the winter winds, when the garage door is opened. What I’m saying is that if you want that lavender in a pot to come back in next spring, you have to bring it indoors, in the winter, and put it in the dark.

          • Bruni Says:

            Syd, you know what I just found? That in the old wood of last-year lavender there are tiny attempts to a plant! I am so excited!

            Someone told me that the guys in the Easter townships to adapt the lavenders to our climate used over and over the seeds of those that survived the winter and now cover the plants with a thick layer of straw.

            I’ll try your neighbour method this year. This is really exciting!

          • syd Says:

            Bruni, since Miguel allows gardening exchanges (and of course they relate to the photo in his last post), I’m delighted to reply. You will find that small lavender plants shoot up at a small and not-so-small distance from the parent. From a youtube on caring for lavender plants, I learned that the stems should be cut fairly short in the late fall so that new growth doesn’t become woody. That’s what I did last fall. I will wait for August to see how high these plants go.

            I look forward to reading about the lavender farm in your cuentos intrascendentes, and to finding out what type of plants they use. As for straw, I doubt that that would work as an insulating mechanism in a pot. I mean, think how cold clay gets in the winter. So, too, would a lavender plant without a lot of earth as ‘un abrigo’.

  48. CharlesC Says:

    My wife said put a tan on that statue and shave the beard and I used to look like that when I stepped out of the shower.
    Anyway, she coined a new nickname for me: “Ineptune”That is what
    happens when Neptune gets old.

  49. Sigh …
    lovely surroundings,
    not a care in the world,
    surrounded by comely ladies …


  50. ErneX Says:

    I love my iPad but taking pictures with it you look like a dork 🙂

  51. m_astera Says:

    That fountain is one bizarre conglomeration for sure. I mean the sculpture is well crafted but the composition? What is the little guy under his legs doing? LOL.

    • CharlesC Says:

      I think they are young “satyrs” and they are holding cups for wine.
      Symbolic figures” they are lovers of wine and women, and they are ready for every physical pleasure” -Wikipedia

  52. jiec Says:

    By Carbon, do you mean coal or CO2?

  53. firepigette Says:

    Neptune is a god who represents the unconscious, the underwater world of the sea, and that which is normally invisible to the human eye but still affects everything that goes on in the world.To explore it requires you to dive deep and then generally only have hazy images.

    Applied to Chavismo, all the murky unknown and confusing elements that go on in the hidden depths.

    • metodex Says:

      i thought it was just a man teabaggin’ a kid.

      • firepigette Says:

        metodex, I don’t know what teabaggin’ means but I don’t intend to look it up either.I was actually making a serious comment about the archetypes.

        I think we could actually get a lot out of seeing the Venezuelan situation through the lens of exploring the different archetypes.

        Venezuela is a country where definitely the “Neptunian archetype” has ruled many sectors- with its emphasis on glamor, to its pervasive mysticism,and then to the underworld quality of hidden motivations common among people who are trying to con others.

        Of course there is always the good side as well.Neptunian love can be altruistic and universal.

        But seen from this angle of archetypal influences, there is a lot explore.

  54. syd Says:

    Thanks for checking up on us inmates, Miguel. Please don’t leave us for so long, the next time. As for the statue, it’s Neptune, for sure. Perhaps you’re still in Florence? Enjoy!

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