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How To Interfere With The Capriles Campaign In Ten Commandments

June 1, 2012

So, the democratic campaign of Hugo Chavez has issued these “Ten Commandments” to orient people on what to do if the “ultra right wing” candidate Capriles dares to visit you.

You can , for example (Commandment #1) coordinate sports, cultural or social activities to compete with Capriles’ visit.

or, you can use Government resources to have a National ID campaign (Commandment #2) that same day, once again, the idea is not have people show up at Capriles’ rally.

Better yet, you can have an “open air” Mercal, selling cheap produce purchased by the Government (Commandment #3), as the text says: “This activity “captures” a large segment of the population”. Of course, people are scraping by in the revolution.

Then there is Commandment #4, which is somewhat cryptic: “Coordinate with the Francisco de Miranda Front (Chavez campaign organization) and with the Socialist Youth, “political agitation activities”. I am not sure what those activities are, but it does not sound like they will hold a mass or anything like that.

Some of the rest are somewhat lame, like placing women in places to tell Capriles they would vote for him if he had not “take over” the Cuban Embassy in 2002 (which is a lie) or if he had not participated in the “coup” against Chavez in 2002. Or to place people in strategic places to chant: ” Capriles Fascista, Oligarca Imperialista”

But the true Jewel in the commandments is the tenth:

“Provoke situations of political agitation with the security personnel and the bodyguards of the “majunche” candidate”

And then, there is the note:

“All of these activities will be backed by fellow countrymen of alternative media, independent reporters¬† (??)and members of the national public media (read: Government media). As well as intelligence organizations of the State which will be there dressed as civilians”

As you can see, democracy is truly sick in Venezuela, with the Government using resources, whether they are imported food, Government media outlets, intelligence officers to interfere with the oppositions campaign.

It is indeed the revolution without scruples.

And the worst part, we are all paying for all of this.