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A Short Quiz For The Devil’s Readers

June 2, 2012

Ok, without looking it up, what do the following last names have in common?








These are the people who….

have registered their candidacy for the Venezuelan Presidential election!!!

And if you knew that, you really have little to do with you time (like me).

And yes, I have no idea, who Sonia María Chirinos, Toribio Gilberto Sánchez, Alirio Angulo, Alejandro Zamora Moya and José Gabriel Carrasco are. But all five of them want to be President.

Sonia could be any of these. Toribio Gilberto Sanchez, I can’t find. Alirio Angulo could be this guy, but who knows? This one claims to be a prophet, sounds about right for the job.  There was an Alejandro Zamora Moya nominated for the Grammys for his New Age music, but I have no idea if it is the same one. There are three Jose Gabriel Carrasco’s, but none of them identify themselves as having Presidential aspirations.

For a bunch of Presidential candidates, they certainly try to hide who they are, no? I guess they know what it’s coming if they win.

The other two, I sort of know where they are coming from and where I hope they are going.